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{1.14.4/1.7.10} Extended Farming

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TheLarsinator avatar TheLarsinator
Level 88 : Elite Engineer
The 1.14.4 version: I have started a new version of Extended Farming, for minecraft 1.14.4. This version will be similar to the 1.7.10 version, but that will take some time. As of now it contains the following features:

Watering system:
- Pumps
- Sprinklers
- Hoses

- Goat entity
- Goat milk

- Beans
- Chilli Peppers
- Canola

Food preperation:
- Deep Frier
- Fries and raw fries
- Canola oil, in a cannister to fill the frier

Other machines:
- Goat milking station: When goats have eaten grass, they will make milk. Once they have milk, they will search for nearby milking stations that collect the milk. Milk can then be collected from the milking station with a bucket. 1 stations holds up to 5 milk!

More will come.

Welcome to Extended Farming!
Extended Farming is a new mod that enchances the farming aspect of Minecraft. I have always found it boring that there are so few crops in Minecraft. This mod will change that, pluss provide new farming tools like a watering system and other machines.

At this moment, the mod contains the following:

  • A new watering system with:

    • Hoses

    • Pumps

    • Sprinklers

  • Tractors!

    • Plowing

    • Mowing

    • Watering

    • Seeding

    • Harvesting

    • Machines for making Bio-Fuel

  • Animals

    • Goats

      • Milking stations for automatic milking

      • Cheese barrels for making Goat Cheese

  • Machines

    • Wheat Grinder

    • Oil-Extractor

    • Bio-Fuel Compressor

    • Bio-Fuel Filtrator

    • Deep frier

  • New food

    • Vegetables

    • Goat Cheese

    • Apple Pie

    • Potato Chips

    • Potato Crisps

    • Fish and chips

  • A lava system

    • Insulated Hoses

    • Lava Pumps

    • Lava Sprinklers

    • Farmable Soul Sand

  • New Crops

    • Beans

    • Peas

    • Chilli Peppers

    • Sugar Beets

    • Beets

    • Rapeseed

  • New Food:

    • Roasted Beans

    • Roasted Peppers

    • Roasted Carrots

    • Baked Peas

  • Blocks to support crops while growing

    • Bamboo Sticks

    • Nets

The mod is still beeing worked on and more features will be added every few weeks.

Current planned features

These are just new ideas I have to improve the mod, even though it is listed here, does not mean it will 100% sure be added.

  • More crops

  • Plates with food, made with the new crops

  • Greenhouse

  • Mobs

  • Fruit trees

  • Spices

  • Fertilizer

  • And more stuff you guys think of

So what is in the mod?
The mod contains a few blocks and items. We'll look at them here:

The Blocks

What would a farming mod be without new crops?! So therefor this mod also adds new crops. Most of them will grow just like vanilla crops, while others will require more work. The mod will add common vegetables, but also more unknown crops and spices. The currently added crops are:

Beans are a common crop. They only require the support of bamboo sticks and will, like vanilla crops, grow in 4 stages: Seed, little plant, purple flowers, beans! Once harvested you will get some beans and some beans seeds. A bean can also be crafted into 2 bean seeds.


Peas are common crops, which seeds can be found in village chests. They require Bamboo sticks and nets to grow. When harvested they will drop Peas and pea seeds. Peas can be crafted into 2 Pea seeds. They grow in 4 stages with yellow flowers.


Chilli Peppers:
Chilli Peppers are a bit more rare than peas. They are found in Jungle Temples and require Bamboo stick as support. They grow similair to bean and will drop Chilli Peppers. These can be crafted into two seeds.


Sugar Beets:

Sugar Beets are a more effiecient way to gather sugar. They grow similair to carrots, and when harvested one sugar beet can be crafted into 2 sugar. The beets can be planted on both farmland and in the nether, but have no special nether drop. You will need to find some dungeons to obtain them.



Beets grow similair to Sugar Beets, and when harvested it will drop a beet. In the Nether it will even drop a Roasted Beet. You can use 6 Roasted Beets to craft yourself a BeetSoup, similair to the one in Minecraft PE. You will need to find some dungeons to obtain them.


Those are the blocks, now lets take a look at all the items:

The Items

Extended Farming Items:

Extended Farming also adds new Items to the game. There aren't many of them, but they are important. Most items will be food or seeds.

Crop Support Items:
These Items are required by some crops for them to grow. Currently added crop support items:

  • Bamboo Sticks

  • Nets



Most food is harvested directly from crops, but in later updates I will also add complete meals with meat and vegetables. Currently added food:

  • Beans

  • Peas

  • Chilli Peppers

  • Sugar Beets

  • Beets

  • Roasted Beans

  • Baked Peas

  • Roasted Peppers

  • Roasted Carrots

  • Roasted Beets

All are harvested from their own crops and cooked(Or harvested in the nether, with a lava sprinkler system)

Craftable meals:

There aren't many yet but here is the list:

  • Beet Soup, Crafted with 6 Roasted Beets above a bowl.

Not much to explain here. Most seeds are found in vanilla generated chests, like villages, temples, mineshafts and the bonus chest at startup. All seeds can also be crafted using their crops.

Currently added seeds with location:

  • Bean Seeds, in villages

  • Pea Seeds, in villages


Extended Farming also add a few new tools to the game. These are all special tools, that are used for farming.

Quartz Hoe:

This special hoe is made using quartz, and can only be used on Soul Sand. It will turn it into farmable Soul Sand. It has about the same strength as iron, ca. 200 uses.

