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Artillery Cruiser

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Captain_JEK avatar Captain_JEK
Level 84 : Elite Hero

this is an Eclipse-Class Artillery Cruiser from the video game "Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak".
They shoot salvos of missiles in high arcs which allows them to hit targets even without a direct line of sight.

An Artillery Cruiser is 110 meters long which makes it just a little shorter than this Arctic Exploration Vehicle.
Being 58 meters wide also makes it wider than Bagger 288.

Artillery Cruisers are rather fragile despite their size and should always be used in conjunction with a Support Cruiser that repairs them as soon as they take damage.
Later in the game they can be paired with Battle Cruisers that protect the Artillery Cruisers from getting hit.
In return, the Artillery Cruisers protect the Battle Cruisers from getting outranged with their own massive range.

When pasting the schematic, some iron trapdoors like to open themselves even though they are powered. In fact, only powered ones ever open themselves. If that happens, just place a block next to them. This will update them and they will realize that they are powered and they will close.

CreditSpecial thanks to all the people who made "Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak"!
Progress100% complete

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10/26/2021 3:48 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Architect
Kaizen87 avatar
These machines reminded me of the machines in the Dune movie collecting spices.

Great job
10/27/2021 1:30 pm
Level 84 : Elite Hero
Captain_JEK avatar
You mean this one?

Yeah, they share some similarities.

I wanted to build a spice harvester for a long time now, but there weren't any that looked very convincing.

The one from the new Dune movie is the first one that actually looks like something you would imagine when you think of a spice harvester: heavy and industrial and therefore practical, rough, sturdy, bulky, angular and somewhat armored since it operates in the desert and has to withstand sand storms and other harsh conditions. It's a heavy duty vehicle after all.
It just looks believable and really cool at the same time.
It kinda looks like the front was inspired by a Star Destroyer's command bridge.

I gotta say, I really really like this design. I feel like I should build it at some point.

I've been really looking forward to the Dune movie but couldn't watch it yet xD
Man, I need to watch it as soon as possible.
10/27/2021 1:46 pm
Level 70 : Legendary Architect
Kaizen87 avatar
Yes, that's exactly what I meant.
10/27/2021 1:47 pm
Level 84 : Elite Hero
Captain_JEK avatar
10/22/2021 3:57 pm
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
HikariYasuha avatar
You mentioned about the artillery cruiser in the description of your battle cruiser. I think it would be more effective to have an armoured cruiser that can carry and deploy artillery, that can defend itself ofc. Thus eliminating the need for a battle cruiser
10/22/2021 5:43 pm
Level 84 : Elite Hero
Captain_JEK avatar
I think it's more practical if the several functions are split on multiple vehicles, so that when one fails it's easier to replace just that one instead of a much bigger vehicle that combines all the functions.
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