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GEOMINECRAFT: A Realistic Geology Survival Adventure Map by Dyaris

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Dyaris's Avatar Dyaris
Level 31 : Artisan Miner

Hi, This is the first map i publish.

I am a engineer in mining and energy, specialiced in natural resources, fuels and explosives.
I dont like how minecraft generate land and ores... is quite unrealistic.
That is why i used my geology knoledge in making this map.

NEW INFOGRAPHICS!! (Sorry for my english, i'll correct it later, sorry =P)


GEOMINECRAFT: A Realistic Geology Survival Adventure Map by Dyaris Minecraft Map

GEOMINECRAFT: A Realistic Geology Survival Adventure Map by Dyaris Minecraft Map

GEOMINECRAFT: A Realistic Geology Survival Adventure Map by Dyaris Minecraft Map


The intencion of making this map is to try to recreate how real geology appears in real world.

This is an educative-adventure map. Forget all you know about mining in Minecraft, you will have to learn how to mine like IRL. You have to learn in this map, via interacting with players, villagers, exploring, looking to the landscape shapes in order to fing the ore you are looking for. So, there is no more "i'll start digging here and eventually i'll get some ores". You better not do that, holes will collapse burying you.

Ways of playing
This is intended to be presented in high schools around the globe. The class could form a cooperative team up to 16 players, or 2 competitive teams in the same map, with 1-8 players each. Competitive in the same map will cause them to if any team "finds" a great ore spot, there's nothing to prevent the other team to follow them and mine the ores, so i'll have to implement tomething like a bonus for finding rather than winning for just mining blocks.

For non students, just for the fun of playing, i'll let this map for free before highschool testing.
The game could be player in single player and in multiplayer.

You may think that spoiling the map by publishing pics of the resources located will be a great idea. But the key of this map is not abound finding some ore, but to decide how you will reach it. You may have foun one of the more than 10 whatever mineral deposit, and chose a way of mining quite unaffordable. Letting the players to discover the resources by themselves and eventually they will find a better spot that the one you've found.


1. Outside preview, early terrain and trees. lllll·█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █【·

2. Internal formations lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ·█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █【·

3. Terrain remake and custom trees. lllllllllllllll·█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ 【·

4. 1.8.8 to 1.14 Block Replacement.lllllllllllllllll· █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █·

5. Handmade details and terrain corrections. · █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █【·

6. Insert Structures.llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ·█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █【·

1. Commands mechanics.lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll·█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █【·

2. Locate entities and command in final map ·█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █【·

3. Alpha and Beta testing and bug fixing.lllllllll·█ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █【·

This is a prebuild map created with external sofware WorldPainter.
After few years of dedication, i've created a map with internal geologogy formations as in real life.

In this map, the traditional mining in minecraft ius outdated. Here the player needs to understand geology guess and explore where the mineral deposits are.

OUTDATED, I will remake all this and improve the explained content here. (more infographics are comming =P)

Regular text: Not complex mechanic. Probably done.
Bold Text: Important mechanic, will post them in another PM project.
Important Mechanic in Progress.
[]: Important mechanic Done.

General Mechanics

No more instabread: wheat-flour-dough-cooked bread
Flour obtained from wheat in the windmill, also craftable but less worth.

New item: stones/pebbles. Used to craft cobblestone block
New crafting recipes as powder or cobblestone block.
Mobs will drob money (tradeable items)
All mob_loot will be modified.
Bottle of XP now gives you 100 more XP points.
Many special items: "Refillable Water Bottle"(Refill on cauldron of in water block), "Refillable XP Bottle"(Dring or drain your xp on it).
Many crafing restrictions: tools and weapons and others. blocks which are involved in map resources that you can only obtain by mining. (For example, you cant have green dye, becouse you'll be easily able to make green terracota, which is a limited resource)
Getting next to a filled cauldron will lower a level of it if the player is thirsty, restoring all hydratation points.
Falling from > 5 blocks hits suttounding entities. Scaling up to 20blocks hight dealing 20hp.
Using a enchanting table or an anvil will "reset" XP, as the game do not do this itself. But, the machine that is 100% accurate generates to much lag, so to make things easily, when enchanting or anvil use you finish with lvl 32 and a half, the machine will remove that half. This allows the rest of the game to know exactly the XP you have (after the little sustraction) in orther to be able to use your XP in the rest of the cool mechanics based on xp.
Maximum Experience Level 40, to avoid overpower masteries or items that consume xp as "mana".
Players will degradate the soil as animals, but slower and making paths.
Walking on tallgrass reduces speed.

