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Nomad (Villager type)

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The nomads are the type of villagers that spawn on the high plains. There are no farmer or villager variants, as crops cannot survive in the high altitude, and they cannot access any large bodies of water from that high up. Instead, the nomads are made up of mainly butchers and shepherds, as well as seamstresses (see my concept linked below) and fletchers, although other professions do spawn, albeit very rarely.
The nomads often tend to goats instead of sheep, as these mountain-climbers are better suited to the thin air. When brought to a normal sea level, the nomads run slightly faster than normal villagers, due to their strong lungs, and the difference would be rather obvious, too.
Their garb is made of the taiga and snow biome villager templates, and are meant to be sheepskin with the fur on the outside.

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