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Wasted is a post-apocalyptic Minecraft Adventure map set in a desolate barren wasteland. The oceans have long dried up leaving the entire world as a big arid desert full of raiders, mutants and wastelander's doing their best to survive in its harsh environments. The map is currently being developed as just a basic map but will eventually be an adventure map with a custom survival experience with custom mechanics, textures, and enemies.

🔔Keep up with development by joining the WASTED Discord Server:
Join the discord to gain access to frequent updates on development, early access builds, an exclusive image gallery, and a community where you can give feedback and engage with others.

⚠ [​Note: Map is currently in development so expect most features to be absent, map exploration is available]


-MINECRAFT VERSION 1.20.1 (Use latest version of Forge/Fabric for 1.20.1 if you plan on using mods)
- Glimmar's Steampunk - https://resourcepack.net/steampunk-resource-pack/
(NOTE the Glimmar's Latest version is from 1.13 so it will be read as "Incompatible" with 1.20.1 but the textures will still load when activated.)

🛑 Use In Videos or Servers:
If you are planning on using this map on a server, video or other media, please let me know by private messaging me as I would like to support it! If you are using this map for media purposes please have a link available to the map or at least mention where the map can be found in case people want to find it. And obviously give credit.

🧾About the Map

WASTED's map is split into three zones, each zone has its own regions and themes. There are also several factions you will come across, each control there own territory. You can see the map in the photos section above. Below will be a list of each zone and a little background about them.

🚩The Great Dune Sea (Formerly The Low-Lands)
The Great Dune Sea is what remains of the Pacific Ocean, now dried up and consists of thousands of miles of sand dunes, trenches, mountains, and ship wrecks. This zone extends from the southern border of the map to old shorelines and even contains the old city bay.

Rolling Dunes, Rusted Canyons, and The Jagged Maws

Rolling Dunes - A series of sand dunes, mountains, and old shipwrecks.

Rusted Canyons - A series of canyons and deep sea trenches near Murrieta Island (Lighthouse Island) which has swallowed up many shipwrecks, giving it its name.

The Jagged Maws - The old city bay, full of canyons and shipwrecks leading into the old river.

🚩The Skeleton Coast (Formerly The Mid-Lands)
The Skeleton Coast gets its name from the city ruins which is filled with destroyed buildings which many consider to be the "skeletons of the old world" as the buildings appear to be nothing but bones now. This zone mainly lies in the center of the map.

Dry Hallows, The Whispering Mountains, and the Los Santiago Ruins.

Dry Hallows - Mostly consists of the dried swamp but does include the airport ruins.

Los Santiago Ruins - The once prosperous southern California city of Los Santiago, now a reminder of a bygone age.

The Whispering Mountains - A mountain range to the west of the city, an old country club by the old shore can be found here.

🚩The Bad Lands
The Bad Lands consist of the mountains and fields north of the city. It gets it's name due to the lack of locations and notable settlements in the area. This is a very harsh environment, not due to the inhabitants, but the lack of water and food.

Regions: The Valley of Skulls and the Barren Plains

The Valley of Skulls - A dangerous place consisting of valleys and canyons filled with mutants and raiders.

The Barren Plains - A much more safer place than the Valley of Skulls, but still has little water and food here.

There will be 3 Factions to encounter in the wasteland. Each faction will have their own identity. The Factions are The Tytus Brood, The Vultures, and The Coalition.

Tytus Brood - Most of the raiders you encounter will be members of the brood. A nasty and aggressive group helmed by Lord Tytus the most ruthless raider in all the lands. There will be warlord camps you can take out including Lord Tytus himself.

The Vultures - A creepy group of raiders. They are very mysterious, no one knows who they are or where they came from. Some say they are religious group or former military/government members since they like to control government locations and hoard military tech.

The Coalition - A struggling resistance order. They are the only beacon of hope in the wasteland for most wastelanders but they do control or at least guard most of the major passive settlements.

Of course there will be loot to find around the map. Every chest will contain something of use, weather its for crafting, weapons, armor, or valuables to sell. Each zone of the map will have loot that progressively gets better. The Great Dune Sea for example will have the worst gear to find (think leather armor and stone weapons) and The Bad Lands will have the best (think diamond armor "aka power armor" and diamond weapons). There will also be certain locations that will have better and unique loot. The Great Dune Sea will have 5 Lifeboats to find, containing unique loot. The Skeleton Coast will have 5 Mobile Labs to find, containing unique loot and armor as well. The Bad Lands will have 5 Military Convoys to find that will have some of the best and most powerful gear in the whole map. However 2 of them will be in the old tunnels which are absolutely infested with Vultures, expect a tough fight.