Cooking System: All cooked meat and all stews will be made diferently. For meat you'll have to put a stone slab over a fire and trow the meat there. After few seconds i'll be cooked. Only one by one. For stews (rabbit, mushroom and beetroot) you need to put a filled cauldron over fire and trow the ingredients. After few seconds the cauldron will be filled with 3 charges of stew. Standing near it with a bowl will fill the bowl and the cauldron will loose a charge.

RandomTickSpeed set to 0.5.
A simple scoreboard called "Luck" that randomices the game a little bit in many mechanics of the game.

[] Trading System: All villagers will have the trades modified (also new born ones). To make the game custom and affordable to trade. (Villager that buy you cobblestone, another that sell you tools...)

[] Soil degradatation: Sheeps will transform naturally grass into dirt, and dirt into permadirt. Therefore you'll have to move the flock of sheep to make them grow whool. Similar with pigs, cattle, horses, chickens...

Wind: Wind will apear in random directions (N,S,E,W) speeds and duration. This mechanic is used necesarily to winnow (separate the grain and wheat), and involved in arrow deviation and fire spread. Also dependin on the heigh-windspeed, it is audible.

Rain: Rain will speed up crops growing (nothing to do with modifiying RandomTickSpeed) but not grass or trees. Also rain will cause some little pools os water that will fade over time when rains stop. Staying in the rain for a long time have the same effect as swimming, you will be freze, slowed and eventually get a cold.

[] Slow Growth Animals: Baby animals will take 120min to grow up (instead of default 20)

Realistic Meat and Butchery: Raw and cooked meat will become rotten in 2-3 days. Killing animals will leave a dead body in the floor. It'll become rotten in 2 days and skeleton in 5 days. Also you can move the corpse to the town butcher, and you will be payed instantly. If you take the meat and bones your own, you will obtain much more food, bones and other (feathers, mob heads...) than regular minecraft. Cows weight 1000kg... that's a lot of meat.

Mining Mechanics
Collapsing mines: A invented system will detect if you are mining underground or in an open sky mine. is also will calculate how big are tunnels or inclination of those. depending on the type of rock you will ned different kind of security systems for avoid the mine to collapse.

Explosive mines: Explosive zones in coal mines (just underground). It depends in the ventilation and the pressence of a flame.

[] Redstone radiation: Standing, mining or being close to any redstone ore increases radiation exposure. Also manipulating, carrying or crafting with redstone. After a number of time-intensity of exposures, radiation increases in one point, damaging and corrupting the player. Only eating golden enchanted apples could reduce radiation points. If you only mine or manipule in few periods of work, radiatiom will decay over time, but not radiation points.

[] Realistic jewel ores: No more full-block obtained

Gold Panning: Moving arround with a bowl in your main hand in the delta of some rivers will summon gold nuggets around you, representing a gold panning. You have to be moving, to prevent from afk gold faming, also at the beguinning few gold is obtainted, but rapidly the gold rate is increased and them almost decay to 0 gold/sec. avoiding you to go gold panning all the time. Also panning at night grant you the half amount of gold than during day.

[] Soil and rock with the resource: Now you obtain some dirt item (used to craft dirt block) and/or stone/pebble item (used to craft cobblestone and as a proyectile weapon) when mining a block where you stract some resource. Quantity of mineral/gems and dirt and/or stone will be random, but maintly depends on the block you mine.

Earthquakes: A time randomizer will cause some earthquakes that will shake the lands destroying surface buildings and underground mines.

