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7 Days to Mine

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avatar Nuparu00
Level 43 : Master Modder


7 Days to Mine is a Minecraft mod, based on 7 Days to Die by The Fun Pimps, that takes you to a post-apocalyptic world. You have to gather food, water, and resources, build and fortify your base and fight zombies.
You have to find a cure or else humanity will cease to exist.
Or maybe there is no way back.....

Getting Started

7 Days to Mine is a mod, that changes a big part of Minecraft. Actually, even basic things like getting wood are changed. When you spawn for the first time, you will get a "Survival Guide", that will help you with first steps in the mod.

The guide will tell you to collect some small rocks, sticks and plant fiber.

These you can use for crafting a stone axe and stone shovel.

Now you can get wood from trees with a stone axe, with a bare hand it would take you ages to mine a single block.

When you have enough logs, you can craft planks from them.

Then you can turn planks into a crafting table.

You need a crafting table for being able to craft wooden frames for building your first base.

You can upgrade wooden frames using your stone axe.

The same applies to doors.

Now, after you have built your very first shelter you are ready to explore the world full of zombies.


Forging is a new mechanic in 7 Days to Mine, that basically replaces ore smelting in a Furnace from Vanilla Minecraft. Forging is done using a Forge, that acts as an advanced "furnace". Forging is the only way to get some more advanced items (or at least - the easiest one, you still have some chances to find these items in loot...).

Building a Forge

To be able to craft a Forge, you have to unlock the recipe first. You can unlock it by reading the Forge Ahead recipe book, which is actually the most common one in the mod. You can find it even in garbage piles, though the best place to look are bookshelves.

The crafting recipe requires 6 x Small Rock, 1 x Small Iron Pipe and 1 x Bellows.

Bellows & Small Iron Pipe

Even though there is only one Small Iron pipe used in the actual recipe, most likely you will have to find at least two of them. That is because one additional is used to craft the Bellows.

But how do you get the Small Iron Pipes? Well, there are two options.

You can either make them using the Lathe...

...the second one is easier. You can get 0-2 Small Iron Pipes from breaking toilets.

Using the Forge

A Forge has 7 slots in total:
    • 4 Inputs slots (the things you want to melt goes there - for example, Scrap Iron)
    • 1 Output slot (here comes the result)
    • 1 Fuel slot (accepts all fuel types that the Vanilla Furnace does accept - including modded fuels)
    • 1 Mold slot (here comes the mold that is used in the "forging recipe")

In most cases, you can actually mix items with the same material in the input, or even combine more different materials to make alloys (for example copper + tin = bronze).

Most of these items and blocks that you can melt in the Forge you can scrap to their respective scrap items. This includes even some vanilla blocks and items. This can help you save some slots in inventory or in the Forge.

New Game Mechanics

Thirst & Stamina

The very first thing you can notice when you create a world is that there are 2 new bars.

The blue one represents your thirst, the purple one represents your stamina.
During the day you will slowly get thirsty. Thirst can be replenished by drinking water by hands (right click on water block), or by drinking water from bottles.
You lose gradually stamina when you are running or jumping. It can be replenished by drinking or by waiting for some time.

Drinkable items


In 7 Days to Mine there are quite a few new status effects. Many of them are negative - debuffs.

    • Broken leg - You can get this debuff from falling from a height greater than 4 blocks. You can remove this debuff by using a Splint, that can be crafted from Sticks and Cloth.
    • Infection - You can get infected by being hit by any type of zombie. There is roughly 10% for each hit to infect you. You can cure it by using Antibiotics. This debuff has 3 stages:1. This stage lasts for 3 days. During this stage, your health cap is decreased and your stamina is permanently slowly consumed.2. This stage lasts for another 3 days. It is the same as the first one, but your movement speed is a bit decreased.3. The last stage lasts for 1 day. During this stage, you are permanently damaged. After the end of this stage, you die, if you haven't from the damage from the stage itself.
    • Dysentery - You can get this debuff from drinking murky water or directly from a water source. It can last for roughly 1 day. It decreases your health cap and consumes your stamina. You can cure it by drinking a Goldenrod Tea.
    • Hg Poisoning (Mercury Poisoning) - You get this debuff when you swim in liquid mercury without a full health bar. Can not be cured - you have to wait until it disappears.
    • Cl Poisoning (Chlorine Poisoning) - You get this debuff when you are too close to a chlorine grenade. Duration depends on your distance to the grenade.
    • Alcohol Poisoning - You get this debuff from drinking too much alcohol. When you first drink alcohol, you get Alcohol Buzz buff. If you drink some more, you get a Drunk debuff. If you drink some more, you get Alcohol Poisoning. This debuff will only deal you damage of 1 HP per 10 ticks.
    • Bleeding - You can get this debuff from receiving damage from mobs and players OR from breaking glass with your bare hands. It blurs your vision and deals damage until you die OR remove the debuff. Only ways to remove this debuff are using a Bandage, Advanced Bandage or First Aid Kit.

