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  • the profile is a mess, but ive other things i'd rather sort out

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  • Step into my parlour...

    ... said the spider to the fly.
    And with that I welcome you to my humble den of the moderately mundane!
    Be careful to stay too long, or the cringe shall consume you?
    Since you are here though, rummage around a little and take a dive down this rabbit hole!

    The Yawnful Tales of Tacoshet
    A Brit who ain't too keen on tea
    but loves a good chip butty!

    Am a bloke, so He/Him
    not fussed at all, call me whatever :)

    Too old, oh lawd I'm old Dx

    Long time Lego fanatic, be careful to strike up conversation, my rambling may be overwhelming as I've no one to have in depth convo's with about it xD

    I do like a good film or two:

    Hard to think of favourites, but these came to mind :)
    Ray Harryhausen's work must never be underrated, an icon of stop-motion!!!

    Wallace and Gromit is a national treasure!!

    Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy is great, good book too!

    Studio Ghibli is a blessing, Nausicaa and Laputa: Castle in the Sky are a couple favs.

    I don't like me some reading tho :/

    Graphic Novels = Good | Wordy Words = Meh
    Not a huge fan of reading but there be a few graphic novels I like (cliche picks but oh well):

    V for Vendetta [18+] (the movie hella tones down some aspects of it, justifiably)

    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen [18+] (I like the movie a bit too much considering its distinct lack of overall quality, the novel goes places, weird places)

    Hellboy Stuff [​pretty safe](the art alone is worth rummaging through)

    !!!! REQUEST INFO !!!!

    PLEASE NOTE: This isn't my job and I do have other hobbies and priorities that take precedent over this stuff :D

    REQUESTS: They are closed, I'll finish up the requests I have but won't accept more right now :) when this message goes away it's safe to assume requests are open once more!

    : Are fine but please provide a reference pic, pls mah doods :) Also have a rummage through my non-request skins to see the kinda stuff I make when left to my own devices and if I'm a good fit for what you wanted :)

    Trades: Sure... I guess?

    Contests: I join them when I can, if I can find any inspiration lying around, so in the unlikely event where I'm asked to join one I'll have to think about it!

    Commissions: NOOOOOOOPE, maybe when my self worth crawls out of which ever dumpster I left it in xD

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    A gift from WhatsAppTired, thank you :D

    A cool hybrid character from CORRUPTRO HUNTER CAT, cheers :)

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  • Minimal Monsters Skin Contest!

    Jewely McJewelFace
    lizard minion
    It Came From The Deep
    Flower Golem
    Carnivorous dinosaur (Tacoshet's minimal monsters/10 colors)Place2YAY!
  • About the peep who made this profile

    Hey, I'm Tacoshet. You stumbled onto my profile, you poor soul. Go check out these cool peeps below and the skins and stuff too if you wanna!
    I like sci-fi/fantasy stuff and miscellaneous rubbish, so the stuff I make mirrors that; miscellaneous and a bit naff.

    I enjoy making unique faces and details with the outer layer, though I don't let that stop me from making really bland human skins too XD
    The stuff I've made is way at the bottom. Ideas are always welcome :D

    (am a bloke so he/him just to cover all bases)
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