Other Mechanics

Options while game: This will allow you to change the options of the game including all the mechanics made for this map that can tilt you sometimes becouse they difficult your gameplay as you need to pay attention for many other needs apart from vanilla health and hunger. When activated, all player will come back to lobby if any of them are in trouble (debuffs or hostile mobs close to them). After updating the options, all players will come back to the same place they left.

[] XP: I have solved the "/xp -20" problem. Now, with my new huge (~3000 comands) but simple mechanic i can make custom abilities using the XP bar as mana bar. Also it will update your actual XP when enchanting and use an anvil (minecraft doesn't do this neither).

Base detection: I have invented a way to detect and determine where, and how big is the base of a player, so events may happend next to this base in orther to have best experiencie of them in the right moment.

Intelligent Buildings: Players must build some specific constructions if orther to get their effects as a water well, campfire cauldron, metal milling, forge etc...

Gameplay Mechanics

[] Nutrition Mechanic: I've made a way to detect and balance the type of food eaten. Therefore players will need to eat different types of food in order to balance their diets. If you don't you will get ill. It doesn't affect if you eat 1 or 100 pieces of food in a day.

[] Hydratation Mechanic: Drinking water from bottles or potions, water block or food will be needed. Hydratation will decay over time, yo can rise or low it by eating, swiming, drinking... also dry blocks like sand, netherrack, fire, lava... will drain it waster. If you are dehidratated you will suffer ALLUTINATIONS and die.

[] Sleep Mechanic: Som messages will appear in the chat if you dont sleep for some days... you'll suffer some bad effects such us slowness and weakness for a long time while you still awake. If you dont sleep for several days you'll have allutinations (Believe me, you don't want this to happend), and if you continue you'll die.

[] Food indigestion: Some food (like raw meat) will cause you illness

Illnesses and contagion: Being ill will only be cured by not moving far from your base (base detection mechanic). Also players next to you can be contagied too.

Stronhold: The Custom stronghold now is more than just an underground building. Now, filled with commands, can generate it own custom mobs, has many traps and rooms and at the "end" of it, is the final quest.
Inside of the Stronhold, you are unable to mine blocks or blow up them. Some powers of abilities may be faded.
The stronghold is around 50 times bigger like regular one. Is a huge 3D laberinth with traps and quests that you should take it seriously, you will need to spend few hours there.

Altar donations: Reworked altar donations. Now you will have to answer a geological question to recieve your gift. If you fail, gods will get angry, and the change of getting legendary-tier stuff will reduced till imposible. Donating Sheep or 30 levels (no question) will make gods happy. This is to change their mood before being ready for a god-tier question.
Those questions (more than 100) depend on the angry-happiness of the gods, so as more angry, easier question to make them happy easily, but as more happy, you aceed to difficult questions to get great gifts, so the risk rises.

[] Masteries: Mastery experience is gained by time played and hightly increased by players action (like trading, killing, mining...) and reduced by others like deaths or damage taken. 10 levels in total to be sure you can check your progress. When reaching lvl 10, you can offer yourself to the altar, and them, gods will leave you chose one mastery. Masteries are UNIQUE, if the player quits the game, he should first leave the mastery free for others.
The first one in reaching the lvl10, chose the mastery the first =D.
Masteries make your gameplay more easier, depending in which way you chose to follow.
There is a total of 16 Masteries for up to 16 players. Before starting the game, you can select if masteries are unique or not, and the total masteries you can have at the same time.

Image Masteries

[] Runes: They are found in chests or bought in the village. Can be used by different players.

