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Fitness, Energy, and Health | 1.9+ | One Command Installation |

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Hello everybody! I am back with a new One Command Vanilla Mod! I realize it has been a little while since I have made one of these, so I decided to go with this simple idea that has extreme depth.

To get the Command, click on  Minecraft World Save .
Click to see the simple installation instructions
1. Copy the entire command from pastebin into your clipboard.
2. Open up Minecraft.
3. Find the spawn chunk of the world. (There are tutorials online to find this)
4. Place an impulse command block in the center of the chunk.
5. Paste the command into the command block with Ctr+V on a PC or Cmd+V on Mac.
6. Press enter to save the command into the block.
7. Place a button on the side of the command block, and press it. (Or place a redstone block on the side)
8. Then you are done! The box should generate and it will give you a confirmation message. 

If you need any assistance, please feel free to leave a command asking for help, or there are many great tutorials online.

The basics of this Vanilla mod is that it adds levels of Fitness, and you are capable of raising your fitness level to get the perks of a healthy person by exercising in Minecraft, or you can potentially lose your fitness and get down to levels of sickness.

There are 10 fitness levels that you can cycle through; 10 being the highest. Over time, if you are not running, jumping, swimming, walking, or mining actively, your fitness level will slowly decline. When you first start or any players join for the first time, the starting fitness is level 5. Right in the middle. But if you die, you will start back at level 4.

The 5 Primary Ways of Exercising:

Over time after you have done these exercises enough, your fitness will increase. Each exercise is calculated separetely.

There is a secret way to instantly raise your fitness level by 1, but I'll allow you to figure that out on your own. Cough * Cough *Golden Apples  * Cough. Hmm... I had something in my throat. ;-)

This vanilla mod also introduces player energy that you can use up!

Doing any of the five exercising activities will cause you to slowly run out of energy. Energy can be completely restored by sleeping, or restored by drinking a water bottle, or any potion. Also, energy is slowly lost over time even if you aren't moving.

Energy restoration is a bit more complictated by drinking, because how it works is, if you are low on energy and water, your energy will be mostly restored. But if you are high in energy, liquid consumption only slightly restores energy, so it takes about 3 bottles of water to get back to full energy from being at lower energy.

Also, Steak, Pumpkin Pie, and Mushroom Stew will restore energy the same as water, but restores a little bit less. And cookies each restore a very small amount of energy.

If you run out of energy, you will start to sweat and slowly lose hunger. And eventually, you will get slower too if you do not replenish your energy.

Fitness Level Perks:
-At the highest two levels of fitness (9 and 10) you will have speed I.
-At the highest level of fitness, this introduces a higher jump mechanic that allows you to crouch without moving for a second then jumping to jump 1.5 blocks.  If you master this ability while you are at the fitness level of 10, you can easily jump over fences. A noise will play if you are level 10 after crouching for a moment to indicate that you can do the super jump.
-At the 3 lower levels of fitness (1, 2, and 3) you will run out of energy faster. With each lower level you run out faster (So you run out of energy faster when level 2 then at level 3), but this only applies to the lowest three levels.
-At at the lower 2 levels, you are stuck with slowness I.
-At the lowest level (level 1) you will get short "whifs" of nausea occasionally. ;)
-At level 10, you lose your fitness level faster so that it is harder to maintain it.

This is completely multiplayer compatible and will work the same with an infinite number of players.

If you enjoy this creation, please feel free to leave a diamond, if you love this creation, be sure to share and favorite it. And if you want to see more creations from me, remember to subscribe, thank you!

And if you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, feel free to leave one below. I am really open for any suggestions on this project! And if you find any issues or think something should be changed, please speak out! I really want the community to help shape this project. =)

For Testers or Reviewers - click to reveal
If you would like to force add fitness levels you can use this:
/scoreboard players set @p efit 10
Replace the 10 with any number 1-10.

You can force energy if you want to by doing
/scoreboard players set @p eenergy 0
Replace 0 with any number.
Full Simple Feature List - click to reveal
-Survival Mode Friendly
-Strong Jump (If you are fitness level 10, and you crouch for 1 second without moving, then jump your strong legs will jump 1.5 blocks.
-Exercise (Swimming, Running, Walking, Mining, Jumping)
-Slow loss of energy
-Slow loss of fitness level
-Gain fitness my exercising
-Lose energy by exercising
-Restore energy by sleeping
-Restore energy with cookies, water, any potion, pumkin pie, steak, and mushroom stew
-Faster at high fitness
-Slower at low fitness
-10 Levels of Fitness
-Shots of nausea at Fitness level 1
-Start out at Fitness level 5 when you first start
-Start with Fitness level 4 if you die.
-Golden Apples immediately raise fitness
-One Command Vanilla Mod
-Multiplayer Friendly
-Instant installation (No Need to Activate)
-1.9 Chain Command Blocks (No Clock)

Note: The main download and pastebin link use adfly ads. To get past, just wait three seconds, then hit the big yellow button at the top right. This will take you to the download/pastebin. By using the adfly download, you are directly supporting the creator of this project. But if you eperienece any issues with the ads or would not like to view them, you can use this alternative that takes you directly to the command. Thank you. And remember that is is my creation. You cannot take credit for it in anyway. Even modified version still belong to me.
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V1.0.2 : by HippoMonk 11/23/2015 6:53:28 pmNov 23rd, 2015

More tweaking for a better experience. Let me know what you think!

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