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Adventure Time: Land of Ooo

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Wertologist's Avatar Wertologist
Level 44 : Master Architect
This is a re-creation of Adventure Time's main geographical location, The Land of Ooo. After looking around for a map of Ooo, I could only find two. One was an adventure map(which was amusing) and the other was just a bit too small. I really just wanted to live in Ooo. So after not being satisfied with either maps I chose to start making my own.

Resource pack used: Adventure Time Craft

Mods used in construction: TooManyItemsBuild Faster V3, and In-Game NBTEdit

I will be trying to add as many major locations from the show into the map, but this will be difficult due to the show not really having a very consistant nor accurate map. I've been having to guess where things go and make small alterations.

After making the template, I will go into the map and build all of the locations by hand.

Locations I have planned so far:
-Candy Kingdom
-Ice Kingdom
-Lumpy Space
-The Treehouse
-The desert/Badlands
-Fire Kingdom
-Cursed Forest
-25 Blood Drive
-Deep Ocean(underwater in the episode "Ocean of Fear")
-Billy's Cave
-Marceline's Cave
-Lich's Lair*
-Prismo's Dimension
-The Hole Near the Center of the World
-Mountain Kingdom
-Wildberry Kingdom
-Breakfast Kingdom
-Red Rock Pass
-MO Co.
-Wizard City
-Loch of Phantoms
-Goblin Kingdom
-Iceberg Lake*
-Grave Yard

*Could not find a lake on the map that fit the size of the lake itself so I just moved it to the ocean.
*Moved from being an island on a lake to an island off the coast.

Potential locations:
-Slime Kingdom*
-Land of the Dead*
-Gaurdians of Sunshine(Videogame world)*

*Could do easily in 1.8, but the mods I use to build with are not updated yet so it will be left out until the mods update
*Not an easy place to build or place in the map since it is so massive. May just build a smallframe of it and have the real one undergound and have players be teleported there.
*Could probably make this one easy, but there would be the problem with the entrance/exit. Would probably bury it under the map.
*May just do this as a simple little extra world. It would be entered at the Treehouse through BMO. Would have little to no use.

Please post in the comments places that you think should be on the list of planned builds. Take note that I may decline if it is hard to fit in the map or is not significant enough.
Progress30% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1: Marceline's house and cave : by Wertologist 07/22/2015 1:57:29 amJul 22nd, 2015

-Fixed some of the mistakes that WP made
-Finished Marceline's house.

Marceline's house is comprised of 2 areas. The main cave holds her house. The house is as accurate shape/size as I could make. There are two doors to Marcy's home. The front door and the back/kitchen door that leads to the deck. Each of these doors has a button rigged to teleporting command blocks. These command blocks teleport the player "inside".

Since I could not fit her home inside the house I made a seperate cell underground to give me more space to make an accurate replica. I did this because I did not want a cramped inside. Inside the house also holds teleporters at each of the doors and one additional one to get into Marcy's bedroom.

I will include a portal to the nether/Nightosphere when I finished making the Nightosphere in World Painter.

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08/08/2015 6:08 am
Level 1 : New Explorer
bonez1127's Avatar
this will be fun to mess aroud with when wanting a map to mess aroud with
07/12/2015 11:56 am
Level 29 : Expert Architect
Fingerstache_Jaden's Avatar
Looks good! Can't wait to see all the locations in-game
07/03/2015 3:47 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
SonWyatt's Avatar
PS: PLEASE don't make this an RAR file! I can not use those! DX
07/04/2015 11:24 am
Level 44 : Master Architect
Wertologist's Avatar
It most likely will just be a zip. You should really just get Winrar. It's free and the 30 day trial never ends.
07/03/2015 3:45 pm
Level 10 : Journeyman Explorer
SonWyatt's Avatar
I can't wait to play it! =D

Wandering survival! No past, no future, just the open horizen! =D
06/19/2015 7:53 pm
Level 2 : Apprentice Crafter
advanafire's Avatar
Sounds like a great idea. Can't wait to see more. Is their any way you could post some pics of what you have already done?
06/19/2015 7:58 pm
Level 44 : Master Architect
Wertologist's Avatar
I just started this yesterday. The map is all I have done now. After I plan out everything I will add, I will go into the map and build everything.

Step one is planning and sculpting the land with World Painter.
Step two is going into the map and building the locations by hand.
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