--------[] Vampiric: +0.05 Vampirism.
--------[] Speed:
Movement speed increases while running for 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000 walking units until Speed IV. It fades instantly when stop running.
--------[] XP: Gets a bit more of XP when any xp orb is generated within 7 blocks.
--------[X] Help: Every few minutes the rune will be charge. When looking up, it will summon a ball. If you puch the ball, it will fade, granting you things of buffs you may need in thet moment. (REWORKED IN OTHER THING)
--------[] Concentration: After 200, 1000, 2000, 3200, 4500 ticks without dealing melee damage, your next attack will damage 6,12, 18, 24, 30 HP to all nerarby entities except players within a radius of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 blocks. The attack discharge the rune. All attack below 200ticks of charge discharges the rune.
--------[] Antiporyectile: Destroys incoming proyectile such us: Arrow, Snowball, Firebal, small firaball, shulker bullet, tipped arrow. This is aplied if the entity shoot at least from 6 blocks, preventing melee overpower.
--------[] Shield: This rune granst you 2 hearts of absortion after 2000 ticks without suffering damage. That damage is only applied to your regular hearts, so the extra ones will remain ultil you damage them first.
--------[] Recharge: Increases ratio of cooldown or charges of all items and abilities 5%.
--------[] Rune key: Obtained when the other 3 are in your inventory. the runes compact in a single rune. You can "break" this rune by throwing to the ground and split into the other 6 runes.

Image Runes

I would like you to leave a coment, even with a little opinion.

Progress75% complete

22 Update Logs

: by Dyaris 11/07/2020 11:46:32 pmNov 7th, 2020

Hello again!!
Since the last update, i'm really working on this project.

This are the changes on the map:

-INFOGRAPHICS!! I just love the result. As you can see, they are only a preview, more structures has to be included, and i have to catalog all the Sedimentary Rocks, but you get the idea.

-Emmeralds now don't spawn as deep noise blocks, neither some deep veins. Now veins will locate near hot spots (intrussions), but mantain depht.

-Increasing the number of Mineral/rock spots. Before this, there were only one Batholith, one Pegmatite dikes spot, one Lapis formation and one Emerald formation. Now, the multiple generation of minerals allows the player to find different spots to extract the resources. Now instead of "nice, we found the resource at depth X, lets dig", its more like "we have found 3 spots, which one is better to mine?" and that's the question players have to make and answer.

And this are the new planned changes:

-Bottom Deep Intrusive Igneous Rocks will suffer a remake, as they are the basic nonsense noise of blobs materials. Depending on zones, a rock will be predominant over the others (mainly granite and diorite), making the 2 types of intrusive from batholithes (gabbro and peridotite) even more rare.

-Intrussions that are mainly Granite/Ryolite and Diorite/Andesite mixed with magma and netherrack (netherrack is like a cristallyzing rock not yed hard) will match the bottom rock, so Granitic deep material will generate Granite/ryolite intrussions.

-Diamonds, same as emeralds, now they will have its how structure type accordint to the formation. They will generate very deep in specific places. And some could be drag with an intrussion closer to surface (but not too shallow).

I have updated some pics aswell.
I hope you like it!!

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11/08/2020 3:09 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Skinner
Endheader's Avatar
this guy would peobably teach me more than my science teacher. yay!
07/23/2019 9:31 am
Level 41 : Master Mountaineer
DeltaResearch's Avatar
Great job making all those realistic geological formations! This one is the first that I've ever seen that has such realistic geology!
04/21/2019 1:55 pm
Level 20 : Expert Artist
Robin_Claassen's Avatar
This looks really cool. I'd love to see more realistic geology in Minecraft. Great work putting this together!

Is this map currently available for download? I don't see a link anywhere.

Also, are you familiar with MC_Pitman, the creator of the Biome Bundle mod (https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/abzoyi/this_is_the_result_of_spending_the_last_12_months/)? He seems to be working on something quite similar to what you are, making terrain generation more realistic, just in the form of a world-generation mod rather than a pre-built map, and with less focus on the underground geology, more on the surface. You guys seem like you might compliment each other's areas of expertise and create something even more incredible together if you were to combine your efforts. Just throwing the idea out there.

