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    I like watching Anime, Reading Manga, I Love Anime/Japanese Music
    and I'm addicted to making Minecraft Skins, i also play Love Live SIF (ENG), and Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage.
    Don't forget to credit me if you use the skins/skinbases that i made :) (But seriously, credit me. i hate people who don't give credit.)

    | Male
    | 18 years old |
    >Gamer, and Cosplayer<
    >Minecraft Skin and Skinbase maker<

    Skin Requests: Open (fill up the request form below, don't PM me your request
    it will get ignored.)
    > Skin Collabs: Open <
    >Skin Trades: Open<
    skin request form (IMPORTANT)
    Request Form:
    [I'm gonna ignore your request unless you filled this up/If you send the request via PM]
    [note: there's a chance that your request won't be made (depends on if i'm busy or not) and skin requests are for subscribers only]
    My Support Stamp

    Skin Collabs with other PMC users
    collab with Camellia


    ~Skins that People on PMC Requested~

    Requested by MemeSoulz_

    Requested by BlqnkMC

    Requested by kshack

    Requested by GundamAtlas219

    Requested by Avipoleon

    Requested by Moon_Aly

    Requested by MigliX

    Requested by Kruly

    Requested by Crossbreed Prescilla
    People i support on PMC

    > My Social & etc. <
    MyAnimeList (MAL)
    Miners Need Cool Shoes
    Check out my Cosplays
    my blog
    Add me on Steam

    Join my Gaming Group
    (just message that you want to apply as a member of the group, and if you get accepted then welcome to the group.)

    My 3 waifus from Love Live! Sunshine!! and Love Live! School Idol Project

    1. Sakurauchi Riko
    2. Matsuura Kanan
    3. Kunikida Hanamaru
    ---School Idol Project---
    1. Ayase Eli
    2. Kousaka Honoka
    3. Sonoda Umi


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