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Djinn - MCBCon Showcase

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Greetings everyone.
This is our MC BuildCon 2017 showcase project. It was inspired by a song that we originally heard, and then some concept art we found. The aim of this project was to step a bit outside of our comfort zone and present a build that is different from our previous projects. We hope you enjoy!


Stories of the overworld reach us every now and then, tales of kings and civilisations who worship false Gods, idols and even gold. So naturally, I wanted to have a look to see if such creatures could exist.

They were right, a town covered in sand with small cramped lodgings and a giant palace dedicated to a family with no more right to it than the peasants who built it. I stood before their measly city, a giant amongst ants. With a whip of my hands I began to spin a tornado into life, the sounds of screaming cheered me on, I would have just ended their miserable existence, it didn’t matter much to me at the time. However, I was interrupted when out of the corner of my eye I noticed creatures, pouring from the nearby palace and laying gold at my feet. Well, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this, gold from this world wasn’t necessarily valuable but it was better than nothing.

I laughed. The sound rumbled among the clouds like thunder. With heads bowed, they kneeled before me. I felt…powerful.

Years passed by and there were festivals on days I had shown myself, I received my gifts of food, gold, sacrifice and even diamond. The occasional natural disaster was blamed on me and it seemed to only strengthen their devotion for me! There was literally no downside.

However, a few more years passed by and the tributes began to slow down, I was receiving less and less and occasionally entire holidays were missed. Maybe I was to blame, I was lazy, too lazy to show up for a few years. To tell the truth, the gimmick had worn off.

So, I appeared before their city once more, as a generous God I would give them warning, I was to receive tribute by the end of the week or they could say goodbye to their city. The creatures ran, they seemed unconvinced. How dare they refuse me? I stamped my foot, sending a tsunami of sand away from the city. I will give them a week out of the goodness of my heart I told them.

The time has come to receive my tribute.
I look across the city, my tribute has not been paid.

With a flick of my feet I begin to fashion a tornado whilst the palm of my left-hand flickers with a flame. I should have just done this from the beginning, who was I kidding? It would have been kinder if I’d spared them all the pain and suffering and slaughtered them as soon as I’d met them. Then again, us djinn aren’t known for our kindness.

“Have you ever seen a tornado made of fire?” I ask the city with a smile.


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04/23/2017 5:04 pm
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