Talos, The Mythical Automaton (CE) Minecraft Skin

This Mob Skin is an entry in the completed Mythical Creatures Mob Skin Contest.

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Talos, The Mythical Automaton (CE)

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Tacoshet's Avatar Tacoshet
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Here's my entry for the contest. It's the towering bronze automaton of Greek mythology, so naturally the iron golem was the best fit :D

Prepare for some waffle, and not the good kind ;P

I was motivated to make this in particular as it was one of the most iconic parts of the classic 'dynamation' film, Jason and the Argonauts, the stop motion elements (including this guy) being done by Ray Harryhausen!
Talos them self was said to have been a towering bronze construct, patrolling the coast of Crete three times a day, defending against any undesired ships it came across. In the film, the Argonauts incur its wrath by stealing from the massive pedestal the statue lay dormant upon, just one of many trials the Argonauts had to overcome on their quest. The only way they found to defeat it was by opening the heel which contained its molten power source, letting the magma flow out, leaving Talos powerless.

Here's what I was going by as reference, with a hefty splash of artistic interpretation :)
Talos, The Mythical Automaton (CE) Minecraft Mob Skin

woo popular reel :D
ModelIron Golem

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