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Cadenos: Dragon city

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CADENOS: A colorful medieval city
To the west of the Island of Stros M'kai, in the Abecean sea which makes up much of the western coast of Tamriel, lies an archipelago which few know to exist, and is known to us only as "The Chain". Once a great dragon lived on one of these small islands, attracted to it by the shape of the rock which resembled its own majestic form. For eons, this mighty wyrm terrorized the peoples of the Deathlands of Hammerfell, stealing cattle, razing villages, burning entire fields with a single burning breath. The reign of this dragon was cut short, however, when a great storm washed him from his roost and onto the jagged rocks which surround all islands in the Chain. While the physical form of the dragon was gone, his spiteful spirit endured, and latched itself to the stone of the dragon rock, filling it with a corrupting presence. There it slumbered for millennia

Elsewhere in Tamriel, there was a race of men, the first to come down from Atmora, who somewhat resembled the Nordic peoples of Skyrim. These people are known to us collectively as the Nedes, though in reality they were made up of hundreds of independent groups. The Nedes were once prosperous, but times had been hard on them, and by the first era, the Nedes were gone from all areas except the Deathlands, in the deserts of what is now called Hammerfell.

These Nedes might still live there today, were it not for the Yokudan invasion, the men of the far West coming ashore to flee their broken continent, putting all Nedes to the sword as they cut a swathe across Hammerfell. While the Nedes of the Deathlands put up stern resistance, in the end they were vanquished, and the Yokudan Redguards believed every one of them had been wiped out

They were mistaken, for while most Nedes had tried in vain to hold out in their mountaintop fortresses, one group took to the seas. They were drawn by the Celestials, their star-based deities, who told them to look to the west for an island home. After weeks at sea, they happened to stumble across the dragon shaped rock which had been the home of the very dragon who had haunted their ancestors many thousands of years ago. They felt the presence of a foul spirit in the rocks, but, driven by their need for a home, they disregarded the omens and began constructing a small fort and village atop the rock. The island they chose had a perfect natural harbor for them to moor their shipping vessels, and a small but grassy plain which contained enough arable land to support their tiny population. These Nedes, who would become the people of Cadenos, were fortunate enough to have chosen an island which was seen as insignificant in the eyes of the Redguards. This enabled them to live for hundreds of years in isolation and safety.

In the middle of the second era, a party of powerful mages from a Mage's guild on the island of Stros M'kai set sail to explore the Western ocean of Nirn. They happened upon the island which was home to the Nedes and immediately sensed the evil power which dwelt within the rocks. Not wanting to set foot on this island, they signaled for the Nedes to come out to meet them. That night the Nede chieftain, in the company of his strongest warriors, boarded the ship to meet with the mages. The mages informed him that the rocks contained a malevolent force which would drive all those who were not Nedes to become fatally ambitious, leading to their own downfall. The force was strong enough that the Nedic Chieftain and the mages made a deal to keep the island a guarded secret. The Mages gave the Nedes powerful magic to allow them to create enormous stone walls with limited manpower. The mages would also destroy any mention of the Chain in any of their texts, simply saying that it was a desolate wasteland which would destroy any ship foolish enough to try and land. In exchange, the Nedic Chieftain agreed to destroy any vessel which got close enough to see the island. The agreement was signed in blood and would hold true until the lineage of this particular chieftain was broken.

For thousands of years the Nedes kept their word and none knew of the existence of the Nedes or the Chain. This all fell apart in the Great war of the fourth era however. A massive imperial fleet from the East Empire Company sailed out of the port of Sentinel at the mouth of Iliac bay, when suddenly, the merchant fleet was ambushed by some Aldmeri war galleys. The fight between the fleets was short and brutal, but the merchant cogs were no match for the Aldmeri warships, and the merchant fleet had to slip away under cover of darkness. The chase continued for days, the Aldmeri ships slowly gaining on the merchant fleet. On the 6th day, the navigator of one of the merchant ships spotted the silhouette of the island of Cadenos and the chain. The fleet veered towards it and landed their ships on its beaches.

The Nede Chieftain of that time was a brazen man who had no intention of letting the imperials land on his island. Despite being outnumbered 5 to 1, he rounded up his best warriors and charged the sailors and soldiers of the Imperial merchant fleet as they were dragging their ships ashore. A fierce battle raged, but despite their bravery, the Chieftain and his warriors were cut down. Fearing repercussions, the people of the city were quick to surrender. The line of the Chiefs had been broken and so the was the Oath.

