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Disco in vanilla minecraft

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avatar Naravolian_DB
Level 30 : Artisan Princess
Do you love dancing? In minecraft you have to jump around in order to dance, but it looks wierd. With the disco-effects that are presented in this video you can make dancing in minecraft a lot more fabulous. 

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It is recommended that you watch the video before reading the following text. By using command blocks I was able to make fancy disco-effects in vanilla minecraft. This only works for minecraft 1.8 and above. This concept supports multiplayer. You do not have to be on a dancefloor for the effects to work. Import the command blocks to the spawn chunks and use the following commands:

/scoreboard teams join disco (player)
/scoreboard players set (player) disco 1

In order to remove the effects type these commands:

/scoreboard teams leave (player)
/scoreboard players set (player) disco 0

NOTE: The command blocks may not work when you import it to your own world. Quickly place and destroy a redstone block in the middle to fix this problem.
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