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Growable Coconut Trees & Edible Coconuts | One Command Block | 1.10

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HippoMonk's Avatar HippoMonk
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To get the command, copy it from:
Pastebin (Mirror)

Minecraft is a game full of food, but lets face it, there is only two tree foods (Apples and Cocoa Beans). And apples don't even visually grow on trees, they just pop out of leaves randomly, and Minecraft only has 6 varieties of trees. With this One Command Vanilla Mod, you can add Coconut Trees to your Minecraft World that feel alive and provide food sources!

Installation Instructions - click to reveal
To install Coconuts into your Minecraft world, follow these instructions:

1. Be sure that you are in the latest Snapshot of 1.9 or latest version of 1.9. This is for Minecraft 1.9 and up! It has been tested in 15w50a and it will work in all snapshots past. This will not work in Minecraft 1.8 or below.
2. Copy the command from the txt file or pastebin
3. Open up your world
4. Into the chat, type: /give @p command_block
5. Find the spawn chunk* (There are many tutorials online on how to find the spawn chunk)
6. Place the command block on the west side of the spawn chunk. (The machine generates in the East Direction)
7. Open the command block by right clicking (Be sure to be in creative mode)
8. Use CTR + V (or CMD + V on mac) to paste in the command.
9. Power the command block with a lever, button, redstone torch, or redstone block on the side.

Coconuts are now installed your world, but you can right click one of the signs to fill 4 random Minecart Chests with Coconut Items.

*Placing the machine in the spawn chunk is necessary if you would like to venture away from the machine and still use Coconuts and Coconut Trees. If you are not using this for a survival world and only want to experiment with it, it is okay to place outside of the spawn chunk.


Coconuts can be soaked to create a read-to-be-planted soaked coconut! You then need to till the ground then toss the soaked coconut in, and you have started to grow a Coconut Tree!

Coconut Trees build themselves block-by-block and will eventually grow coconuts! The coconuts will start out green, then turn brown when it is ready to be picked! (Pick off of the tree by right clicking with an empty hand) Or, if you wait a little bit after it has browned, the Coconut will fall and place itself on the ground, but watch out, because if you are standing under a falling Coconut, you will get hurt! (Coconuts are hard.... ;-) )
It takes about 6-7 Minutes for a Coconut Tree to fully grow, then 1 minute until the Coconuts appear, and then a long while until the Coconuts are ready to be harvested. (Again, harvest by right clicking with an empty hand or breaking the leaves above a ready Coconut will cause it to fall and you can just break it)

Other Info:
-This creation is made for survival, so you can naturally obtain Coconuts to be planted by breaking leaves. (Leaves rarely drop Coconuts if you break them)
-Once you have a Coconut, it needs to be soaked in order to be planted. Soak the Coconut in a cauldron with water in it (any amount) or in any water blocks by tossing the item in. The Coconut will turn into a soaked Coconut after a little while. (You can tell that it is soaked when it is green)
-Once the Coconut is soaked, pick it up, then till a spot of soil with a hoe. Once you have a block of farmland, toss the Soaked Coconut onto the tilled soil. The Coconut Tree will then start to grow.
-The Tree will slowly grow block by block. If you break any part of the trunk of the tree, it will stop the growth of any Coconuts attached, and will stop the tree from growing. Also, do not plant Coconut Trees near each other because they will stunt each other's growth.
-Once the tree is grown, Coconuts will appear. They grow at random speeds. Once the Coconuts have turned brown, you can pick them by right clicking with an empty hand.
-If you wait a little bit after the Coconut is browned, the Coconut will fall to the ground and be placed on the ground. You can pick it up by breaking it.

-To eat a coconut, you have to open it first. Open Coconuts by tossing them on the ground then tossing shears on the ground with them. This will open the Coconut.
-You can eat Open Coconuts by selecting it in your hotbar, then looking up. You will see particles and hear the eating noise. Coconuts fill hunger.
-You can make Coconut Milk by tossing an Open Coconut on the ground with an Empty Bucket.
-The Coconuts that you get from trees, can be soaked and planted to make more trees.

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Also, i you have any comments, questions, suggestions, or find any issues in this creations, please leave a comment!

