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    Hi, I'm Faiyamon. You can call me Faiya. I make Minecraft skins, mostly of Pokemon, a franchise I absolutely love. I apply a unique twist to many characters of Pokemon by fusing them with a particular Pokemon (one they have on their team, one they resemble etc.). My name for it is 'Anthromon'. And yes I am also a furry/scaly. Right now I am working on drawings of these characters along with their Minecraft skin. I also do other stuff, such as builds, but, for some reason, I can't build really huge things. Whatever. I just like hanging around here.
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  • Collection : 🔆Anthromon Sun and Moon🌙 (WIP)

  • Anthromon Collection CHECKLIST

    Skin done: green, Species decided but not done: yellow, Species undecided and therefore not done: red
    Professor Kukui - Decidueye
    Professor Burnet - Unfezant
    Lillie - Alolan Vulpix
    Gladion - Lycanroc (Midnight Forme)
    Ilima - Shiny Lopunny
    Lana - Lapras
    Kiawe - Shiny Charizard
    Mallow - Grovyle
    Sophocles - Togedemaru
    Molayne - ??? (something that is Steel type and in 1 of Togedemaru's egg groups since he is Sophocles-Togedemaru's cousin)
    Acerola - Haunter
    Mina - Ribombee
    Hala - ??? (Fighting type found in Alola)
    Olivia - ??? (maybe a Fossil would be nice)
    Nanu - ??? (maybe Alolan Persian idk)
    Hapu - Mudbray
    Kahili - ??? (some Flying type)
    Ryuki - ??? (where th is he from?! What region's dragon should he be?!)
    Plumeria - Salazzle
    Guzma - ??? (Bug type maybe something else)
    Faba - have you seen that anthro shiny Meowstic meme somewhere
    Wicke - Clefable
    Lusamine - Ninetales (regular)
    Colress - Swanna
    Giovanni - Persian (regular)
    Maxie - ??? (Hoenn Fire-type)
    Archie - ??? (Hoenn Water-type, maybe Gyarados or something)
    Cyrus - ??? (I was thinking Luxray cause of the hair and all)
    Ghetsis - ???
    Lysandre - Pyroar
    WHO ELSE? please comment your suggestions




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