As part of their surrender, the Nedes of Cadenos were forced to give up their sovereignty and to become an outpost for the East empire company. The Imperials kept the island under martial law until the end of the great war of the fourth era, when they decided to give a ceremonial title to one of the only remaining members of the old nobility of Cadenos, a woman named Khenoksa, who became the new queen. In order to spite the Imperials, Khenoksa decided to marry a High elf Aldmeri nobleman. The marriage had the desired effect, and the Imperial opposition to the wedding increased Anti-Imperial sentiment among the people of Cadenos. Unfortunately for the new queen, once she had a son, the East empire company decided that she was too much of a nuisance to have around, and so the infant son was declared king while the queen was exiled. The son was not fully Nedic, he was a Half-elf, and so he felt the effects of the dragon's spirit, making him an ambitious person, though his Nedic half kept him from running wild with his ambition. While he was a boy, the king's minority council ruled in his stead, and they convinced the young king, in secret, to hate the Imperials with a passion. He decided to order the construction, in secret, of 300 small, fast, cannon-bearing warships

One day, soon after becoming king, when the harbor of Cadenos was full of merchants using imperial ships to transfer their goods, the King called a routine inspection of cargo, and ordered that all goods be moved into warehouses across the city. That night, under mysterious circumstances, the imperial ships in the harbor began to burn. The fire was contained to the harbor, and the stone walls of the city managed to keep the goods in the warehouses intact. The Merchants woke up the next morning to find their goods unharmed, but with no way to get them off the island. As they tried to make arrangements to contact the East empire company, a fleet of small, sleek warships slipped into the harbor. These were the ships built by the king in secret on another island. The king offered to take the goods of the merchants to their harbors for a lower price than that which was offered by the East Empire company. This began the trade wars between the East Empire company and the Cadenosian trade company, a war which is coming to an end at the time when this build is set.

This is the city of Cadenos at the end of the fourth era, and the closing days of the trade wars, the seat of an Empire with outposts dominating the seas of Tamriel and Nirn.

Note that Cadenos does not actually exist in the lore of the elder scrolls universe, it is our own addition. The chain, the Nedes, and the east empire company are all cannon parts of the lore, though this particular story is of our own making.

City Description

Cadenos is a triangle-shaped island with a large natural harbor in the south, dominated by the looming presence of the city above. The mountains which surround it are shaped like a giant curled up dragon, with a large temple to the Celestials on the head, and a lighthouse built at the very tip of the tail. At the top of the dragon shaped rock's shoulder is the Emerald hall, seat of the House of Cadenos, the rulers of the Empire. Behind this rock formation is a flat area surrounded by sandy beaches. The flat areas contain three small housing areas, one of which is substantially larger and is built up against the rear walls of the main city. This are is called the lower city. Around these housing areas are small fields lined with hedgerows and poplar trees. The northern tip of the island is dominated by a small but well built castle called the Raidersbane, which guards the shipyards at the northern tip of the island. The other sandy beaches are areas where sailing ships can be brought ashore and fishermen can sort through their catches. This whole lower area is surrounded by a very small wall to keep out raiders. There is also a tournament ground in the lower area.

Off to the side of the city, on its own island, is Highcairn Keep, the formidable prison for the city of Cadenos. Its only landing beach is separated from the main city island by a channel with such a strong current that any prisoner trying to swim and escape will inevitably be swept out to sea. The only way to access the prison is through a prison galley operated by a team of skilled oarsmen.

This project was made with a great deal of logistical help from Anwil! Go check him out if you haven't seen his stuff already, he is an amazing builder!


Anwil and I tried to make a very colorful medieval city to try and break from the norm of the bleak and colorless medieval city. We used a variety of stained clay colors and wools to make the city look very randomly colored and vibrant! The style of the city was inspired by Byzantine buildings, Mediterranean towns, and Venetian towers.

Many thanks to Crankerman for the renders

Also, thanks to Ustin_Jay for helping with the cleanup and S_M0nkey (Will) for the berds
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Coooooooool !!
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wow. just wow.
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Wonderfull masterpiece!
The colours are incredible :O I cant remember to see such impressive colour-city in all those years in MC... you got me!
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Download the world from his project 'Shadows over midway' then do /tp 240 156 2410

I think this is a mistake but hey, free stuff!
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this is one of the best builds I have seen in my time as a builder. love the use of bright colors in the structures. 10/10.
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Looks really good.
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well executed cj
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