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The BRD-MC Spawn Build

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The_Glittering_One avatar The_Glittering_One
Level 42 : Master Dragon
Hello again!

This is an ongoing build of our spawn/lobby Server.
This build set serves as a build for others to use as well as our spawn worlds but this public release includes things that our play server does not ;) Obviously not all parts of our private server and not all of the artwork and creations there are shown here as they are not all mine. Only my work will be shared currently.
Consider this to be the master build that has all of the BRD-MC individual builds within its landscape. These worlds will contain all of my builds added over time.

We currently have a solidly running 1.16.5/1.18.2/1.19.3 cross-play mv/mw/waterfall/geyser/viaversion- /Spigot/Paper/PurPur server network. Whew.

Build updated June 09 2023- 00:00Est- zip of the world folder. <-- This will indicate the newest build as updates may happen more than once/day.
Build update clips will be This link > June 9 2023-YouTube - don't hate on the tunes- I luvs em XD. The clips are made on a live copy of the current download as testing and building is being done :)

For all clips go here:

The Lobby world is only floating islands. The islands are generated and sculpted and then elements have been cut in/built in place.
The lobby/ spawn currently consists of the actual spawn island that has the basic elements: medical station, blacksmith, bank, job center, merchants for most things in game- excepting restricted items, shooting range, admin area, basic coaster and all profession blocks open for use.
This island hosts one of the 2 breweries and an admin accessed mob farm for various mobs. The merchants are either at their shops at spawn or on the other islands that have their own detail- such as the fishing vendor's island, or the Butcher. There are currently 29 islands: Spawn, farm, butcher, fishing, mason, wood cutter, Ironworks, gold farm, residences, an arena, village, squid farm, slime farm, Ice island and some undefined.

The redstone shooting range awards gems as does Parkour via plugin and the Jobs plugin pays per task, Spleef pays for wins as well as the merchants pay per item/ stack.
The idea is to have economy spread throughout the play experience. One can choose to do jobs or games or to grow etc on their own for income and XP that allows access and or use of other features not yet in place- e.g. Skyblock- access given by rank that is given by combination of time played on server {minus afk time} and xp/economic growth.

The semi/auto farming island has the Farm Tower with custom rebuild of the BRD Brewery-automated brewing system, but the Hasenpheffer has also been represented on the main spawn island as single floor with a Sommelier {I know, it should be the weapons specialist from John Wick but our weapons guy has an eye patch, he's named Hawkeye... I couldn't resist} and a merchant for self brewing as well as rebuild of the Fed Express PS4 Elite for better function- better Rp.

The Butcher island includes a version of the Silencer from the Farm Tower that euthanizes the livestock then hoppers feed the item elevator to the meat sorting/ storage in the storefront behind the merchant.

The Fishing island has a merchant for fishing related sales/boats but also introduces a hidden treasure chamber with hidden buttons for access to it. A Redstone automated Fish Farm is in place but remember: (WARNING: This farm can be a severe lag machine if misused)

The Mason island houses 2 of the currently 3 arenas- Splegg and BowSpleef and has a cart ride up and down with targets for ride again. This island expands on the treasure chamber element with 2 and also an element of exploration in search of the way to open it- comes with pitfalls that drop to the world below :D Rp elements in line with the rest of the realm.
This island also holds the BRD Cobbler- automated cobblestone and stone farm.

The Woodcutter island has 4 different tree farm machines with more detail and mini game elements to come.

The Ironworks Has an array of golem spawn iron farms.

The Gold merchant has gold nuggets freshly farmed from our Nether Swine endeavors.
These Farms requires the Nether found Here: to work. Mediafire.

The Chorus and Enderman farms require the END found Here:

The Portal Chamber @ Spawn houses the off-word portals and the games. Other dimensional access is given either by Admin zone or via other farm islands e.g. Goldies.

Other island farms include: The Icer, Slime, Drowned, Squid, Glow Squid And Fungus & Flowers.

It is important to note that the vendors you see in the teaser are from the Villager Market plugin, the signage functionality is given by EssentialsX plugin- by way of permits via LuckPerms plugin, the command blocks are written to coexist with Essentials e.g: /minecraft:give, /minecraft:Kill to allow for other /Kill, /Give functions required by other methods. The islands plugin generates the island world- and the islands created and also has a sistered world to it that can be reset. This allows for the lobby with a drop off and warp to the connected world below. Obviously chosen for speed at generating the base islands and the reset ability. These worlds could be replicated or replaced giving multiple worlds with reset across networked servers ;) Advanced portals is used to port to the worlds on the Spawn server or to the other networked servers- 4 total atm. The ItemJoin plugin is used for specialty items that can be purchased or won or as we use it currently: on join/first join/ world/ server warp, the player is given the BRD handbook as a persistent inventory item along with a backpack that auto picks up at full inv. The book has basic info on conduct and play with suggestions but also contains clickable links to hearth to spawn from any world on any connected server- with a cooldown of course-in some cases unusable in combat-Bosses ;) etc, as well as direct link to read the TOS. This addon can send as OP, Server, Sudo, player & &- Very handy- check it out. We also use Decent Holograms for signage and Head Database obviously as I have no clue how to personally craft these wonderful things atm.

Other plugins not required for the build used on the server/s would be the normal that most should have: Fast asynch Worldedit, Multiverse and the adjoined portals, signs, GriefPrevention, WorldGuard, CoreProtect, VoidGen. The rest would be what is needed for cross-play and non-M/M web access- though both can play here, tunnel, login as well as global player data on sql- Login, Rank/perms, play time, inventory, economy, jobs, XP, deaths, kills, skin etc.

