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Esgaroth - Settlement on the Long Lake

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EpicQuestz avatar EpicQuestz
Level 83 : Elite Creator

Esgaroth - Settlement on the Long Lake Minecraft Map

Please feel free to download the map for yourself. Credit must be given for reusing this map in any videos or servers.

(Please link them to us after so we can give them our support and ask for permission before using the map)

Laketown: About 350x350 in size, with custom terrain and over 170 original buildings.

Laketown took us about a month to create, and was built by the EpicQuestz and Empire War build teams. (This was one of the few big cities we did without build day)

List of builders who worked on this project
sjoerdtim - project leader, terraformer, house builder, map planner, interior designer, renderer
lockrules - trailer maker, planner, house builder

Empire War
Makz88 - project co-leader, house designer, house builder
Only_God - house builder, builder of town hall
Karlchen1999 - house builder, interior designer, interior builder
Slimegirl24 - house builder, interior builder, interior designer
icecream220 - house builder, builder
ynnolax - house builder, interior builder
agencolar - house builder, interior buillder
bb8m9 - house builder
Mr_SmileAlot - house builder

Many more with very minor roles..

- Over 170 original builldings
- Town Hall / Master of Laketown's House
- Tapestry/Carpet store
- Statue of the Master of Laketown
- Bard's House
- 3 Windlasses
- Boat loading area
- Dozens of parks
- Bakery
- Blacksmith
- Prison
- Gatehouse
- Based on the movies, any major movie things should be visible here too!
- Some hidden easter eggs :)

Here you can see the city from above, to give you an idea of its size

Esgaroth - Settlement on the Long Lake Minecraft Map

Some more high quality renders
Esgaroth - Settlement on the Long Lake Minecraft Map


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Additional Notes

When using this map, full credit MUST be given by linking to the EpicQuestz
YouTube channel and the Laketown Download page here!


CreditList of teams & builders in description
Progress100% complete

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07/31/2017 4:48 pm
Level 40 : Master Network
SwanCraftMC avatar
Can I use this map for a treasure hunt on our server?
Thank you,
06/01/2016 7:06 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
RockyJM avatar
Hi i got your map off of the ISM mod and the town keeps burning itself to the ground before i can explore everything. Anyway to fix that or is that problem non existent in this map here? Also if you know how to get the "World Edit Wrapper" to work on lite loader+Forge that would be great unless you can suggest a better mod to design structures with? that would be cool too.
06/05/2016 8:25 am
Level 83 : Elite Creator
EpicQuestz avatar
The download we provide has firetick turned off. I'd suggest changing your gamerules on the world you are exporting the instant structure mod to. Unfortunately I have little knowledge when it comes to mods and world edit wrappers
03/18/2016 12:32 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
bananana nananana
bananana nananana avatar
Please help me!!!
Hi I have just downloaded the map but I,m in the middle of superflat terrain, there is no esgaroth. Can you help me?
05/24/2015 8:35 am
Level 8 : Apprentice Artist
MCEliteNetwork avatar
Nice work
02/11/2015 10:51 am
Level 1 : New Miner
JuanCTMKingBrutal avatar
Hi! My name is Juan Leon, I'm from Colombia and I have some questions to you!
1) I'm creating a Mini-CTM series map, based on The Lord of The Rings book and movie. I saw your Esgaroth map and I really want to add this to my series.
2) I want to know if you allow me to use your Esgaroth map to create a CTM based in this map, I'll give 100% construction credit to you (of course if you led me) 
I'm just going to change little stuff at your constructions and add spawners and CTM stuff. 
If you let me use it, please let me know over here :)
If you dont, ok I really appreciate that you read this comment
Really thank you, and I hope you answer me :)
02/11/2015 2:03 pm
Level 83 : Elite Creator
EpicQuestz avatar
Sure, I think it could turn out great, I'd love to see the finish map once you're done. :)
02/11/2015 3:20 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
JuanCTMKingBrutal avatar
Well, Escgaroth is almost the last series map so it is going to take time :P
If you want, you can help me to sponsor my series CTM maps :D
Just if you want the order of maps is this one:
The Shire-1 Month left (Started)
Ryvendel-3 Months left
Rocky Mountains-5 Months left
Goblin Cave's-6-7 Months left
Dark Forest-6 Months left (Started)
Esgaroth-6-7 Months left
Erebor-1 Year left .__.
So you have to wait a bit, but of course you can be the first one to check it out! :)
02/11/2015 4:52 pm
Level 83 : Elite Creator
EpicQuestz avatar
sounds awesome, tell me when you start releasing the maps
02/12/2015 8:26 am
Level 1 : New Miner
JuanCTMKingBrutal avatar
Hey I downloaded your file, but there's nothing there, just some regions files and data, but there's no map in there...
02/12/2015 11:16 am
Level 83 : Elite Creator
EpicQuestz avatar
Easy fix, create a folder, drag and drop those files into it and put that into your saves folder. 
Those are the only files you need. 

We do it that way to accomdate both PC and Mac users.
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