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This village belongs to the Empire of Castaire.

Boisville literally stands for wood, it is a neat lumberjack village located in the great forest of Chatelieu near the river ... . It was founded several centuries ago to cover the requirements of wood for constructing the other cities in Castaire. Formerly a wealthy village, which became rich through the production of quality wood, it later reverse-engineered, as the most cities gained their own forests for timber production and lost its monopoly for great wood. Today, Boisville is a nearly bankrupt small village, near the total shutdown by the imperial bureaus. But between all the common and ordinary people there, there is one young man who will change the destiny of Castaire forever ...

As stated, Boisville is a relatively old village, which can be seen at the choice of the building materials. The first floor consists merely of cobbled stone and some pavery, supported by a wooden framework, whilst the upper floors are made of birch wood. As the lumberjack families were not that rich at the time of the establishment of Boisville, all the houses are limited to two floors and really narrow and menial rooms. A remarkable feature of Boisville are the towers, nearly all houses have one of them soaring out of the brick made roofs to grant a nice view of the neighbourhood.
The biggest building is the sawmill, which still produces wood for the construction sites near Boisville. This wood is also shipped to other village through the river, but it grants nearly no income for the people of Boisville.


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