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Hamburger + ALIEN BURGER

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Level 10 : Journeyman Dragon
CREDIT TO: stew132f

This mod adds Hamburgers. (Oh my god so surprising)

How to make Hamburger?
First of all, you need Burger Bun, Steak, Lettuce, Slice of Cheese and Chopped Tomato.
After getting all materials, place these items to ground in order. Burger Bun, Steak, Lettuce, Slice of Cheese, Chopped Tomato, Burger Bun. Finally your burger is done. A hamburger fulls the hunger bar.

Now, its time to do some weird things. Like....


How to make Alien Burger.

First of all, you need a normal hamburger.

Next, you need syringe and fill it with water on water cauldron.

Then brew it with specific items in brewing stand.

After you will get an Alien Syringe.

Finally inject the syringe to some random burger and wait... After a few seconds, it will turn to Alien Burger. Alien Burger fulls the hunger bar.

What happens if you eat Alien Burger?
First, you begin to hallucinate. Then, because of hallucinations, you will see some Ghosts. They will die in 1 shot. After a while you will lose control and your eyes will close. When you wake up, you'll find yourself close to where you ate the burger.

You can use JEI to see all recipes.
CreditCREDIT TO stew132f
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.18.1

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08/21/2022 6:00 am
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