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Forsaken Dungeons v0.16.6.4 (beta)

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YouKnowWhen avatar YouKnowWhen
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
Forsaken Dungeons is a 1.18.2 roguelite game inspired by games like Enter The Gungeon or Issac.

The game works thanks to a datapack and a resourcepack.

Please, if you download it don't sell it and if sharing this map attribute the work to the creator, and if possible add a link.

If you are a coder, builder or texture and 3d modeler and would like to join the project you can join the Discord. For any help, suggestions or bug reporting you can also use the Discord.

If you enjoy the map and want to support me you can donate here or through Curse Forge.

Custom features (currently)

  - 173 items (182 if counting variations)
  - 7 sets
  - 30 enemies (+6 Community Builders)
  - 9 boss
  - 3 floors
  - 63 rooms
  - 5 traps
  - 1 custom song

  - A bunch of mechanics (stats, custom enchantments, abilities, spells)
  - Permanent progression (shop), that can be turned on or off
  - Custom boss/enemies attacks
  - Textures & models
  - Floor generation

  - Some language support: English, Русский, 简体中文, 한국어
  - Multiplayer Compatible (should)

  - Separate datapacks
    - Easier to grab features and make "mods"
    - Easier to update and test.

How to update the map while keeping my game progress?
You simply need to replace the datapacks folder and the resources.zip file of your old version map with the ones found in the new version.

Resource pack?
- If you are playing it in singleplayer, you don't need to use the resource pack (it's included inside the world file)
- If you are using it for multiplayer, each player will need to have the resource pack installed

Playing in a server?
- Set render distance to 16 or more
- Have commands and spawn animals turned on


  - To generate a new floor, press the [ Generate ] selector left from here.
  - All the rooms, enemies and loot are randomly generated.
  - Once it's generated, stand in the warp zone (middle of the room).

How a run works

  - You start at floor one.
  - Defeating the floor boss allows you to go to the next floor.
  - The items obtained in one floor are kept in the next ones.
  - Dying ends the run.


  - Do not use glitches, mods or cheats.
  - Do not remove the shield of the offhand.
  - It's prohibited to have multiple shields.
  - Items can't be out of your inventory when in the lobby.
  - Have fun.

!!! Reading this can spoil the game and make it less fun to play. !!!!
!!! Some things explained can be learned by playing the game. !!!!

Only read the if you want to know the quirks of the game or are a developer.


  - Rooms randomly chosen from a pool of structure files.
  - Two armories are generated and one boos room. The rest are battle ones.
  - The boss is generated at the end of the longest room path.

  - Upon entering an uncompleted room the gates close until the players have completed it.

  - Enemies spawning places are determined by the rooms.
  - Some spawning places are prefilled other are randomly filled.
  - Some spawning places are randomly removed from the room.
  - The same goes for traps-


  - Four items will be randomly placed in an armory.
  - You can get two items, one offensive and one defensive.
  - Offensively you can choose between a sword or a wand.
  - Defensively you can choose between a passive or a piece of armor.
  - The holder can be also mimics, summoning one after picking up the item.

Falling into the void

  - You take 3 hp of damage and reaper at the center of the room.
  - Mobs instantly die and items are forever lost.


  - Items have ranks (S, A, B, C, D).
  - Represented by diamond, gold, iron, chainmail & leather in armories.
  - Passive stats (hp, dmg, speed) are all showed on the stats paper.
  - There are five types of items: swords, wands, armor, passives and shards
  - Items can have custom mechanics/enchantments


  - Spells cost mana.
  - Can gain mana capacity and regen speed.


  - Some passives are triggered upon kill.
  - Some passives are triggered upon max kill capacity.
  - Can reduce max kill capacity so to trigger passives faster.


  - Luck can be gained and lost.
  - Determines a bunch of things:
    - Whether you get an extra drop or not after completing a room.
    - The rang of the armory items.
    - Coins drop
    - Item mechanics
    - ...


  - Can be gained or removed.
  - Determines the % of a cursed enemy of spawning.
  - Cursed enemies have better stats.

Player attributes

  - Hp, dmg, movement speed, armor, attack speed, ... can be modified via items.


  - Has more health than enemies.
  - Has custom attacks.
  - If beaten without taking more than 1 hit, get a boss medallion.


- Populate the dungeons (add content).
- Fix bugs.
Progress90% complete

56 Update Logs

Dungeons : by YouKnowWhen 03/20/2022 2:57:36 pmMar 20th

  - Changed the conditions for showing enemies position. While in combat (taking damage or hitting enemies) enemies won't glow. While searching (being out of combat for 15s), they will be displayed for 5s

  - The passive Void Beast now marks two enemies instead of one

  - When a basic slimes died to the void, it's smaller slimes didn't also die
  - Bosses falling into the void caused the gates to open, when instead they should open only when dying

  - Spear didn't hit enemies behind the hit target
  - Rat boots not working
  - Spider liver didn't protect from the first hit for spore poison
  - Spinning stones sometimes where not moving with the player

  - Trap markers from generation where being left (~60-120). This had a small performance impact (since functions running as @e where also run by them)

  - Thrown attacks visual part where getting stuck
  - Thrown stone wasn't "rendering"
  - Angry pandas sometimes not being aggressive. They now should more reliably be aggressive, still they sometimes will not be, if the player is not in direct line of sight
  - Some boss attacks where bugged because a check was behind done inverted, ex:
    - Druid spinning stones didn't knock back the player, and instead instakilled it
    - Spider spitted cobweb didn't do the arch it was supposed to do
    - ...

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08/25/2022 8:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Reddice avatar
On 1.18.2 version game has soft lock after beating 2nd bossItem from emerald shop doesn't go with you to the dungeon after game starts

Crystals are work in strange way, and it isn't clear how to use themBut idea is great, hope bugs will be fixed and it will be possible to play the whole map
09/11/2022 10:49 am
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
YouKnowWhen avatar
Which boss where you fighting?
09/02/2022 2:14 pmhistory
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
YouKnowWhen avatar
Thanks for the report!! The items bought in the lobby shop are only item unlocks, meaning they will be able to aper in the dungeon once unlocked.

The rest of the bug I'll fix them
08/17/2022 10:22 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RookieWum avatar
the ice wall wand doesn't work in 1.19, right click to the ground but nothing happened
09/11/2022 10:05 am
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
YouKnowWhen avatar
I've tested it and couldn't manage to replicate the bug. Do you have any more indications on how to replicate it?
09/12/2022 9:09 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RookieWum avatar
sorry it's all because of the resource pack i use
04/23/2022 8:51 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Explorer
Starjix avatar
The Minecraft Community Needs More Maps Like This, i really like rpg games so i really liked this map
03/27/2022 12:17 am
Level 1 : New Miner
Semadi avatar
3 years ago and still in beta? hope you complete it sooner its a great map
03/27/2022 4:50 am
Level 30 : Artisan Crafter
YouKnowWhen avatar
Let's jus say I don't know when to stop adding things😅
04/04/2022 9:18 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Network
Gamenight999474 avatar
You got that right
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