I made the same suggestion to MC_Pitman on their subreddit, btw: www.reddit.com/r/biomebundle/comments/bfrrwn/you_might_want_to_explore_the_possibility_of/
04/21/2019 2:08 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Dyaris's Avatar
Hi, thank you for your comment.
I LOVE the Biome Bundle and the realistic-fantasy landscape it creates. Trully geologically speaking repeats the minecraft nonsense in geology formations. I have no idea how to program a mod or a biome generator, but i'm open to offer my experience in WorldPainter and my knolodge in geology to anyone who knows.
The map is not finished and therefore the map is not available for download. The reason is that first it is not finished yet, when finished I'll take the map to some highschools where i live in february 2020 as a private release to teach ~12yo students. After that, map will be free to play, commands mechanics included for everyone. Just avoid reading about it to keep the experience spoiler-free!

As a future project, maybe i'll desing an in-game (command block based) way to create all this stuff underground, replacing minecraft deffault generation.

Thank you so much!
04/21/2019 3:16 pm
Level 20 : Expert Artist
Robin_Claassen's Avatar
Hey, for sure. :) It's cool that you're willing to offer your expertise, and your plan of using this map to teach students sounds awesome.

You might want to consider offering your map for download prior to finishing it. There's a principle in game design that many developers try to follow, which is to rush to get out a minimum viable product as early in the development process as possible, get people playing it to get feedback, and iterate based upon that feedback, to minimize the amount of wasted effort you put into developing in the wrong direction.

There's even a game company, Failbetter Games, which is named after their aspiration to do a good job at folloiwing that principle. And Planet Minecraft, which gives us the abilities to show the percentage that our projects are complete, and update the download links to new versions of our projects as we develop them, seems to be designed to encourage us to follow that principle and release the first versions of our projects long before they're complete.

Even though you're no longer early in the design process of this project, and even though you seem to have a specific vision that you want to embody in it apart from just making the map play well, it seems to me that there's still potential to make your map much better than it might otherwise be if you get people testing it and giving you feedback before you put too much work into implementing everything you want to.
05/21/2018 12:54 am
Level 29 : Expert Prince
SeanDOT's Avatar
Keep up the wonderful work, seeing this on a multiplayer server would add amazing Difficulty and more immersive survival! You should honestly make this a Mod instead of a actual minecraft command thing. Also being able to Drink water would be a wonderful Feature, along with if your mining sorta like the Enviromine mod with all the things to worry about like Water- Breathable air, and Temperature. Maybe even little puddles in the game like really small water blocks that just dont despawn with out a given source-
05/21/2018 11:48 am
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Dyaris's Avatar
Hey! Thank you for your comment my newest subscriber!

Puddles are something i've been thinking, something appear when raining and fades when the sun rises, or when you take them with an empty bottle, i'll try to add it.
Sadly i don't have any idea in programming mods, i think that making commands will be more easy to player to play even in further versions.
Despite my firts thought about the 1.13 command remake, now i'm so happy, becouse new commands and format allow me to do (and redo) all the mechanic quite fast, any fix needed is instant when using only functions.

All this mechanics will be implemented in a server i'm starting to create, this map is made to show them and to teach people (specially young minecraft players) about geology and realism in the things they do in the game.

Sadly by now i'm a bit more focused in Cinisterra project, as I have just realiced how big is the rework needen in the terrain in Geominecraft. But it's worth the time and efford.

Ty a lot for your comment!
03/19/2018 5:08 am
Level 1 : New Miner
McTopSecretMc's Avatar
I realize the last photo of the ocean you posted, good thing we are now having Aquatic Update in Minecraft!!!!!
I CAN'T WAIT TO DOWNLOAD IT, when i get my new GTX 1080 gaming laptop. =D
03/19/2018 4:12 pm
Level 31 : Artisan Miner
Dyaris's Avatar
Hey Thanks!
Yeah, that pic of the ocean is really old. Is from the first Update Log. It seems i have ideas that minecraft implement later haha.
Well, with the Aquatic Update i'll update also my ocean, including custom shiprecks, modifing the huge trench imade in the map (also locating them in other places), custom ruins, temples and even other awesome structures like a giant Seashell with precius things inside!
01/16/2018 5:14 pm
Level 48 : Master Technomancer
Bastion1540's Avatar
OMG this reminds me of high school geology courses
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