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7 Days to Mine

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Nuparu00 avatar Nuparu00
Level 45 : Master Modder
7 Days to Mine Minecraft Mod

7 Days to mine is a large zombie apocalypse mod, based on the 7 Days to Die game by The Fun Pimps. Survive in a world full of ruins, abandoned cities, and zombies. Build bases to protect you from the hordes, utilize old technology, fix vehicles, or die.


The mod uses custom main menu, sky, cloud and player renderers, and GLSL shaders, which might cause issues with other mods doing the same things. If you happen to want to use any of such mods, it is recommended to turn these features of 7 Days to Mine off in the config file (.minecraft/config/sevendaystomine.cfg).

The custom first-person gun rendering does not work properly when the Replay Mod is used.

Otherwise, the mod should be Compatible™ with most mods. There is built-in compatibility with JEI (recipes for the custom "stations" as well some bits of information).

With shaders, you have about a 50/50 chance they work. The most common issue with them is the rendering of the in-game CCTV cameras. Keep in my, that almost all shaders require that you set "customSky" in the config file to false.

Using "Bukkit-Forge" hybrids (such as Magma, CatServer) causes certain player data (thirst, infection) to not be reset. Therefore it is recommended to either not use these, or to use the /hydrate and /cure commands when a player respawns.

While the structure generation should be compatible with all mods, it is recommended to use the "Default (7D2M)" world type when possible (in server.properties use SEVENDAYS). You can also use the header world type "Wasteland (7D2M)" (in server.properties use WASTELAND). The default Vanilla world-type was renamed to "Default (Vanilla)".

Because of how performance-intensive the world generation can be, you might want to consider using some sort of a work pregenerator mod.

Special thanks to...

  • princepat711 for many textures
  • tild09 for many textures
  • Krapsy for textures
  • Crazy_Jky for Chinese localization
  • Nep Games for Russian localization
  • Nykrdaudr for a lot of testing and many ideas
  • The Fun Pimps for making 7 Days to Die
  • Pylo for making MCreator, that made the original mod possible
  • everyone who participated in the pre-release testing or supported me on YouTube

7 Days to Mine Minecraft Mod width=148
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

25 Update Logs

1.12.2- : 06/13/2021 5:30:04 amJun 13th

  • Fixed the "Dropbox" advancement being fired even if you did not open the airdrop
  • Fixed the inventory slots in the airdrop GUI being offset down by a couple of pixels
  • Added 2 small ruins structures
  • Added Russian localization (thanks to Nep Games)

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05/10/2021 12:16 pm
Level 23 : Expert Blacksmith
Herobrine2014 Studios
Herobrine2014 Studios avatar
Can this be used for a modpack? Just asking
05/10/2021 2:37 pm
Level 45 : Master Modder
Nuparu00 avatar
Feel free to do so.
05/10/2021 2:39 pm
Level 23 : Expert Blacksmith
Herobrine2014 Studios
Herobrine2014 Studios avatar
ok thank you
01/09/2020 7:04 am
Level 1 : New Miner
bestgreekgaming avatar
how can I install the mod?
09/06/2019 7:08 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Architect
DouFrank avatar
Nuparu00 can you do a video where you explain how to install the mod 7 days to mine to minecraft please, because i had problems to install it, thanks
08/13/2019 8:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gammaxd19 avatar
No me cae ayudaaa y lo quiero jugar se ve que le pusieron empeñoo
08/13/2019 3:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gammaxd19 avatar
I installed it in the traditional way and it just takes me out I create a world
08/09/2019 2:23 pmhistory
Level 1 : New Miner
Onde avatar
Great mod!

Sadly though, it is close to unplayable yet. This because the initial game is actually way harder than the game (aka 7d2d) that it mimics. This for a variety of reasons:

- Creating a basic shelter takes far more time than in 7d2d. This due to that harvesting a basic wooden block with the stone axe at score 0 (aka worst quality) takes a full 45 seconds of holding down the button. In 7d2d harvesting takes long with basic tools as well, but overall very less so, as well as giving a little yield per swing.
- To create a basic wooden frame you need to harvest 2 wooden blocks: 1 for the center of the recipe, and one for the planks (planks will last for 4 crafts per block).
- Overall this means you need 5 wooden blocks which take a minimum of ~4 minutes to harvest to craft 8 wooden frames which in itself isn't enough for even the smallest shelter. This in turn means that in a full minecraft day cycle (10 minutes) you can make 16 wooden frames and have 2 minutes left over for food, water and shelter.

(also, you can not just pick up your wooden frames and place them somewhere else like in 7d2d which is an issue considering the crafting effort)

- Crafted tool quality is based on score. Score goes up when killing zombies. This mimics the skill system in 7d2d. However, if you die, your score is reset to 0 unlike 7d2d, at which point you are back to square one.

This creates a vicious spiral of very slow progress - if any.

Zombie strength:
- Zombies should be fast during nighttime. However, their attack speed is viciously fast, much more so than the original game. This in turn means that if you get cornered, you are pretty much done for. Zombie health/basic attack strength also plays a large role here. I did a test naked in a corridor versus a zombie pig. Unarmed it took close to 5 minutes (and a lot of deaths) to kill it. For 3 xp. Which ofcourse would soon be lost ;)

I'm an avid fan of 7d2d, and i love what you have done here. However, i do believe that unless you do some heavy balancing, then this mod will probably never reach the popularity it deserves.

Cheers :)
08/10/2019 10:03 am
Level 45 : Master Modder
Nuparu00 avatar
Thank you for your feedback!
I surely can agree with some of your points.
I see 3 ways the harvesting issue could be fixed:
  1. Decreasing hardness value of the Wooden Log (and possibly other blocks too), maybe giving an option for the player the mess around with the values (as currently there is only an option to toggle off the extended breaking times)
  2. Increasing the "block damage" of tools
  3. Making mining one tree block break the whole tree.
  4. Making the Wooden Frame recipe give more frames.
The options I would most likely consider are the 1st and 4th. I believe that I have already even decreased them a bit in the 1.12.2 update. I might consider making the blocks pickable on right-click with an empty hand.

The thing about the core is that you do not lose everything as long as you go back for the XP you have dropped - which can be up to 100XP (level 7). That should be enough for crafting the Poor quality instead of Faulty. I know that this may make the death really devastating - especially if you had a high score before and have no way to return to where you died (or someone else picked XP), but on the other side, the player should be careful. Otherwise, if you were for example infected, you could just commit suicide and would not have to spend time searching for antibiotics. Plus it kind of mimics the "wellness system" that used to be in 7D2D. I might consider making so part of the XP the player had before the death would still remain on respawn without need to pick it up.

I totally agree that the mob balance is the most unpolished part and I will look at it when I will be re-adding them in the new update.

Anyway, I am happy that you took so in-depth look at the mod and hope that will look at the mod when the 1.12.2 update comes out.
08/31/2018 8:41 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Princess
Yilikesi avatar
Hi, please ask if you will make a version of 1.12.2?
I really like this mod.
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