Tractors are very usefull machines while farming! They make big tasks like plowing your fields easy. Just craft yourself a tractor, fill it with coal and attach a plow. Then you drive over the field and watch the plow do all the hard work. Even though the tractor is a bit expensive, and definitly a mid-late game machine, it will revolutionize your farming experience!

Tractors, how do they work?

First of all you will have to craft yourself a tractor, just look below for recipes. After you have crafted yourself a tractor, simply place it down by right clicking. It will now remember you as the owner.

The tractor now only responds to you, and no other players, so there is no stealing other peoples tractors or attachments. To drive the tractor, you will have to add fuel to it. Simply right click while holding coal to add fuel. Now that it recognizes you, and has fuel, its time to start driving! To get on the tractor, you just right click the chair part. And you drive with the wasd keys and your mouse.

Every tractor also has its own little inventory, usefull for storing seeds and tools, but also your attachments.


With these items you can make your tractor do hard work for you.

The Plow:

As the name suggests, this attachment will make the tractor plow the field for you. This can save you a lot of time since you no longer have to right click each block with a hoe. To attach the plow, Shift+right click the back of the tractor while holding a plow. After plowing, you will have to take the plow of again, do so by shift+right clicking while holding a wrench. The plow will also remove tall grass during the plowing. Newly plowed soil will be a bit moist, so you have a little time to plant stuff before it turns back into dirt.

The Mowdeck:
The mowdeck is basicly a lawnmower. You can use it to easily get rid of tall grass and flowers. Just like the plow, it is attached by shift + right clicking. You can only have one attachment at the time, but they are easily switched out using the wrench.

The Tractor Sprinkler:
This is a more mobile version of a sprinkler. Just fill up the tractor with water by Shift+right clicking while holding a bucket of water, and attach the sprinkler to the tractor. When you drive across dry farmland it will water it and it stays wet for quite a while!

The Tractor Seeder:
Using this attachment, you can plant a lot of seeds really fast! The seeder can be used for all crops that don't require support blocks: Wheat, Potatoes, Carrots, Sugar Beets, Beets. Simply add some of the seeds/crops in the Tractor inventory, and drive over farmland with the seeder attached!

The Harvester:
Harvest all crops that don't require support blocks, by simply driving over them! It will drop the items, ready for you to pick them up. It will only harvest fully grown crops, not the ones that still need some time to get ready!

Enough chit-chat, lets take a look on how to make one:
You will need a bunch of parts to get a tractor:

  1. 4 Wheels, crafted into 2 driveshafts

  2. A body

  3. An engine

  4. A chair

  5. A SteeringWheel

  6. A Chest

Underneath are screenshots of all the recipes, so you better start mining iron :P


Extended Farming also adds animals to the game. There are few of them at the moment, but more will be added. There will be farmable animals, which you can use as a resource for food or materials, but also less usefull animals like moles and rats. These are the currently added animals:

Goats are mainly there for that farming feel and some food. They can be milked with a bucket, to obtain Goatmilk. This has the same effect as regular milk, for now. When killed, a goat will drop some goat meat, which you then can roast in a furnace. It also has a minor chance of dropping some white wool.

Goats are very stubborn, but will follow you around if you hold a carrot. If you feed two goats a carrot each, they will make a baby goat :D

A lot of showcases :D Thank you everyone!






#6, Spanish or something :p:



I really hope you will enjoy this mod! Feel free to leave feedback in the comments below and remember to leave a diamond. Bugs and glitches can be reported here, on my site, or in a tweet and I will solve them as fast as I can. Also leave suggestions to new crops and features and Ill add them to the planned list!

Progress30% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.14

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Update #24 : by TheLarsinator 01/02/2020 2:30:55 pmJan 2nd, 2020

New machine, the Goat milking station. When goats have eaten grass, they will make milk. Once they have milk, they will search for nearby milking stations that collect the milk. Milk can then be collected from the milking station with a bucket. 1 stations holds up to 5 milk!

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11/09/2020 6:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Gary96 avatar
There's some mirror download? Can't access to download because of my internet
05/26/2020 6:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Assassinkid34 avatar
Its not
12/05/2019 11:02 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Queen_Beth avatar
Love the tractors and new goats. Can you make berry pie? Can I use mods on Xbox one? If yes how? I love the goats.
04/06/2019 3:14 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
andrew17eslick avatar
I hope that this mod gets updated to the most recent version
02/23/2019 4:23 am
Level 1 : New Miner
RoseaBee avatar
The sprinkler is perfect but I wish it was updated to 1.12. 2 :(
12/22/2017 6:03 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
WooshsB avatar
can you update this mod for 1.12.2 pls. i really want this mod but i cant use it.
11/06/2017 11:54 am
Level 1 : New Miner
WW2GAMER avatar
Nice mod but can add more tractors like massey ferguson john deere or spanish ebro
10/07/2016 6:55 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
javilan salamander
javilan salamander avatar
where do you find chili peppers
07/17/2016 9:10 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
James1960 avatar
Awesome mod. Just one problem. It messes around with Galacticraft blocks. Since I installed this mod the sealable Kinesis pipe block wont connect to pipes and wont place on first click. I can live without that block. lol. Thanks for the awesome work.
06/19/2016 2:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
TaigaBunny avatar
This is a really good mod - diamond for you! You should update this one rather than Lots O Mobs in my opinion, I think it's a much better, more creative mod with more potential. I just have one problem - the goats do not spawn. At least put in a spawner egg for them please.
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