Tool Quality

Practically every tool in the mod (excluding vanilla tools) has a new property - Quality.
Its value is set to an item when you craft it, and it is equal to your XP level (press P on your keyboard to check your score)
The quality of an item affects its mining speed and maximal durability
and can have any value from 1 upwards, and there are 5 quality tiers:

Recipe Books & Blueprints

When you create a new world, you don't have access to all crafting recipes. For being able to craft some items you have to read an appropriate recipe book or blueprint first.
Some of them are really common - like "Forging Ahead" book, while others can be pretty rare - like Sniper Rifle Blueprint. The best place to find them is a bookstore.

If you right click while holding the book in your hand, you will read it. After that, you will unlock the recipes that the book offers to you and at the same the book itself becomes unusable. If you try to right click with it again, it will open GUI, that shows you the recipes, that you have unlocked.


Yes, one of the very new features is electricity. With an electricity, you can make various creations.
First, you need to read the "High Voltage" recipe book.

You need 3 things - producer, conductor, and consumer.
A producer is actually the block, that will generate or store and send the electricity to connected blocks.

Conductors can just flow the electricity (Energy Pole), or can have switches, that allows you to control the flow (Power Switch, Fuse Box).

Consumers are various machines, traps, lights, and other things, that need an electricity for work properly.

For connecting two electrical devices you have to right click on them with a coil of wire in hand.


Every 7th night occurs a Bloodmoon. During this night the moon is bloody red, and so are eyes of zombies. At the same time, all zombies are more aggressive and they are spawning in huge hordes to chase you.


The new structure format allows generating many new structures in your world, including roads and cities!
Cities can differ in size, buildings, loot, and monsters and they are generated randomly along the roads.

So, what's new?

Alpha 4 version of 7 Days to Mine has been in development for more than 2 years as it is a whole rewrite of the mod, therefore this mod offers many new features, including:
  • Thirst
  • Stamina
  • Electricity
  • Bloodmoons
  • New zombies
  • Enhanced zombie AI
  • Minibikes and bicycles
  • Cities
  • Clothes
  • Config file
  • Sounds and music
  • New random structures
  • Block damage
  • New experimental world type
  • New forging & crafting system
  • And much more!


The 7 Days to Mine needs for running the latest version of Minecraft Forge for 1.8.9.
Therefore it is compatible with most Forge mods for Minecraft 1.8.9, that:
  • Don't change the Main Menu (You can toggle off this in the config file)
  • Don't change the players model or skin
  • Don't change the sky renderer (You can toggle off this in the config file)


A special case is for example shaders, that can run with this mod, but there is not any default support for bloodmoons. That's the reason why is in development special shader just for 7 Days to Mine. However due to a low priority is now available only edited version of Chocapic13's shader : download (Google Drive).
For this shaderpack applies these rules by Chocapic13:

Shaderpack Rules - click to reveal

Writing and reading files on your computer & internet communication

7 Days to Mine creates these folders in your Minecraft installation folder:
  • resources/audio
  • resources/camera
  • resources/prefabs
  • assets/7D2M
  • config/7days

These folders are created for storing game information (in-game photos, version information, block repairs, structures, etc...)

7 Days to Mine also uses the internet connection to check on the internet if you are using the most recent version. If you want, you can turn this feature off in the config file.

Known Issues

You can check all currently known issues at CurseForge Issue Tracker. If you find any bug, feel free to post it there.

Special Thanks

    • Thanks to The Fun Pimps for creating the 7 Days to Die!
    • Thanks to Pylo for creating MCreator!
    • Thanks to my friends for their support!
    • Thanks to everybody who has supported me on YouTube, MinecraftForum or anywhere else while I was working on this mod.

Coming Next!

    • New vehicles
    • Radiation
    • Various diseases
    • Alcohol making
    • More details to city generations (street lamps, traffic lights, sidewalks, etc...)
    • Improved electricity (new energy sources, wires, etc...)
    • New structures
    • New guns
    • New recipes
    • Improved interactions with NPCs
    • Story mode
    • Separate skin system from the vanilla one
    • Making textures more fit with vanilla Minecraft style
    • More building blocks (wooden stairs frames, wooden slab frames, etc...)
    • Compatibility for 1.12.2
    • Weapon attachments
    • Less lags!
    • Fewer bugs!
    • Improved inter-mod compatibility (including custom Forge events)
    • And much more!
Progress35% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.8.9

13 Update Logs

Alpha 4.3b : 09/22/2019 6:07:24 pmSep 22nd, 2019

  • Fixed an unfortunate bug that caused buildings not be generated in cities.

