<- Certified idiot ((—w— ))..zzzZZ
  • Excuse my ignorance

    My support stamp
    I desperatly need a new one so I’ll do that soon

    People I support

    Community trophies
    I dont think I got any yet although I have the memory of a kettle so
  • But what exactly is

    How to bio?
    It is a mystery
    One that may never be solved
    Oh well
    Not that anything we do matters

    I guess you want to know about me
    Well here you go

    -Lives in England
    -Stupid enough to cause you brain damage
    -Major kirby fan
    -A bit obsessed with tanks
    -Earth is a Dino nuggie shape
    -Extremely afraid of the ocean
    -Fav food is prawn co.cktail crisps (or chips as the Americans call them)
    -Screams for no reason every 5 minutes

    That’s all the info I have cause I’m dumb

    Contests- Open
    Trades- Open
    Collabs: Open
    Requests: Open

    Persona if you decide to make a fan skin or something but please don’t do that:

    Don’t ask me to:
    -Make good skins
    -Be normal
    I can’t do these things

    For the first time in forever I have a functioning bio, now for the weird bit


    I have nothing to offer except a waste of time anymore

    Why are you still here go away


    There’s no more for you now
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