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Galacticraft Space Station (1.7.10)

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Hopeless Opus's Avatar Hopeless Opus
Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer

Nothing Fancy, Just a 'lil spacestation I build for the Galacticraft mod. this is to serve as a template for a spacestation, it already has energy and oxygen sources and supplies, but not all rooms and areas have oxygen, it is all up to you to design it, and edit it, you may use it in a video, but please give me credit, you don't have to message me just comment but as long as you give me credit i'm happy :D :D :P

This is my first project so please be kind :D give a diamond if you want, subscribe if you want, that'll help me a lot :D :D :D


Multiple Mods Required!

For this Space Station to be fully operational, you will need the following mods

(for 1.7.10)

-Galacticraft, and Galacticraft Core (DUHH!!!)

-SecurityCraft (for the Keypads, Airlock control and CCTV)

-Flans Mod

(Complete Flans content packs and MANUS SCI-FI PACK **link for it, minecraft-smp.de/index.php/downloads/download/41-flan-4-10/45-manus-sifi-package-for-flan-4-5-1 ** for the cool Dropships in the hangar :D)



***This is not a world save, it's just a Space Station save***

Step 1. Put the "DIM_SPACESTATION2" folder in any of your worlds folder (located in your saves folder in .minecraft) if there already is a "DIM_SPACESTATION2" then replace it if you prefer mine over the existing one

Step 2. Open minecraft, play open the world, if you're on earth, make a rocket and a launch pad and fly, once you're in the solar system map thingy, click overworld and select your spacestation, if it's not there create it, if its still not there well check your files and try again. if it still persists, tell me :P

Step 3. There's no step 3 :P

OH I ALMOST FORGOT, use this resource pack, because the spacestation will look ugly with vanilla Minecraft :D

- Space Architect (V.0.97) 1.7.10 (I do NOT own this resource pack)

Progress100% complete

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PoPo The Great
06/15/2016 2:13 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
PoPo The Great's Avatar
Lol, nice space station! Feels comfy :)
06/05/2016 3:08 am
Level 28 : Expert Architect
_JW_'s Avatar
very nice map
Hopeless Opus
06/05/2016 3:17 am
Level 18 : Journeyman Engineer
Hopeless Opus's Avatar
It's not really a Map but just the space station itself for the Galacticraft mod. But thank you so much :D
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