Forbidden Warrior: Powers From Beyond

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Level 37 : Artisan Explorer
Forbidden Warrior: Powers From Beyond, is the 2nd map in the Forbidden Warrior universe. It is not part of the Crimson Lariat series, instead, it tells its own story.

This map is set 9 years before the events of Forbidden Warrior: Crimson Lariat, and the Ainach Empire is opposed from all sides. In the South, the Confederacy of Mantena is attempting to break the Empire's line of defence; in the East, the Kamberian Empire has been recovering from the Empire's surprise invasion and is quickly reclaiming territory: and in the West, there is the city of Westhold. It used to be part of the Empire, however once the war with its neighbours broke out, its baron led a rebellion against the Empire and declared the city a sovereign state. Its borders expanded quickly and soon the famous Bereveid Keep came under its control. This structure is located deep within a man-made ravine, and houses some of the greatest magic users in the known world. It serves as an archive, a place for others to improve their skills in magic, alchemy, and other related skills, and as a workshop, providing magical services for villages, towns, and cities nearby, from enchanted weapons and armour, to potions, to magical auras. Although it stays out of politics, the keep began selling their services to the Kingdom of Westhold, in which the keep was now located. When the Empire found out about it, it has hired the Dragon Order, a large group of scholars, mages and warriors devoted to the Keeper, and active even when no Keeper is currently chosen, to attack the keep and loot it. They have somehow managed to disable the magical barrier surrounding the keep, not allowing any external forces to get into the keep. It is up to you to get to the shield generator and get the magical barrier up again, and then destroy the portal they are using to get into the keep!
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