CraftOfDuty - DistressCall Updated to 1.5 effects

avatar fawkdude
Level 40 : Master Steve
This is my first ma i ever created so yeah tell me what i should fix and stuff.
This map doesnt include mods all made by command blocks.
I have updated it to 1.5 specialties.

First floor:
Porkchops 1L for 5
Bow 7L for 1
Wooden Sword 3L each
Stone Sword 5L each

2nd floor:
Speed cola 25L Forever
CIA Trooper Kit 25L For full iron armor.
Chest With BattleAxe and BootleoEnchanting.

Third floor:
Pack a punch
Enchanted golden apples 45L each
Juggernog 35L for complete diamond Armor.

Rules: 1. Dont Break spawners.
2. Dont break any blocks.
3. Dont go to creative and stuff.

Tell me if theres like any bugs or need improvements.

There are weapons all over the map.
there are 3 levels.
there are 3 potions such as juggernog (strength potion),Speed cola (speed potion), Instant-Health (healing potion).
there are splash potions of health at beggining (they are grenades).
Progress95% complete

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Update #3 : 04/03/2013 11:27:03 pmApr 3rd, 2013

Updated to 1.5 effects
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