💀Bosses and Enemies
There will be enemies and boss fights to encounter. Standard enemies such as mutants (Zombies) and Raiders (Skeletons) will get progressively harder as you venture north (more armor and advanced weapons). Bosses will have a ranked difficulty not attached to the zone they are in. Once a location has been cleared all the enemies they will not respawn. However there will be locations called "Arenas" where you can manually respawn the enemies. Bosses can also be respawned. Bosses can be anything from beefier versions of standard enemies, to their own unique mobs.

❔Secrets and Achievements
When the map releases I will include a sheet that will have a list of achievements for you to keep track of (completely optional). These will be more about exploration and not really about combat. And of course I will include a ton of Easter Eggs to find. Have fun searching for these.

⚠ [​Note: The map is currently in development so expect some of these features to change or be altered upon official release]


World Painter - used to build the base map
SUEZ - Shaders used in screenshots
Glimmar's Steampunk - textures used to build the map

vvv56eer - assisting with construction on the map


We are always looking for builders and coding experts to join this project so if you think you are able to provide us with useful skills please let us know.

News about the map is always being released on Discord so please check it out if you are enjoying this map!
Progress75% complete

80 Update Logs

Update #77 *MAJOR UPDATE* : by Yettai_Yogenhiem 02/29/2024 3:05:57 amtoday

More updates to the map have been made in the last few months. I have been keeping our discord up to date with the latest progress. (Join up if you have not already! https://discord.gg/EPvuNcqG ) If you want to see updates more frequently join the discord. I upload progress photos all the time, it's the best way to keep up with this project.

Here are some screenshots from the work that's been completed. I will update this page every other Wednesday as work is completed.

Updated Harbor

I have updated the entire harbor, including new designs for the cranes, containers, and buildings. All old ship models have been completely remade.

City infrastructure is getting overhauled, including new train tracks and power lines. A rail yard has been added to the docks as well as a main building for the harbor staff.

I have added an area with oil storage tanks and a dock for oil tankers.

City Updates

The city has received many updates and will be undergoing a larger overhaul soon. The whole city skyline will be improved with new buildings.

The highways have been updated.

Great Dune Sea Updates

I am currently working on overhauling the Great Dune Sea. A massive update to this location is in the works, all ship models are getting improved as well as all other locations.

The big cyan container ship has been updated for the last time.

The new Boat Town... now in a boat?

A new wreck.

Updated oil tanker.

A capsized container ship.

All small ship wrecks will be updated. Here is the new Henderson Homestead ship.

The latest work is the updates to the lighthouse island. This is a WIP right now and I will be showing the progress over on my discord. (join if you have not already!)


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03/04/2024 6:41 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Matuteros_'s Avatar
Could you bring a list of cords to go diferent zones?

also, the t-pack is for 1.12 and under, so do i just download 1.12?
03/05/2024 2:48 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Procrastinator
Yettai_Yogenhiem's Avatar
the last version released was for 1.13. it should load just fine on 1.20+
03/02/2024 2:51 am
Level 21 : Expert Miner
ThatRoboticOne's Avatar
Hi! So this map was compatible with 1.16.5 not long ago right? is there any chance you can provide a link to an older version of the map? 1.17 above doesnt work for me and downgrading of a 1.17+ world to 1.16 and below will corrupt a world, i really want to try this map lol.
03/03/2024 1:44 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Procrastinator
Yettai_Yogenhiem's Avatar
i will look for older versions
02/29/2024 4:13 am
Level 22 : Expert uwu
TheLordPickle's Avatar
is the texture pack required?
03/01/2024 1:21 amhistory
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Procrastinator
Yettai_Yogenhiem's Avatar
things look very goofy without it.
03/01/2024 2:23 am
Level 22 : Expert uwu
TheLordPickle's Avatar
ah, ok thanks!
02/17/2024 3:47 am
Level 21 : Expert Mountaineer
RocketStudio's Avatar
Holycow that map is just amazing
12/21/2023 9:39 pm
Level 23 : Expert Chef
Casvegas's Avatar
Wow you still update the map 2 years after publishing, that's some detication
12/22/2023 7:43 am
Level 62 : High Grandmaster Procrastinator
Yettai_Yogenhiem's Avatar
*over 6 years
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