Apartment Structure

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avatar Rho569120
Level 31 : Artisan Architect
This is a part of a Off World Colony set i'll be making. It is an apartment structure with airlock doors on either end. It is stackable to create several levels of this structure (The pillars sticking up and the tall structures on the four sides are the way they are to allow for easier line up.)

This structure and many others are better viewed in my other project, click the link to see and DL: The Age Of Valandus
Texture Pack used is called "Our Rise", Link to its mediafire download is below. I don't own the texture pack, just IDK the link to its website, sorry.

There will be about a dozen more structures. This one will be able to be made into a multi level hive structure as well. the grass would be the level above ground, and yes there will be platforms that can link to that to help give it  a better look.



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