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avatar Kobolite
Level 7 : Apprentice Miner
Hello, This is the first mod i have ever made, the mod adds 9 new biomes, 14 new blocks, 2 new crafting materials, 5 new mobs, a few new crafting recipes and 1 new armor, i'm planning to add more stuff to the mod, it would be nice if someone made a mod review of this mod, i hope you enjoy

General changes

New recipe: Name plates can now be made from wood and string


Highlands: A hilly biome with tons of grass, sometimes villages can spawn here

Bushlands: A plains like biome with tons of bushes and sometimes villages

Oak Cliffs: A mountainous version of the forest biome with no birch trees and darker grass, It features tons of cliffs and canyons

Prairie: A flat biome with yellowish grass and trees scattered about, Villages can spawn here

Cherrygrove: It is the same as the prairie biome but with different colored grass and pink trees, Villages can spawn here

Quagmire: A biome made out of the new mud blocks, Dead trees can be found along with big muddy lakes

Crag: A rare biome with giants mountains made out of mossy cobblestone

Badlands: A sub biome of the Desert biome, it features yellow and orange sandstone, animals can spawn here

Lush Desert: A sub biome of the Desert biome, It's made out of hardened clay blocks, Bushes spawn here along with villages and animals


Mud block: Mud blocks spawn in the Quagmire biome and underground in caves

Marble Blocks: The marble stone block can be found underground, once mined they turn into marble cobblestone, marble stone can be crafted into marble brick

Basalt Blocks: The basalt stone block can be found underground, once mined they turn into basalt cobblestone, basalt stone can be crafted into basalt brick

Green Chist Blocks: The green chist stone block can be found underground, once mined they turn into green chist cobblestone, green chist stone can be crafted into green chist brick

Blue Chist Blocks: The Blue chist stone block can be found underground, once mined they turn into Blue chist cobblestone, Blue chist stone can be crafted into Blue chist brick

Smoker: A extra block made from stone anf flint, It spawn smoke from the top, can be used for building


Mud armor: can be crafted from the mud clumps, it's the worst armor in the game but it can be sefull near the begining of the game

Crafting Materials

Mud clumps: Mined from the mud blocks, it can be crafted into either mud blocks or mud armor

Plant Fiber: Mined from grass you break, can be crafted into string


Boar: A new animal that can spawn in the swamp biome

Duck: A new animal that spawn near rivers

Bloodsucker: Spawn in the nether, They usually spawn near Pigmans

Flamer: Spawn in the nether, They function the same as creepers, They usually spawn near lava

Possesed Armor: Spawn in the nether, they function as stronger Pigman, They usually spawn in grounds of 3 near soulsand
Progress75% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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  • Crendallan
  • Level 32
  • Artisan Mage
  • June 8, 2018, 8:47 am
You state your mod works for 1.12.2 but it doesn't. It only works for 1.11.2


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