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avatar Ranger_Gilan
Level 8 : Apprentice Miner
Hi guys! This is my first project I'm posting on planet minecraft, I hope you all enjoy it!

I found this quote on the internet which inspired me to build 'Forgotten':
"A man truly dies when he's forgotten"

- Made by Ranger_Gilan
CreditThanks to Teemwoh for helping me with some of the structures (https://twitter.com/teemwoh?lang=en), Thomasesc for rendering the build (https://twitter.com/TheMrPinguin_)
Progress100% complete

1 Update Logs

New Render! : 07/13/2018 5:30:30 pmJul 13

Hey guys! I got another render for my build!

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Thanks SNIP3R and Hylarion :)

  • Level 36
  • Artisan Taco
  • July 15, 2018, 9:57 pm
well done. great scene and execution!
  • Hylarion
  • Level 29
  • Expert Architect
  • July 14, 2018, 9:26 am
That looks awesome!
Well, thanks for all of your comments guys! And yes WillLa, I will take a quick look at this server. My discord name is @Ranger_Gilan#9434 if you want to communicate through there

Hello boy. I saw you have a great way to build so I wanted to propose you work for a server. At the moment we do not pay the builders but in the future we will pay. The server is Portuguese but I think you can adapt it well.
Wow! This is very epic!
This is beautiful!!!1!1!!11! <3

ow w w w ww w w owo wow this is sick

1 - 8 of 8

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