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Pixelbraker_Core [PxBr_Core]

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avatar Spieler2301
Level 6 : Apprentice Miner
Curseforge still is the official site of this mod, but i'll try to post updates here as well!

A simple "Random Things" like mod but with less complicatet ideas. It adds some Things I would like, combining them in a Vanilla+ style mod.

v0.6.1 [​FINALY BETA]

Reworked textures for ores, finaly crafting recepies for glass shards, New buggy structures like little watchtowers, Llama Flesh, Stairs (Stone,Dirt,Sand,Netherrack), Bows (Iron,Blaze,DIamond), Wither skeletons now drop skull fragments, below y=40 harder stone now apperars, Stairs (Nethet,End)


Fixed Glass Shards, Fixed Batwings and Calamari, Halberds, Apple Cow
(can drop golden apples rarely), some new tools made of Obsidian,
Emerald, Black Diamonds


Compressed Cobblestone Fix, Glass Shards (Experimental), Armors From all Ores (and Wood,Stone,Netherstar)


Compressed Cobblestone (Experimental)


Craftable: Saddle, Horse Armor, Chain Armor, Myzel, Enchanted Apple, Charcoalblock and Deconstructable Quarz blocks
Fake Blocks: Stone, Sand, Dirt
Experimental [​OP only]: Batwings, Calamari


Nether Ores, End Ores New Ores: Black Diamond, Omega

In future versions:

Food: Wolf, Cat, Horse, Chocolate, Cheese, Flesh Bar
Ores: Dense Ores, Light Ores
Other: Mushroom Seeds, Various Block Armors, Golden Head, Player like mob, Potion effekt talismans, Krystall deco blocks, marble deko blocks, Iron Chets, Mo zombies, Item Magnet, XP Ore, Bones instead of sticks in every crating recepi
Weapons: Katanas, Daggers, Battleaxe, Warhammers, Halberds, Saber, Greatsword, longsword, Mace, Bows
Progress70% complete
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2

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