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Minigame Madness 5.0 - [5.0 RELEASE BETA 8]

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Minigame Madness 5.0 (For all 1.20.x Versions)

Minigame Madness is a reusable map with a goal in mind of trying to use less storage space on your computer. Each Minigame is capable of resetting itself after it has been played so you do not have to keep downloading new copies over and over again. Minigame Madness has been around since 2016 and has significantly evolved over the years. All games today are meant for 2 to 8 players to participate.

When Minigame Madness is complete it will have a total of 12 multiplayers games. As of right now 6 out of the 12 games are functional and ready for use! These games include:

Functional Games:
  • Cops and Robbers: Version 2.0
  • Multiplayer Slender: Version 3.0
  • Elytra Tag: Version 2.0
  • Advanced Spleef: Version 2.0
  • King of the Mound: Version 2.0
  • NIM: Version 2.0

Additional games that will be completed soon:
  • Weegi’s Mansion
  • Patrick Isolation
  • Murder Mansion
  • Untitled Hide and Seek Game
  • Wizard Battle
  • The Island

Using the Map/Playing the Games:

At first you will spawn in a small room where it will have you apply first time settings in order to ensure that the map is set up properly. Once completed it will allow you to proceed to the main lobby where you can choose which minigame you would like to play. Each minigame has its own lobby and start button. Most if not all minigames are meant for 2-8 players however we would recommend a minimum of 5 players in certain games like Slender and Cops and Robbers in order to make them more possible/fun.

Game List:
  • Elytra Tag (PVP - Last Person Standing): Elytra Tag is a game in which you glide from platform to platform using Minecraft’s very own Elytra item. In this air battle you are given a bow to shoot your opponents in the the void below you. Some platforms have glowstone on them, and when you stand on it, the platform will give you jump boost in order to help you climb back up the arena from lower levels. This is a last person standing type game, so the last one who remains in is the winner!

  • Multiplayer Slender (Team Game): In this Minecraft adaptation of the classic horror game Slender, one player is the Slender and the rest are survivors. The survivors must find 8 of the 14 pages (buttons) in order to win while the slender must eliminate all the survivors to win. All pages/buttons will be located on structures placed throughout the map. Slender’s lobby has a preview function to help you understand what you are looking for as a survivor.

  • Cops and Robbers (Team Game): In our take of the Minecraft classic game of Cops and Robbers there are two teams. One player is the Warden, whose goal is to keep the prisoners from leaving the island for 15 minutes. The other team is the prisoners, whose goal is to escape the island and help their fellow prisoners do so. Prisoners can only win the game if every single prisoner escapes the island. Prisoners can escape the island in one of two ways. A. They can reach the Helipad on the prison section of the island. They must retrieve two ladders from Tower 1 and Tower 2 that can only be placed on the oak logs leading to the helipad. The other route is to escape by using the dock on the work area of the island. There is a redstone circuit with a button and lever, the lever must be pulled in order for the button to function and the door to the dock to open. The warden must keep the prisoners on the island for 15 minutes, however killing all prisoners is a warden loss as there are no prisoners left to keep in the prison. You are given weapons to keep your subjects in line but must use them accordingly as they are powerful.

  • Advanced Spleef (PVP - Last Person Standing): Similar to Elytra tag, in Spleef you must outlast your opponents by sending them to the void below you. The new spleef arena has several levels of snow that you must dig out from under your opponents. You however cannot stay on the top level forever if you happen to be the only one left there as lava is pouring down from the top of the arena all the way to the bottom. You must defeat your opponents before the lava reaches you. Whoever is the last person standing is the winner!

  • King of the Mound (Team Game): In King of the mound you and your group divide yourselves into two teams of your choosing in the lobby. When the game starts both teams will spawn on opposite sides of the map. The mound lies in one of the other corners of the maps. To win the game a team must earn 650 points. To earn points your team must have complete control of the mound and be standing on it. By standing on the mound the game will continue to award you points. If both teams are standing on the mound neither team will earn points. There are chests throughout the map in other areas that contain weapons and armor to help you receive an advantage against your opponents.

  • NIM (Singleplayer): NIM is an AI designed by HiAmBrian. There is a set of 12 tiles in the game. You are the black tiles and the AI is the white tiles. Your goal is to ‘take’ the last piece, however you can only take 1, 2, or 3 pieces each turn, so can the AI. Can you outsmart the AI or will it continue to reign supreme?

  • Other Games: All other game descriptions will continue to be added as these games become more complete in future updates/versions of Minigame Madness

Developers and Contributors:
  • Jaxiom (Project Manager)
  • HiAmBrian (Command Mastermind and Coder)
  • Dont_Panic (Lead Map Builder)
  • ebmindstorm_ (Map Builder)
  • Skrabbat/NeptuneDatapacks (Command Mastermind and Coder)
  • zachsprat (Noteblock Mastermind)

Extra Information:

Minigame Madness 5.0 has been in the works since 2015. The original project began in Minecraft version 1.8. Because of this, there have been many complications. Mojang has changed the command structure several times over the past few years, which means a lot of the command blocks for previously working games would no longer function. That also meant that every game would have to be rewritten from the ground up again and again. Examples include Minigame Madness 2.1 (1.8) to Minigame Madness 3.2 (1.10.2). Since 1.14.x however the command structure has remained relatively the same despite the large changes in these last few versions. This has allowed us to continue map development while version changes are happening. Now that the MC command structure has stabilized we should be able to release more frequent and substantial updates to the map, including finished versions of preview games.

Older Versions:

Minigame Madness 4.0 for 1.10.2

CreditMinigame Madness Team, Neptune Datapacks
Progress65% complete

12 Update Logs

Update #12 // 5.0 BETA 8 : by Jaxiom Creations 08/20/2023 11:34:51 pmAug 20th, 2023

Rescripted several games for 1.20.x compatibility. For more information view map description.
- Minor Map updates to Cops and Robbers
- Minor Quality of life updates to Cops and Robbers
- Minor Map updates to Slender
- Minor Quality of life updates to Slender
- Major updates to Spleef, shovel now has knockback, you now spawn with 16 snowballs, when thrown at snow they delete it.
- Spleef's lava clear script no longer generates and absolutely insane amount of lag and is significantly more efficient and is complete.
- Added lobby quality of life features including improved instructions on first time setup and additional guidance on reloading the world.
- Continued work on other games coming soon!

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