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GoldWarsMC [1.12.2] | Minigame

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WARNING: This is a Multiplayer Map only!
(Requires 2 players minimum.)

Map Info:

You incarnate 3 Teams in a game of custom events, open PvP, custom side-missions and Challenging survival locked at its hardest difficulty; each possessing unique abilities of attack. All Teams, however must defend their Castle and eliminate the opposing Teams to then claim the summit of the opposing Fort with a prized: Gold Block (at the end of the game). However, this is a place home to many powerful creatures whom will either interfere or help your Team achieve your objective, before the time runs out...
- Could you be ready to take the Challenge?

is a Multiplayer PvP/mini-game Map, created by J4TZplayZ.

At first, this mini-game was destined to become part of my future Minecraft server but then became one of my first ever mini-game Maps that I had created and tested by BETA testers: TombolaPlayz and Sammygood11 (or just Sammygood), but this had already taken me 5 long months (after publishing the Map for the first time) to release the first playable version of the Map (v1.1).
The game aims consist in achieving multiple objectives, which concerns the Main objective: placing the Gold Block
on top of the opposing Team's Castle, and the custom side-missions in the game. These secret side-missions are linked to the custom events that happen during gameplay. But what are they? That is to discover for yourself...

There are 3 Teams in this mini-game: TeamRed, TeamBlue and TeamSpectator.
TeamRed and TeamBlue need to place the Gold Block to win!
However, TeamSpectator
have a different aim: it needs to eliminate all those Teams to win!

To do this, TeamSpectator
need to disable the Castle's Security System by destroying all the Ender crystals on the top pillars surrounding it; this will cause the Elimination totem to spawn in each Castle, which can change the Team's spawnpoint and eliminate the Team when they die. But being careful is highly recommended, because if you die in that Team:
- You are

and TeamBlue need to obtain a Gold Block; which needs to be obtained from their TeamTrader at the last minute and 11 seconds of the game, or crafted from the Gold ingots in the Storage Chests scattered around both Castles. However, after obtaining it from the TeamTrader, the Teams will have to confront each other and make their way up to the summit of the opposing Team's Castle/Base (apart from TeamSP tower) and place it to win!


If you can, do not hesitate on leaving some feedback to let me know of your experience in the game. Your support is also essential to me for fixing bugs you may have found in the Map!

- So if you would like to submit a Bug report for the Map, please consider posting it in the comments section below the page or email me at: j4tzplayz@gmail.com

Thanks for your Attention!




CASTLE/TOWER BUILDS (All in One command)

Additional Info (after Installation):

- Press the 'Windows' + 'R' keys
- Then type: "%appdata%\.minecraft\"
- Extract the Map folder in the .zip file downloaded, and drop it into the 'saves' folder
- and..... launch Minecraft (obviously)

Enjoy the Map! :D

The Challenge is yours...

Folder/Zip size 21.28 MB
CreditIJAMinecraft | Sammygood11 | TombolaPlayz | Euclides
Progress100% complete

17 Update Logs

Update FINALE : by Jatzylap 11/28/2018 4:21:45 pmNov 28th, 2018

The Final Definitive Update for GoldWarsMC is here!
It has literally been 2 years since I created this Map too...

Let's conclude this with some Bug fixes... to celebrate!

+ Renamed the Map file (
long story)
+ Updated social media links in the main lobbies

+ Fixed ALL bugs that bugged the Map makers! :D (Bug details below)

Bug details (last updated: 29/12/2018 )
- Replaced a useless Obsidian block (to Nether brick slab) preventing Players from entering the Mine...
- Fixed Minecart rails (relating to the Obsidian block issue) blocking the exit of the Mine! (It's so haarrd!)
- Some bugs affected the Halloween version of the Map (ALL FIXED)
- My skin wasn't displayed in the Lobbies... or on me... SO I BECAME Preeemmmmiuuuuuuuuuuummm! :D

Here we are! Oh, and...

+ Added an additional sPoOkY version of the Map within the main file!

- Removed "?" heads
* Moved Pumpkin Pie to the TeamTrader! and added Cookies to the Team Storage!

➵ Big thanks to everyone who supported the project! The Map updates are winding down now...
➵ I am just not prepared to spend another 2 years working on Updates for this project (although your feedback on my submissions is essential to me!)... if you know what I mean. You can always post a Bug report or comment underneath the submission (if there is something you wish to discuss! :D) to let me know!

Thank you for your comprehension.


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