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BRD-MC 1 chunk farm tower

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The_Glittering_One avatar The_Glittering_One
Level 41 : Master Dragon
Hello again!!!

This is my mostly 1 chunk, mostly automated farm complex tower.
Sorry in advance, this is winded...

I say mostly because the build actually exceeds 16x16 due to the front door awning, the counterbalance to the rooftop maintenance equipment and the below grade floors use the adjacent chunks for the walls :)

The tower was built in an effort to fit our farm shown in the last picture into 1 chunk whilst saving as much output volume as possible as well as features.

The facility functions almost like marble run in that all farms harvest and output into a riser transport that carries the items either down or up into the sorting and storage units continuously via the recirculating water flow. The system sorts and stores all items the facility produces within 3 dbl chests deep per sort head.
When a sorter head becomes full, the items are still taken in by the filter hopper and are sent out the overflow hopper below it.
Overflow items are ejected into a drop riser that carries them to lava purge.

Care has been taken where possible to allow for full viewing and actual maint of as much as possible. This may annoy some- lots of glass.

This schem. includes a custom rebuild of the BRD-MC Brewery so that the Hasenpfeffer x13 would fit within the facility.
This build uses command blocks for item replication, repeating for elevator floors, levitation for elevator movement and the included world time reset- handy while building etc.
You'll need to make sure of settings for the puke to the chat window from the command blocks not to show.

PLEASE NOTE: You will need to edit the repeating command block in the sub basement along with world reset for the bottom and top corners of the elevator and the arrow spawn point to those positions within your world if you wish to use those. Some may prefer the behaviors with the repeat- we don't run it- not needed. Just the up/down are absolutely needed and require no editing.

Sorry if you hate the elevator :P simple 2 button up/ down. One must stand within the 3 spaces in the elevator to use.
You can tap and hold Shift to descend instead of the button if you use the repeat block ;) and you can strafe in movement up or down if you weren't positioned well with or without the repeat :) There is no fire escape- does not pass code LOL

Farms represented are:

flr 1: sweet berries, pumpkin, melon, honey
flr 2: kelp, cactus, bamboo, sugar cane
flr 3: wool x8, chicken eggs, pumpkin/melon, coco beans
flr 4: wool x8, pumpkin/melon, coco beans
flr 6: beet, carrot, wheat, potato and their byproducts
flr 7: Fish farm (WARNING: This farm can be a severe lag machine if misused)
flr 8: Fungi farm
flr 9: Flowers farm
flr 10: Bone Meal, Moss farms
flr B4: Cobblestone, Stone, Basalt farms
flr B5: mushroom
flr B9: glow berries, meat processing- raw chicken, pork, beef, mutton, rabbit

Other floor details:

flr 5: cart maint & ejector for field crops
flr 11: Bone Meal upper
flr 12: office, staff lounge/kitchen, washroom
flr 13: roof: ventilation equip, 5G tower, mechanical exterior maint winch
flr B1: Sorting floor 1
flr B2: Sorting floor 2
flr B3: Sorting floor 3
flr B6: workshop, washroom, overflow purge and flow return system
flr B7: brewery upper
flr B8: brewery main
Sub basement: water treatment, climate control, world time reset, elevator repeat block

Schem is 100% Van-no mods or exploits used- no solid block item elevators. Built on 1.17- 1.19.2 Cross play runs but BE users gotta remember the diffs. Much nicer in Survival- feel and op of elevator.
The Tv and office computer screens and the mirrors in washrooms are in the enclosed texture pack but the banner versions are also in the workshop.

The schematic takes 61 below grade and 77 above- width of 18 to catch the counterbalance and 17 in front of you. You are on ground level @ front left corner- nose up against it- facing east <--FOR PLACEMENT

Remember to paste redstone asynchronously using methods like Carpet or Fastasynchworldedit. Pasting in tick time presents immediate block updates upon paste among other anomalies that break redstone builds.

This build is also custom incorporated in a world download with more content located here:

I hope you enjoy!
Progress95% complete

16 Update Logs

Update #16 : by The_Glittering_One 04/27/2023 3:45:02 pmApr 27th

From the top:

Fish farm corrected and tested as functioning. Some versions having apparent wash out of the ON/OFF trigger for the fish Spawning Blocks and the torch for the flow ON/OFF.
Must have happened during edit of above floors at last update?

Elevator floor buttons redone and calibrated for correct heights- at least as I test them- let me know if they are wrong on your end.
I experienced basically a 1 level height increase too much- within the command block: "minecraft:levitation 2 4 true" Whereas only "2 3 true" is required, I also found that the command blocks were affecting one another more than I remember before 19.4.
What I mean is- when pushing "UP" the downward block would fire first and you would drop and then begin levitation from the upward one. Buttons are now aside them and function as normal- damage is no longer taken from fall when descending in Survival.

Brewery: This update is given to all versions of the BRD-MC Brewery including the Bigger Better.
The facilities have been updated for functionality and ease of use. It seemed to me that I never really explained that the machine needs a second pass for 6 ingredients etc.
I'm unsure anyone made the full range with the builds prior to this other than me.

Firstly I updated the guide on the face of the machine to help those that may not know all of em' off the top of their head. The guide shows which main ingredients can use which modifiers- not perfect but about 1000% better.
The second was to modify the machine in time. The Cycle and Continuous timers had to be extended to accommodate 6 ingredient span. The machines now run a bit longer on each cycle due to this but there is no need of a second pass for lingering as example.
The Spider Eye is moved to the end of the main ingredients to be in the correct feed order to the stand. The upper section holding the modifiers has been fitted with a delay that assists in the Dragon's Breath falling at the end.

For this edit the build is lowered by 2 subterranean- 63 below grade.

Detail edits throughout matching realm.

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02/11/2022 7:25 pm
Level 41 : Master Dragon
The_Glittering_One avatar
The most recent version of this build is now included within a larger spawn build here:
11/28/2021 9:42 amhistory
Level 41 : Master Dragon
The_Glittering_One avatar
I apologize to all who downloaded the first version of the schematic. Apparently W/E thought it would be funny to exclude a wall... entities.. some redstone... Schematic has been corrected- I think.

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