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Bendy and the Ink Machine Map - V6.3

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OfferingEchoes's Avatar OfferingEchoes
Level 58 : Grandmaster Bunny
Hey guys!

Sorry about my recent inactivity... Here's my excuse!

A long while ago, I made a BatIM Map, but left it unfinished when Chapter 4 released. I started from scratch 9 months ago. And THIS is the final product. It's not completely perfect, and there are probably bugs all over the place with it; but here you go!

This map is Multiplayer. Meaning you'll need people behind the scenes to run the redstone stuff. There's a full list of stuff in the folder, including copyrights

I'll say it here: There is no set resource pack to go with this map. Bendy specific packs are not compatible with this map and I would recommend Faithful 32x32 packs or Default Minecraft (add shaders if you're feeling extra saucy ;3)

Please Enjoy!


After recent events have come to light surrounding Bendy and the Ink Machine's company, Joey Drew Studios / KindlyBeast, I would like to specify that I have no affliliation with the aforementioned company. I know y'all don't want to see this kind of legal junk, but I'd rather not see my hard work get flushed down the drain because "genius upstairs" decided that something I made all by myself isn't fair use. So! Ciao~!
For more information regarding JDS, please watch this video: https://youtu.be/eyHkdxxoVKQ

I apologize for this, but after seeing this video, I'm afraid that I will no longer be supporting Joey Drew Studios / Kindly Beast. Bendy and the Ink Machine, while a great game, has been muddled in controversy for a long time now. So, I will not be willing to purchase anything that would be showing support to them. This includes purchasing or even watching let's plays of Bendy and the Dark Revival, meaning that I will be unable to recreate that game in Minecraft. Kindly Beast has truly become the Beast they wish they weren't seen as. OK, that's all. Back to lurking now. Namaste.
CredittheMeatly, Joey Drew Studios, KindlyBeast
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update: April 26th, 2019 : by OfferingEchoes 04/26/2019 10:43:50 amApr 26th, 2019

After carefully testing this map in version 1.14, I have decided against updating THIS map. However, with the announcement of Bendy and the Dark Revival, I will be creating a map based on that game's likeness in version 1.14, or whichever build of Minecraft is available when that game releases
Additionally, I will not be converting either map into older versions of Minecraft. Sorry!

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05/08/2022 3:50 pm
Level 6 : Apprentice System
Mo-Adl's Avatar
Hey Melwin0207 You Right my Favorite version minecraft is 1.12.2
01/24/2019 5:00 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Egor2's Avatar
Make please for version 1.8.9
01/27/2019 4:37 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Bunny
OfferingEchoes's Avatar
Why 1.8??

05/08/2019 8:19 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Egor2's Avatar
Because 1.8.9 it's my favorite version in Minecraft
02/03/2021 12:45 am
Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
Mlwn09's Avatar
why is that your favourite version most people like versions 1.12.2 or the latest ones.
05/08/2019 8:38 pm
Level 58 : Grandmaster Bunny
OfferingEchoes's Avatar
I'm afraid I can't do that. I designed this map for one specific version, and it would probably take me a long time to make the necessary changes to revert this map into 1.8.9

Sorry, but it's just not possible
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