Full Feature List - click to reveal
-Coconuts can be obtained from leaves
-Coconuts can be Soaked in water to create a plantable, soaked Coconut (Toss the item in a Cauldron of Water, or in Water)
-Soaked Coconuts can be planted by tossing the item onto tilled farmland
-Planted Soaked Coconuts appear to be stuffed into the ground and convert the tilled farmland to a grass path
-Coconut Trees grow block by block
-Coconut Trees die if you break any part of the trunk
-Coconuts grow at random speeds on their tree
-Coconuts start in a young phase of green, then turn brown when ready to be harvested
-Coconut trees die if planted too close to each other
-If you break the leaves that a Coconut is growing attached to, the Coconut will die if too young, or fall to the ground if it is ready to be harvested
-Falling Coconuts damage players
-Coconuts can be opened if tossed on the ground with shears
-Open Coconuts can be eated by holding it in your hand and looking up
-Open Coconuts can be poored into buckets to make Coconut Milk by tossing an Open Coconut and an Empty Bucket on the ground together
-Coconut Trees can be harvested for their wood before or after the Coconuts are grown (If you harvest the tree for wood, any growing Coconuts will stop growing, but ready Coconuts will just fall to the ground)
-Open Coconuts, Coconuts, and Soaked Coconuts can be placed like a block and broken without ruining the item
-Coconut Trees are nice looking =-)
-You have the option once the machine is installed turn 3 random Minecart Chests in abondoned mineshafts into Minecart Chest with Coconuts in them. (As another way to get Coconuts naturally)
-1.9+ Compatible
-Survival Friendly (And made specifically for Survival use)
-Polished to the point of that it is nearly impossile to find exploits
-Multiplayer Compatible

Picking Coconuts (Gif) - click to reveal
Stages of Growth (GIF) - click to reveal
Growable Coconut Trees & Edible Coconuts | One Command Block | 1.10 Minecraft Map
For people that want to easily experiment with the Coconuts and Coconut Trees - click to reveal
If you want to get a Coconut without breaking leaves, just right click the sign on the machine that says "Free Coconut".

If you want to instantly grow the nearest Green Coconut to a a read-to-be-picked brown, enter this command when you are next to the Coconut:
/scoreboard players set @e[tag=TreeCoconut,c=1] CoconutAge 49998

Coconut Trees are fairly fast to grow, Coconuts are fairly quick to soak, and Coconuts will fall immediately if you break the leaves above the Coconut.

Note - click to reveal
Some of the links to Pastebin and the download use Adfly. By using the adfly links you are directly supporting the creator. When you open the page, just wait five seconds, then click the big yellow "skip ad" button at the top right. This will take you to the command.

Also, this is my creation. You are not allowed to claim this or a modified version of this as yours. But feel free to share with other people.
CreditMr. Garretto for the combining of commands, Elsweyr for the Open Coconut Head, hokage3211 for bug testing
Progress100% complete

4 Update Logs

V3 1.10 Compatible : by HippoMonk 06/13/2016 9:19:44 pmJun 13th, 2016

-Fixed for updates in late 1.9 and 1.10. It will now run smoothly in Minecraft 1.10 and above
-Off-hand food consuming
-Duplication issues fixed

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06/02/2017 11:16 am
Level 1 : New Miner
redcreeperjaret's Avatar
This doesn't work in 1.11...
07/07/2016 3:04 am
Level 14 : Journeyman Toast
Koljaj's Avatar
I did not get that how do u plant the coconut :p
07/08/2016 3:27 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
HippoMonk's Avatar
Use a hoe to till dirt. Then toss a coconut that had soaked in water to the point that it is green onto the filled dirt.
06/14/2016 2:06 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Miner
Aristocratically's Avatar
WOAH dis is insane! i love it
06/14/2016 3:19 am
Level 22 : Expert Network
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05/12/2016 11:29 pm
Level 1 : New Crafter
Huzbubber's Avatar
02/07/2016 2:23 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Narwhal
kingopai1's Avatar
Bro, u forgot the coconut water!!!!  AND MAKE COCONUT ARMOR!!!!!!!
02/07/2016 9:26 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Programmer
HippoMonk's Avatar
Hmm... Well there is Coconut Milk, and water is easy to come by anyway. And Coconut Armor is a neat idea, but unnecessarily awesome.
02/08/2016 10:56 am
Level 12 : Journeyman Narwhal
kingopai1's Avatar
K thanks, love ur mod so much I made this www.planetminecraft.com/project/the-coconut-factory/
02/07/2016 2:17 pm
Level 12 : Journeyman Narwhal
kingopai1's Avatar
LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! Iʻm 1 FAN!!!!!
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