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    TacticGravity / GalacticalStudio - Exclusive Ko-Fi Builds Coming Soon!

    I build in a number of different styles and can create the structure you dream of. I like original concept art, ideas that haven't come to total existence. Open-minded, always on the hunt for something new, and open to new ideas from any of my supporters.

    - All my builds are made using the Bedrock/Java client -

    For The Spawns I Build, Please Let Me Know If You Want Copies Of The Parkour Included, some have while other downloads don't

    Yes, I play with some 'Mods'... Not to cheat in servers of course!
    Mods Used:
    - WorldEdit
    - Quilt / Fabric
    - Shaders
    - Litematica
    - Sodium / Phosphor / Iris / MoreCulling / Wurst - (just for smoother/further game improvements)

    - Please include my name anywhere easily visible in the build -
    - You may not present my content as your content (even if edited) -

    ---I don't ask for much, but if you like any of my builds, please like & follow for more!---

    " In my Mind its Not about The creativity, Its about Where and How the Blocks get Placed - creativity Is only Needed for The project Idea "

    Commissions Are Questionable, Please Send A Mail Containing Your Build Thoughts & Price Range Via PMC, We Will Then Discuss.
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      Dronko fire blaster posted to guest book of TacticGravity avatar TacticGravity
      August 3, 2023, 7:57 pm to Public
      hi, thanks for the diamonds
    •  avatar
      TacticGravity posted to their guest book.
      May 8, 2023, 9:44 pm to Public
      2 projects coming soon, just polishing up the final touches - get ready!
    •  avatar
      _Nacvy posted to guest book of TacticGravity avatar TacticGravity
      December 31, 2022, 9:07 am to Public
      hi ty for favoriting my new map:)
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      TacticGravity posted to their guest book.
      September 30, 2022, 3:11 pm to Public
      Big projects coming soon, once I find the time & motivation to complete xD
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      TacticGravity posted to their guest book.
      January 30, 2021, 8:14 pm to Public
      Hey guys, just a quick update; I was going through a rough time with computer problems, never mind the pandemic going on, but those computer problems quickly escalated into the Blue Screen of Death. After a quick reset of my drives & reinstallation of Windows, it has been fixed! Sadly all the projects I was working on at that time have been lost so please, feel free to drop some build ideas down below!
      Baitman777 said 2021-02-05 02:58:49
      Hey TacticGravity,
      that is really shitty if you ask me! I as well had major data loss one time and I lost ALL progress of one of my biggest Projects (Emperors Palace) and this demotivated me back in the day quite a lot. Only thing that helped me was taking a hiatus, distancing myself and sort of comming back and getting motivated by others to start building again.
      If you dont know what to do next: Lookup Sim City 3000 buildings. There are so many cool things to build for cities. (I think it fits to some of your projects)


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    As the title says, thank you again for all the support; Love when I'm able to share a build & be able to see all the upvotes on it, a great way to motivate! Feel free to say anything in the guest book, I love answering any question of yours, say hello, or even dropping some build ideas!
    Usually play on a lot of smaller SMP servers, or just trial build in Freemode. Feel free to drop any servers you would like me to try out, please include their IP's.
    Former graphic designer / hobbyist architect. I like to play around with a lot of different build styles, although I favour only a few; I also love Redstone builds which I play around with often.

         - TacticGravity
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