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EsvDefcon's Steampunk Building Bundle

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The schematics are inside of a single .zip folder, available for direct download, using the button below. The world save file is also available, and the schematics are also included inside of that .zip folder.

EsvDefcon's Steampunk Building Bundle... the solution for all Steampunk, Medieval, or Fantasy-styled builds! This is my building pack for the Steampunk genre, which brings schematics of various buildings, houses, decorations, and even airships, into your hands! Although the pack is in it's early stages, the schematics should not disappoint you!

Currently in EsvDefcon's Steampunk Building Bundle (Names are followed by schematic names, for use in game, which are in brackets):
  • Small House (Steampunk_Small_House)
  • Medium House (Steampunk_Medium_House)
  • Large Building (Steampunk_Large_Building)
  • Watermill (Steampunk_Watermill)
  • Power Station (Steampunk_Power_Station)
  • The Lunarus (The_Lunarus)

Planned for future updates:
  • Many Assorted Buildings
  • Decoration Pieces (Lamps, Benches, Paths, Etc.)
  • Bridges
  • More Airships
  • Hot Air Balloons

Additional Notes

To use the schematics, you will need single player commands (SPC), WorldEdit, or MCEdit mods installed on your Minecraft (if you don't have them, please google for the single player commands installer, it only takes a couple of minutes to install). Once installed, navigate to your Minecraft installation directory (Usually C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoaming.minecraft), then locate your mods folder. Find the spc folder, and go to schematics. Place all of the .schematic files from the downloaded folder inside of there, et voila! You're done!

To play the world save (although I'd strongly recommend just using the schematics), simply navigate to your Minecraft installation directory again, and go to your saves folder. Just move the downloaded save folder into there, load up your Minecraft, and enjoy!

To use the schematics in the game, you first need to load them. Type the command //schematic list to see all of your available schematics. To load a schematic, type //schematic load Schematic_Name (for a list of all schematic names, please see below). This will load it to your clipboard, so that you can now paste it. Paste it with the //paste command, and use //undo in case your make a mistake. You can rotate it with the //rotate command, followed by the angle of rotation (0, 90, 180, etc.).
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