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[Experimental] -- Read Description

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WDGaster2 avatar WDGaster2
Level 42 : Master Herobrine
The palette used for this was generated using an online tool that blends two colors together and shows the various mid-point colors between them. I set it for there to be ten midpoints and used the middle seven where the color seemed to blend the best

The first color was as close as I could figure to red haze in the normal parts of the Nether
The second color was a light blue/whitish-blue similar to the fog that can be in some of the newer biomes

The question I had was whether it possible to create a ghast that blended in with the environment and would be difficult to spot with the naked eye

I then created a design that would allow the seven colors to be repeated over and over again
I haven't tested in out for myself yet, so I have no idea if it actually works

It's 7:49 am here and I haven't gone to bed yet (I'm a night owl)
I'm going to go do that now

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