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Exploration of the Atlantis Reef - PMC contest entry

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Bioserpent27's Avatar Bioserpent27
Level 47 : Master Dragon

After much travel, Steve ventures to a place he knows little about - for he knows more about the surface of the Moon than the ocean deep. There he encounters a world more wonderful - and more dangerous - than he could ever have anticipated.

Join Steve in his exploration of the mysterious Atlantis Reef. Discover the voracious sea life, and explore the many habitats that the reef offers.


Steve beamed down to the far away planet called Diolachite 7. The world was populated by a massive ocean that carpeted to planet, leaving only the high mountain plateaus peeking out of the sea of blue.

He and his team set about searching for life, beginning in a vast coral reef valley, which their ship's scanners had shown to be rich in minerals.

After hours of exploring the reef (which they christened the Atlantis Reef) in their new submarine, they discovered many sub biomes: a glowing mushroom forest; giant kelp reaching towards the surface; huge corals adorning the valley sides and rocky spires; and several large cracks, reaching down to the dark fiery depths of the planet.

Around the reef, they encountered many familiar fish, many similar to ones found in the Minecraftia oceans, all brightly coloured. But they were many times larger than the ones Steve knew from his fishing trips. How could Minecraftia fish get all the way to this distant ocean world?

While puzzling over this, they began to set up an aqua base one the valley sides. But this was soon left as an outpost as a territorial squid haunted the base. So they build a newer, better base of operations further into the valley, near to the back-arc rift.

Here they quickly expanded, feeding off the abundant solar and geothermal energy sources. Aquafarms were built to feed the team; long winding tunnels laid along the seabed, joining the habitat pods to the farms and warehouse.

Once they were set up, they build huge ore extractors to mine up gravel and ores for further construction. Factories were built to manufacture goods and other farms set up for more varied marine crops. All this required more power so plains of marine current turbines were built. These also helped power the 2 oil wells that extracted oil from the ground and piped it up to the oil rigs on the surface, where it could be brought up to the orbiting shuttle.

Steve began to explore the reef more, discovering ferocious and carnivorous predators, like the armoured Dunkleosteus and a giant mermaid (although she seemed to ignore the humans below and just ate the fish). He ventured into the kelp, finding many shipwrecks and 'acquiring' their treasures.

As he steered his minisub though the mushroom forest, he encountered Angler fish with their glowing lures. And then he saw the ruins. The remains of an ornate wall straddled the rift, while Atlantian gates and submarines littered the seabed.  After further exploration beyond the Wall, he soon concluded that the Atlantians must have visited Minecraftia eons ago. There, they sampled some fish and brought them back to populated their bland oceans. As radiation scans on Steve's ship had spiked near the ruins, there must have been an accident that wiped out the Atlantian city and mutated the fish to their gigantic sizes. With this knowledge, Steve steered the sub back to the seabase, where he continued to observe the fauna and flora while making sure that the team's work didn't damage the reef too much.

Currently in the world:
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1. More plant life
2. Submarines
3. More animals
4. Treasure
5. Ocean base for Steve
6. Kelp forest
7. Mermaids
8. Steve Oil Industries
9. Back Arc Rifting
10. Atlantian Ruins
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by Bioserpent27 07/29/2015 4:08:43 pmJul 29th, 2015

Finally finished after many weeks of on-off building

Made so many fish over the past few days that I'm starting to get the hang of medium scale organic builds.

Added lots of flora and micro-biomes with WorldPainter. Sea Lanterns were a problem as they kept loosing their light properties if I moved anything around their chunks in MCedit.

Built the vast ocean base criss-crossing the seabed.

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07/22/2015 12:01 am
Level 1 : New Miner
queerelves's Avatar
I love the mermaid and how you built it from the bones out ^^
07/22/2015 2:26 pm
Level 47 : Master Dragon
Bioserpent27's Avatar
I find that building organics builds from the bones is the best way. It's how I usually draw organics so it's easy to transfer this to Minecraft.
07/06/2015 5:13 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Senpai
GrayRemnant's Avatar
Interesting idea!  I can't wait to see more of this.  :)
07/07/2015 7:15 am
Level 54 : Grandmaster Mage
Spectre's Avatar
Yeah, Interesting idea... xD
07/08/2015 11:38 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Fish
Luponix's Avatar
in a good way
07/08/2015 9:50 pm
Level 54 : Grandmaster Mage
Spectre's Avatar
Yeah, i was just joking :1
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