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    Hello! I am Spygron :)

    I have been on Planet Minecraft for a while now, and, while I am not very active on it as of now, I still try to get on whenever I can to see what's going on in the community :)

    Thanks to -Rae- for pfp :)

    But now...a serious message.
    I care for this planet, and if I have to do it single-handedly, I will fix this broken-down world. We decorate the landscape with plastic and ugly buildings. We hurt animals without a second thought. We endanger the life around us without knowing it. If this goes on, soon all life on Earth as we know it will end. Not only the plants and animals, but us too.

    I can't do it alone though. I need you to help me. If you don't want to, well that's your loss. You can help in a few simple steps. Just....don't litter, and pick up garbage when you see it outside strewn across the ground.

    So, please.....help me.

    Friends?: Evelyn1563, SouthDakotaGirl, Rixikrator, DinowCookie, lupus12, redfern2003, CHorse, DragonsDungeon, k1smet_, -Rae-

    If you need to contact me: SpyLand Discord

    Other info:
    Favorite Animal: Well, you really must not know me good if you don't know....
    Favorite Book: The Harry Potter series, undoubtedly
    Favorite Color: Navy Blue
    Useful Links:
    and Here.

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    All across the world, disaster is striking relentlessly.

    Global Warming, Plastic Pollution, Animals having their habitats destroyed.

    The Animals Themselves are being slaughtered mercilessly, and even domesticated pets are being abused.

    WE are the cause of this mess, and we need to fix this.

    It can be done in a few simple ways each day.

    Don't litter, and pick up garbage when you see it outside.

    Start using green fuels in cars and other vehicles.

    Be kind to your pets and the animals of nature when you see them.

    Don't tear up forests or destroy land-- there are countless animals that will have nowhere to Go.

    So please- Help me make the world a better place--for all of us.
    Why is there a poll?
    The poll is here so you can vote on what is the biggest problem on Earth currently
    View View Full Thread for the poll.
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