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avatar Majrusz
Level 29 : Expert Llama

This modification focuses mainly on making the game more difficult after reaching certain milestones.

It is inspired by the mechanics in Terraria. Difficulty also scales with Regional Difficulty to
keep Minecraft style. All ideas are welcome.
This modification is in early stages of development and it is not finished yet.


The game progress is divided into three parts: Normal Mode, Expert Mode and Master Mode.

Normal Mode starts at the beginning of the game.
Expert Mode starts when the first player enters Nether.
Master Mode starts when you defeat the Ender Dragon.


Some of new mechanics:
Groups of enemies
Enemies appear in groups with one leader and
followers who attack the same target as the leader.
Followers are more likely to have weapons and leaders to have armors.

Undead Army (new Raid)

New raid which starts after killing certain amount of
undead at night. It has 3-5 waves, scales difficulty over time and rewards
player with treasure bag after finishing it. Also scales difficulty with each player participating in!

Treasure Bags

Bags which contain some extra loot.
Currently you can acquire Treasure Bags from:
Undead Army, Elder Guardian, Wither, Ender Dragon and Fishing.
Each player receives their own Treasure Bag when they help to defeat raid/boss.


Each animal and human being can now bleed. This is an effect that deals damage similar to poison
and can be removed using a new item: Bandages. Bleeding is caused by many different sources such as
receiving sword damage, being bitten by a spider or by touching a cactus... It is important to keep
bandages with you at all times because bleeding becomes more deadly as the game progresses!


Normal Mode changes:

Expert Mode changes:

Master Mode changes:


All damage, health and loot bonuses affects enemies from other modifications.
You can disable most of features using configuration file!

Supported languages:
English, Polish, Russian

Special thanks to:
- Julia for sounds
- chechnyacool488 for russian language and idea for Undead Army
- Boscawinks for flying phantom structure

If you like any of my mods or want to help me develop them then support me via PayPal.
Progress100% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.16.4

8 Update Logs

v0.3.2 : 01/16/2021 3:42:14 pmJan 16th

+ added separate texture for Giant
+ fixed bug that was crashing the game (with invalid casting)
+ updated russian language to the latest version

01/17/2021 12:11 am
Level 21 : Expert Pixel Puncher
Nice one!
12/24/2020 3:59 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Skinner
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