01/09/2020 7:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
how can I install the mod?
09/06/2019 7:08 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
Nuparu00 can you do a video where you explain how to install the mod 7 days to mine to minecraft please, because i had problems to install it, thanks
08/13/2019 8:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
No me cae ayudaaa y lo quiero jugar se ve que le pusieron empeñoo
08/13/2019 3:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
I installed it in the traditional way and it just takes me out I create a world
08/09/2019 2:23 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Great mod!

Sadly though, it is close to unplayable yet. This because the initial game is actually way harder than the game (aka 7d2d) that it mimics. This for a variety of reasons:

- Creating a basic shelter takes far more time than in 7d2d. This due to that harvesting a basic wooden block with the stone axe at score 0 (aka worst quality) takes a full 45 seconds of holding down the button. In 7d2d harvesting takes long with basic tools as well, but overall very less so, as well as giving a little yield per swing.
- To create a basic wooden frame you need to harvest 2 wooden blocks: 1 for the center of the recipe, and one for the planks (planks will last for 4 crafts per block).
- Overall this means you need 5 wooden blocks which take a minimum of ~4 minutes to harvest to craft 8 wooden frames which in itself isn't enough for even the smallest shelter. This in turn means that in a full minecraft day cycle (10 minutes) you can make 16 wooden frames and have 2 minutes left over for food, water and shelter.

(also, you can not just pick up your wooden frames and place them somewhere else like in 7d2d which is an issue considering the crafting effort)

- Crafted tool quality is based on score. Score goes up when killing zombies. This mimics the skill system in 7d2d. However, if you die, your score is reset to 0 unlike 7d2d, at which point you are back to square one.

This creates a vicious spiral of very slow progress - if any.

Zombie strength:
- Zombies should be fast during nighttime. However, their attack speed is viciously fast, much more so than the original game. This in turn means that if you get cornered, you are pretty much done for. Zombie health/basic attack strength also plays a large role here. I did a test naked in a corridor versus a zombie pig. Unarmed it took close to 5 minutes (and a lot of deaths) to kill it. For 3 xp. Which ofcourse would soon be lost ;)

I'm an avid fan of 7d2d, and i love what you have done here. However, i do believe that unless you do some heavy balancing, then this mod will probably never reach the popularity it deserves.

Cheers :)
08/10/2019 10:03 am
Level 43 : Master Modder
Thank you for your feedback!
I surely can agree with some of your points.
I see 3 ways the harvesting issue could be fixed:
  1. Decreasing hardness value of the Wooden Log (and possibly other blocks too), maybe giving an option for the player the mess around with the values (as currently there is only an option to toggle off the extended breaking times)
  2. Increasing the "block damage" of tools
  3. Making mining one tree block break the whole tree.
  4. Making the Wooden Frame recipe give more frames.
The options I would most likely consider are the 1st and 4th. I believe that I have already even decreased them a bit in the 1.12.2 update. I might consider making the blocks pickable on right-click with an empty hand.

The thing about the core is that you do not lose everything as long as you go back for the XP you have dropped - which can be up to 100XP (level 7). That should be enough for crafting the Poor quality instead of Faulty. I know that this may make the death really devastating - especially if you had a high score before and have no way to return to where you died (or someone else picked XP), but on the other side, the player should be careful. Otherwise, if you were for example infected, you could just commit suicide and would not have to spend time searching for antibiotics. Plus it kind of mimics the "wellness system" that used to be in 7D2D. I might consider making so part of the XP the player had before the death would still remain on respawn without need to pick it up.

I totally agree that the mob balance is the most unpolished part and I will look at it when I will be re-adding them in the new update.

Anyway, I am happy that you took so in-depth look at the mod and hope that will look at the mod when the 1.12.2 update comes out.
08/31/2018 8:41 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Princess
Hi, please ask if you will make a version of 1.12.2?
I really like this mod.
09/01/2018 2:11 pm
Level 43 : Master Modder
Hello. An update for Minecraft 1.12.2 is currently being worked on and hopefully will be out in few months. I will post some videos about the development later on my YouTube channel.
05/16/2018 10:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
I like your idea, but if I want to play 7 days I'll just put my disk in my ps4 and play 7D2D. I will give you that it looks pretty good. I honestly feel stuff like this takes too much away from Minecraft and makes it too much like other games. If other people want to play this go ahead. For me it just makes me want to play the original game
05/06/2018 3:14 am
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
you made this with MCreator? I didn't know you could do all that with it
05/06/2018 6:32 pm
Level 43 : Master Modder
You could use MCreator to make most, if not all mods that have been and will be created, as MCreator implements Eclipse IDE. However, you have to code it manually. :)
05/06/2018 8:42 pm
Level 29 : Expert Engineer
ok, then.
I honestly can't find any modding tutorials.
04/30/2018 5:18 am
Level 34 : Artisan Architect
Wooooow its very cooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04/30/2018 10:53 am
Level 43 : Master Modder
Thank you. I am happy that you like my mod!
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