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Castle Wars IV - Customize, Build, Fight

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Castle Wars IV - Customize, Build, Fight Minecraft Map

[About The Map]

A multiplayer team-based fortress fighting game. The game goes as follows: join different teams, build a base, and fight until someone reaches a certain amount of death.

The game itself is very customizable, from kits to in-game events such as storms and crate drops. Also, there are various special weapons such as flashbang, meteorite, etc.

Overall, this map is very great for PvP practicing and spending time with friends through LAN or dedicated servers. Enjoy!

  • LAN or dedicated server. Hamachi and other hosted VPN servers also work.
  • 2+ players. 3+ recommended.
  • For LAN servers, turn Allow Cheats on.
  • For dedicated servers, set enable-command-block to true in server.properties file.
  • 1.11.2 only. (1.11 works but firework-elytra boost will not work)
  • No mods, texture packs, or resource packs required.


[1.11.2] Castle Wars IV 4.2.16 (Oct 1 2017) >>> Click Here

After a long break, I have just finished updating the map to 1.12.2 along with more bug fixes. It is not done yet, however, as I am also adding some more minor features to the map right now. This feature involves making the game more easily understandable for new players, creating more kit options, and adding/changing some crate items.

[Older Versions]

*there may be bugs, especially for Castle Wars III

*note that these versions were not made for public release

*requirements are same as Castle Wars IV, except that versions are different

[1.8.x] Castle Wars III 3.8.2 >>> Click Here

[1.7+] Castle Wars II >>> Click Here

[1.5.2+] Build Battle (Castle Wars I) >>> Click Here


Castle Wars IV - Customize, Build, Fight Minecraft Map


Castle Wars IV - Customize, Build, Fight Minecraft Map

Editable Base Presets

Battlefield - Trees, Rivers, and Boulders turned on

Settings Room - Kit Settings

Redstone & Command Blocks



Some special things about this map are the broad customization possibilities. These are the things that are customizable:

> Kits: The items given to everyone when fighting begins

- Sword (Damage: None, 4, 6 + knockback 1, 8.5, 257.5)

- Bow (Damage: None, 1-10, 2-20, >59)

- Food (None, 64 Cooked Chickens, 64 Golden Carrots)

- Ender Pearl (None, 4, 16, 64)

- Notch Apple (None, 4, 16, 64)

- Hype [Gives +0.25 speed attribute boost when held] (None, 1)

- Meteorite [Summons an extremely powerful meteor when placed] (None, 3)

- C4 [Huge explosion after 7 'ticks' when placed] (None, 8)

- Flashbang [Various negative potion effects without damage] (None, 8)

- Fireball [Summons a powerful ghast fireball when placed] (None, 16, 1600)

- Head (None, Chain)

- Chest (None, Chain, Elytra, Elytra + 16 Fireworks, Elytra + 64 Fireworks)

- Legs (None, Chain)

- Shield (None, 1)

> Building Blocks: The blocks that are allowed to be used for building bases

- Command Blocks (Enabled / Disabled)

- Cobwebs (Enabled / Disabled)

- RS Related [Redstones excluding wooden doors] (Enabled / Disabled)

- Lava (Enabled / Disabled)

- Fire (Enabled / Disabled)

- Water & Ice [Excluding packed ice] (Enabled / Disabled)

- Sand & Gravel (Enabled / Disabled)

- Slime Block (Enabled / Disabled)

- Magma Block (Enabled / Disabled)

> Battlefield: The physical fighting environment

- Acacia Trees (Enabled / Disabled)

- Rivers (Enabled / Disabled)

- Boulders (Enabled / Disabled)

> Gameplay: The general gameplay

- Time (Day, Night, Cycle)

- Night Vision (Enabled / Disabled)

- Kill Streaks (Enabled / Disabled)

- Crate [A supply drop full of valuable loot] (Enabled / Disabled)

- Storm [A violent lightning storm] (Enabled / Disabled)

- Zombie Apocalypse [An armed zombie swarm] (Enabled / Disabled)

- Meteor Shower [Meteors on random locations] (Enabled / Disabled)

- 1.8 PvP [Spam-click PvP] (Enabled / Disabled)


In this map, PvP skills are not the only determinant of victory, as base building is also essential. The better the base is, higher the chances of winning. For those who want to save time, there are editable presets that can easily be used through the building GUI. Remember that people will be in adventure mode without mobGriefing and doFireTick, so fortifying your base with obsidian is not necessary. Also, there are some blocks that are not allowed, not recommended, or can be allowed or not. The names of these blocks are listed in the instructions book in the lobby, and in the restricted blocks book given during building time.


Fighting style in this map can be altered in various ways, depending on how the game is customized. Weapons can one-shot players, or everyone can become tanky. This all depends on your choice.


Kevin <Kevin1031> Map Builder & Ideas

Jake <TacoNachoPvP / Marang / small_daddy> Initial Idea & Beta Tester

Andrew <Kevin2031> Beta Tester

Claire <PINKEY23 / Claire_831> Beta Tester

Jimmy <Paicfic_ocean004> Beta Tester

Dyllan <yixuanretarded> Beta Tester

Terry <large_daddy> Beta Tester

Timothy <Potato_Tim> Beta Tester
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update 4.2.16 : by Kevin1031 09/30/2017 11:35:51 amSep 30th, 2017

- Fixed Bug: When a webtrap's web covers the spawnpoint with the owner of that spawnpoint dying, that player's spawnpoint resets to lobby.
- Fixed Bug: When fighting begins, people can suffocate or be teleported to wrong directions due to wrongly timed gamemode switch from spectator to adventure.
- Fixed Bug: Fixed in-game events' title command executions not showing for some people. This is a general bug in Minecraft, and this bug may re-appear anywhere in the game. I will do my best to quickly update the map to 1.12.2 ASAP so that this bug will be gone forever (hopefully).

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07/04/2018 1:21 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Veljon's Avatar
Hi! This look totally awesome and I'd like to play with 30 students I'm hosting for a "Minecraft Camp". Is there only that one bug for 1.12.2 or will there be other bugs? Also, in general, is this map playable in 1.12.2?
Thanks and great work!
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