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60 Blocks [1.19 Java]

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BlackeyeI avatar BlackeyeI
Level 33 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
This is an independent project intended to improve my skills in graphic design, modelling, scripting, and management. All rights to the 60 seconds video game franchise belong to Robot Gentleman Studios. All assets have been created from scratch or from resources that operate under a creative commons licence. Some phrases take inspiration from the game. I do not intend to sell my work or capture everything featured in the game and have attributed the creator's in the lobby.

Mandatory Resource Pack
To get the full experience from this map please download the mandatory resource pack to bring custom wasteland items into the game or by following the link provided on the lobby signs. All you need to do is insert the zip file into the resource pack folder, it is not necessary to unzip the file.

Alike the game 60 Blocks takes place during an alternative cold war timeline when an average American family must survive the devastation of a communist nuclear attack. This blocky rendition of the franchise generates custom house, location, mob, and loot layouts. It lets players explore each location in-person and carry gear they can use to better their odds. The objective is to collect supplies, protect family, and find rescue. An item showcase has been provided in the lobby to allow players to understand the game mechanics.

Ideal World Settings
This world features 'custom' music that runs through the jukebox and noteblock sound settings. Please keep this enabled and disable the music setting to avoid conflict.

  • Brightness: 50%
  • Clouds: off
  • Particles: all
  • Players: 1
  • Render Distance: 7
  • Simulation Distance: 5
  • Sounds: music 0% and everything else 50% or more
  • F3+H Tooltips: hidden
  • Entity Distance: 100%
Supplementary Content
Feel free to use pre-apocalyptic building schematics and worlds from this file repository for personal projects but please leave credit.

Known Bugs
  • MC-106167
  • Random house layout fail to load on rare occasions requiring the player to reset or quit the round.
  • Items are overwritten when placed on locked inventory slots.
  • Slimes may not despawn when killed after in-person expeditions.
    Full Credits
    • Buildings: GARRETT2BY4 (Boeing B-29 Exterior), Spazza27YT (Forklift)
    • Research: 60 Seconds Fandom
    • Data Packs: Cloud Wolf (menu core), Dominexis (benchmark), emeraldfyr3 (math), Timber Forge (raycast core)
    • Icons: fjstudio, Freepik, Kiranshastry, Siarhei Nosyreu
    • Software: Amulet, Blockbench, blocky.tools, MapartCraft, McStacker, MinecraftHeads, MinecraftJSON, Misode, Photopea, PixelMe, Turbosquid, Vectr, Visual Studio Code
    • Fabric Mods: Carpet Mod, Complementary Shaders, Iris Shaders, WorldEdit

    Future Plans
    This is the first of two planned stages in the project and has only implemented scavenge mode and atomic drill. If I choose to add custom story scenarios later, I will not be capturing all of the content featured in the game. In the future, items will become more useful during in-person expeditions and be used to interact with events.
    Progress60% complete

    2 Update Logs

    World Spawn Fix : by BlackeyeI 07/03/2022 5:41:46 amJul 3rd, 2022

    + Updated the world spawn from y129 to y130 to prevent players from falling out of the lobby when joining for the first time.
    + sendCommandFeedback set to false to prevent chat spam.

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    10/27/2022 8:45 pm
    Level 16 : Journeyman Crafter
    Billstr33 avatar
    This map is great! Hope to see the full game out!!
    10/30/2022 7:25 amhistory
    Level 33 : Artisan Creeper Hugger
    BlackeyeI avatar
    Thanks, I appreciate it :)
    08/03/2019 8:16 pm
    Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
    MineCraftBillstrisBest avatar
    Your map is amazing and I'm making a video series off of it. I will give you full credit for this map thank you. If you do make more a justments or quests do that please. Thank you.
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