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Valandus Reborn!

After a Hiatus of about 5 years, I have come back to this project. I have already started on a redesign of the map, based on up-to-date game features! This sadly means that some mods that were used previously will not be used again due to lack of updates, oh well? This file will be smaller than the last, as there is far less information.

I know I didn't have much of an audience, but hopefully those that are my audience will enjoy what I put out.

Please note one important fact about my games: Very few of the structures in my game are made by me (I will cite what I use as best I can, but some structures are from 5 years ago and idk where I got them), the mods are definitely not mine, and I am using the last usable MCedit to make the world.

I would Ideally like some help on this, as it is a large undertaking, and I now longer have the time to be able to devote to the entire project as I once did. Please message me if you are interested?

Please look at the Pics? Please look at the old download on the link below? -It can be easily looked at with MCEdit. Also, take a look at my other few structures that I was working on, and let me know what ya think?

Anyhow folks, looking forward to the future!

Best Regards,
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