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◦ Morning Lavender◦

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Life of the Party's Avatar Life of the Party
Level 45 : Master Sweetheart
Today I have a little thing I made cause extreme boredom took a hold of me and I really needed something to do ._. ... SO I decided to try my hand at a little bit of terrain making, you know, like those experts do when they make it look like it;s real life and im just sitting here with my tiny little tree of poo and thinking about how much I suck... So I thought "Hmmmm hey Giddy, you have no life, nothing to do, like on friend, and a few programs to make worlds so make one!" and that's what I did... Really hope that it's not to bad for a first attempt and I hope everyone here will like it. Also feel free to use it for what ever, just credit me if someone asks ^^

A little information about what I used~
For making this build I used two programs, The first one being World Machine, which is basically a world making simulator, where you can use filters to make erosion, mountains, valleys, stuff like that. I didn't go to fancy with this program as im still new to using it. The other programs was World Painter, this was more of a program I used for touch ups, like making small cliff faces stone, adding grass and Lilacs... I mean Couch Couch, LAvender... Totally lavender ^^; I also used it for adding Grass, ferns, As well as the trees you see in this build.

One other thing, The trees used in this build can be found here, I would have made them myself, but I'm waaay to lazy for that. So thank you so much to this person for there amazing Tree repository!


Texture pack, and shaders used in screenshots.
Shaders "kuda-shaders-v5.0.5-patch1---ultra"
Textures "www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/110-excalibur/"

... Ps, I also included a few non-Shader pictures so that no one yells at me like "YOU CHEATING HOE BOII YOU USED SHADERS WICH MEANS THAT IF I PUT IT IN GAME ITS JUST GONNA LOOK LIKE SHIII COS I HAS NO SHADERS" ... So yeah ^^;

... PPs. If you get into the world and it is just day all the time and it never changes, use "/gamerule doDaylightCycle true" that will allow the day cycle to continue.. <":
CreditSenpai, Myself, satan, santa, Illiminati, and dank memes
Progress100% complete

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09/17/2016 1:54 am
Level 23 : Expert Princess
Gorvell's Avatar
nice username cx :))
Life of the Party
09/17/2016 3:48 am
Level 45 : Master Sweetheart
Life of the Party's Avatar
huehue ;w; thank ye, btw... you're skins... my... gooosh, i love em' owo
08/06/2016 3:26 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
Dukkeh's Avatar
This is gorgeous owo
Life of the Party
08/06/2016 4:15 am
Level 45 : Master Sweetheart
Life of the Party's Avatar
Thank you so much! <":
08/03/2016 12:06 pm
Level 42 : Master Architect
Redranger's Avatar
nice looks great
Life of the Party
08/03/2016 5:20 pm
Level 45 : Master Sweetheart
Life of the Party's Avatar
Thank you! i'm glad you like it! ^^
08/03/2016 5:25 am
Level 40 : Master Goblin
Lola's Avatar
those pictures are wallpaper level
Life of the Party
08/03/2016 5:46 am
Level 45 : Master Sweetheart
Life of the Party's Avatar
owo thank youu