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Yettai_Yogenhiem avatar Yettai_Yogenhiem
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator

Welcome to the Wasteland...

About the Map:
WASTED is a post-apocalyptic survival map with a full custom survival experience for Minecraft. Players can explore a massive open world and learn to survive the harsh environment of the Wasteland and its many zones and regions.

[​Note: Map is currently in alpha so expect most features to be absent, map exploration is available]

*Wasted requires a texture pack*
-You will need Glimmar's Steampunk Resource Pack- https://resourcepack.net/steampunk-resource-pack/
(NOTE the texture pack will be read as "Incompatible" with 1.16 but the textures will still load when activated)
-I highly recommend the use of my custom textures for use along with Glimmar's Steampunk, I will include a "Read Me" with download on instructions on how to incorporate my textures into Glimmar's- (No download yet)
-If you are planning on using a shader pack with this map then I would highly recommend using SUEZ Renewed Shaders- https://www.sonicether.com/seus/

Use In Videos or Servers:
If you are planning on using this map on a server, video or other media, please let me know by private messaging me as I would like to support it! However if you are using this map for media purposes please have a link available to the map or at least mention where the map can be found in case people want to find it. And obviously give credit.

Map Zones and Regions:
The map will be split up into three separate zones, each with there own regions which include unique locations to explore. The map will divided into the following zones: The Lowlands, The Midlands, and The Badlands

The Lowlands: This zone consists of the ancient seabed and is home to three regions: The Rolling Dunes, Rusted Canyons, and the Great Empty. The Rolling Dunes are a big expanse of sand dunes that have swallowed up many shipwrecks. Rusted Canyons consist of the sea trenches running along the old light house island. They get the name "Rusted Canyons" from the destroyed shipwrecks which litter the canyon walls. The Great Empty is similar to the Rolling Dunes but it the dunes are less "rolling" and are more flat. An old oil rig and oil tanker can be found in this region.

The Midlands: This zone consists of the Dead City and its suburban surroundings. It does not really have any regions to be exact but this zone features districts. There is one region in this zone called the Dried Swamplands, a patch of dead trees and cracked dirt. The districts include The industrial area, the westside, the suburbs, and Downtown. This zone also contains the city bay which does seem to be apart of the Lowlands as it is low but it is more apart of the midlands. This is by far the most dense zone on the map, there is much to explore but it also comes with its own set of dangers.

The Badlands: This zone is more of the "true post-apocalyptic wasteland." Not much to be found here but a few ruins of the old world and many bandit camps. This is the most dangerous zone to traverse through in the map as most undesirables live here such as mutants and bandits. The regions in this zone are: The Valley of Skulls and The Barren Plains. The Valley of Skulls are a series of canyons and mountains that are home to most dangerous bandit tribes and mutant packs. Not much survives here. The Barren Plains are a little more of a tamer part of this zone as its much more wider and open but that does not mean that its not as dangerous.


World Painter - used to build the base map
SUEZ - Shaders used in screenshots

Glimmar's Steampunk - textures used to build the map

Progress75% complete

71 Update Logs

Update #68 (check top comment) : by Yettai_Yogenhiem 05/14/2022 6:03:53 pmMay 14th

  • Work has slowed down, builders needed (check latest comment from me)

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05/19/2022 7:33 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Firestrong- avatar
hey man can you give me the actual version but for 1.12.2 please i really need it for a server with friends that is the ideal map i will apreciate a lot if you can help me
05/19/2022 7:56 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Yettai_Yogenhiem avatar
1.12 is extremely underdeveloped. it looks nothing like the pictures as they are all from 1.16
05/14/2022 11:03 pm
Level 1 : New Collective
timbo801 avatar
can you just send me the map please
05/19/2022 7:57 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Yettai_Yogenhiem avatar
map is already for download
05/13/2022 5:08 amhistory
Level 55 : Grandmaster Procrastinator
Yettai_Yogenhiem avatar
For those wondering about where the new updates for Wasted have gone, I have not made much progress on the map in the past few months. Its unfortunate but I have lost a great amount of creativity and motivation for the map. The work that is left on the map is an incredibly mundane and tedious task to complete. I expected the interiors for the map to be fun but it hasn't if I'm being honest. The interiors require much more time and effort to complete than I anticipated. I try not to cut many corners on this map, as of now many interiors will be inaccessible but I refuse to cut any more of them out of the map. I had much more time to work on Wasted before and building the city and detailing the wasteland was interesting, but now it feels like a massive pain. I still want to finish this map but its becoming clear that I may not be able to do it alone. Which is why I am extending an invite to the community to come help me build. If you have an established PMC account and can prove to me that you know what your doing (maybe even more than me) then please message me. I don't have the money for a server right now but I have a plan on how you can help.

02/17/2022 4:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Is there no ZIP file for it?
02/09/2022 12:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
ongsa avatar
idk why i cant open file
01/25/2022 4:47 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
adham_demo avatar
If u used the map without the Texture pack will it work?
02/03/2022 8:35 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3703575F avatar
Txt Is not required but it would look better with but you can play without if your pc can't handle it
01/09/2022 8:58 am
Level 1 : New Miner
User3703575F avatar
Hello I have a question why when i got to the end of the map i think it's 2000x2000 there is like If you load the old save to new world then it's like glitches out and when i go up there i see new world generation is there some fix to that i'm loading the map into good version and the only thing i can do is to set up a barrier
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