P.S. When you run this world it will look mostly as it does in the video, maybe better with more elements, BUT, even with our exact configs and addons- you would likely get the vendors devoid of info, signage may run- if you have EssentialsX and permissions set, portals will not-Gateway block in the Fed Express will be missing unless you have Aportals installed etc. Command block teleports will work as they are plugin independent. You will need to set up the vendors & portals & likely signs.

The world is usable without the island plugin- We use VoidSpawn to teleport to places when falling into the void as example :)
In fact, the world can be used without any of the plugins, just less fun.

Things like water run confined to sphere from the plugin are avoided in the build releases.
Detail will be added progressively.

No Mods used/required, though the heads will be funny looking. I endeavor to build so as not to have thing patched out on updates and routinely update the builds as MK/MJ update the game.
Parts of this world are made to work with the Nether linked above- ditto for the End.
The textures for mirrors and screens are part of the included texture pack- the banner versions are on the main island ;)

The build is downloadable on Mediafire in total as of 28-07-22 due to file size.

Progress80% complete

45 Update Logs

Update #45 : by The_Glittering_One 06/10/2023 12:39:53 amJun 10th

Global: continued aesthetic adjustments/ additions- I thought to myself that these people need to be able to do laundry so there are many new laundry machines added to residences but also a laundrette on the main island.

Main island: Mob farms storage has been rebuilt larger and to accept all drops the combined farms generate.
The drop/fall section for XP has been rebuilt at its bottom to have a crusher that can be turned off instead of a drop to void.

Butcher: Raw chicken station has been added to the barn. A trapdoor can be opened to allow the chickens to roam outside and back in.
The chickens lay eggs which are taken by hopper to a dispenser that tosses them in the hopes that they hatch into chicks that grow up into the block above that terminates them. The raw chicken is taken to the rebuilt storage with water flow transport and ejector-less lava overflow.

Fisherman: Edit to storefront for better storage.

Goldies: Better storage and slightly rebuilt Tesla-S with a better cockpit/aesthetic

Mason: Covered dripping lava that I assume burned the gantry down to the Javelin that is rebuilt for better cockpit/aesthetic.

Brewery: This update is given to all versions of the BRD-MC Brewery.
The facilities have been updated for functionality and ease of use. It seemed to me that I never really explained that the machine needs a second pass for 6 ingredients and that it was finicky @ best.
I'm unsure anyone made the full range with the builds prior to this other than me.

Firstly I updated the guide on the face of the machine to help those that may not know all of em' off the top of their head. The guide shows which main ingredients can use which modifiers and what potions to convert to others using Spider Eyes/Weakness- Invisibility, Harming, Slowness. Not perfect but about 1000% better.
The second was to modify the machine in time. The Cycle and Continuous timers had to be extended to accommodate 6 ingredient span. The machines now run a bit longer on each cycle due to this but there is no need of a second pass for lingering as example.
The Spider Eye is moved to the end of the main ingredients to be in the correct feed order to the stand and the Dragon's Breath has been spaced at the very end to prevent the wrong feed order.

Mike's Iron: Storage rebuilt/ expanded and aesthetic changed. Replaced X-wing with a newer version.

Villager isle: Minor rebuild of overflow from glow berries passive to void instead of ejector.

Green's Produce: Tower elevator floor buttons redone and calibrated for correct heights- at least as I test them.
I experienced basically a 1 level height increase too much- within the command block: "minecraft:levitation 2 4 true" Whereas only "2 3 true" is required, I also found that the command blocks were affecting one another more than I remember before 19.4.
What I mean is- when pushing "UP" the downward block would fire first and you would drop and then begin levitation from the upward one. Buttons are now aside them and function as normal- damage is no longer taken from fall when descending in Survival- no idea when this all became a .876 drop but is now corrected.

The Brewery within the tower has been upgraded the same as the Main island version but the whole lower section of the tower from Brewery down has been changed to the current Farm Tower schematic version.
This replaces the Vesuvius section of climate control and lowers the whole by 2 blocks to accommodate the delay setup for the upper section of ingredients holding the modifiers of the Brewery to allow for proper feed order to the brew stand.

Raids: Sorting/ storage has been added using a combination of standard hopper sorting then to Allays and then a non-stack filter to finish. Any non-sorted or overflow is given to the void. The speed of the Allay sorting requires holding chests above and eventually need breaks taken by the player.

I thought it was time to add another new flight craft or 2 so I designed a Tie-Fighter-esque patrol vehicle and then thought why not try a larger starship that carries it? The BRD-CL01 or Cloe is a light community response carrier. There's both Trek and Wars influences as I like both.
Unsure if she'll stay here or be relocated but you can look forward to more of these if you like this one. Schematic Cloe build page is here: and the rest of the current flight/ craft/ vehicles from the spawn are here:

There's also a 1st version of the world border guard behind Cloe. As there are so many unknowns in the multiverse... it's only natural to want a defense network to protect the region from incursion. The Sprites hold the border of this region under constant guard at a civility level- with measured levels of response: communications, then restraint, then dismantling as necessary, then obliteration. They are equipped with some of the same cannons that Cloe has x4, but also ionic disrupters that can disable warp reactors, imposed magnetic and anchor fields and 50mm phased plasma caseless gattlin-fired x4.

I'm thinking 4 maintenance places for these out towards corners of the world border... the station full north, which should be to Cloe's right at the world border for visiting craft to dock and layover. Will have to make some shifty setup for the suspension of the raids and their respective towers and build the border guard, space station, other crafts, cut border back some chunks beyond that and then set WB to say 16 chunks beyond the detail... ish ;)

World border is now 2598- 360+MB on disk- Zip is 70.5

Lobby update only.

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04/27/2023 10:13 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
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good map!
04/27/2023 10:23 pm
Level 42 : Master Dragon
The_Glittering_One avatar
TY :) Functionality update incoming soon.
04/28/2023 6:05 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Miner
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