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[1.12.x] [Vanilla mod] Fully-automatic Minecart Railway Builder Tool

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For those who are adventure map makers for Vanilla Minecraft and need to build a railway system in your maps, here's an awesome tool for you to build and run it without any "mods".

The design of this tool is based on the subway system of my main Minecraft world, and you'll be able to build a similar minecart automatic contraptions using this tool! :)

Note that you should run this tool on Minecraft 1.12.x versions!


  • Automatic minecart launcher command block, where a detector rail is automatically attached above whenever placing the command block. Please put this command block at the stopping position in each station. When a minecart triggers the detector rail, the cart will stops for a few seconds before it is automatically launched for departure.
  • Departure bells before a minecart leaves the station.
  • Automatic minecart removal. When a minecart departs from the launcher command block without any passengers, it will be automatically removed to avoid blocking on the halfway.
  • Minecart direction control, which corrects the direction of minecarts at your desired locations.
  • Minecart dispensers, which generate a minecart where a specific color tile is attached. There are 30 different color tiles available on your choice.

Future Plans

  • Minecraft 1.13 support after official release.
  • ✅ Fixed the problems when running on a Spigot server.
  • Add support to platform gates and screen doors.
  • Customizable line names.
  • Customizable departure bells.

How to install this tool

Please follow the text file "readme.txt" inside the ZIP file. Since this tool only consists of functions of commands in Vanilla Minecraft, it should be very simple. :)


Q1: Why did you classify this tool as a "mod" instead of a "project"?
A1: I classified this tool as a "mod" in this post for its functionality. By applying this tool in your map, the tool indeed modifies the behaviors of minecarts when stopping at the auto-launcher command block, which requires a function that consists of dozens of commands involving numerous NBT and scoreboard tag operations.

Q2: Could I use this tool in a modded version of Minecraft (ex. Forge, or a plugin server)?
A2: Currently this tool is still under testing. For any related issues whether it works or not, feel free to comment below.

Q3: Is there any source code for this project?
A3: Yes. See on my GitHub page here.

Copyright Issues

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY 4.0 License. Feel free to use this tool in your Minecraft world as long as:
  • You credit me as the provider of this tool.

Progress: 75% Complete
Game Version:Minecraft 1.12

Snapshot 0.1.8: Fixed Spigot/Bukkit Issue & Added GitHub Link : 01/22/2018 11:02:45 pm1/22/18

  • Fix minecart automation bugs on Spigot/Bukkit platforms.
    • The problem was caused by the Vanilla built-in timer in an entity: PortalCooldownwhich seems to be not working on Spigot or Bukkit servers.
    • Solution: Use custom scoreboard operations instead.
    • See on the source code update log on GitHub for more details.

  • Opened the source code on GitHub.

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