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Guruth's Cathedral

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avatar Guruth
Level 51 : Grandmaster Pirate
This cathedral is about 90% complete, it is missing the catacombs / basement. I have also just added a red stone system to power many of the interior lights controlled by a lever behind the podium area.

The download available on this page is ONLY the cathedral and the immediate surrounding area (graveyards and one unfinished house)

The full world download can be found at my other project page here.

Feel free to import the building and use it in your own worlds as long as credit is given in any videos, or if it is remade publicly available in any form.


To maintain the stained glass in this cathedral you must have Minecraft Forge, and Darkmainiac's Fancy Glass installed.

If you are placing the schematic I highly recommend using MCEdit as the structure is fairly large and may crash your game if you use an in game world editor. if you do use MCEdit, it is important to use the newer dev builds NOT the release 0.1.6 as it will turn all of the stained glass into trip wires.

(Forge Links)


(Fancy Glass)

(MC edit)

The texture pack I use can be found here (it includes modified stained glass files that can replace the defaults in Fancy Glass)

Progress90% complete

03/12/2014 1:52 am
Level 35 : Artisan Dragonborn
I used Mceidt to put it into my world. Like the fact I could add to it all so like the windows. Still out of all the worlds I have seen on minecraft like your citys the best. Just has that nice feel to it where you want to just live there. Still want to be as good as you are.
05/14/2013 7:08 pm
Level 45 : Master Engineer
Wow! thatà 's looks very great! =D

A really good work.

Who did the video? I need one they do one from my map too.
05/14/2013 7:35 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Pirate
Thanks, I think my cathedral is one of my favorite buildings I have made so far, and actually the first that I built using creative mode. The video I made myself.
05/12/2013 9:19 pm
Level 24 : Expert Spelunker
You got 91 downloads and only 2 diamonds and no comments? People are rude.
You are a awesome builder! I'm happy I found you. I wont download anything. I prefer to build my own things. But this is inspiring, and I curious of what you would build next. So I'm subbing =P
05/13/2013 3:07 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Pirate
Thanks for the compliment:) Although I don't worry too much about diamonds, I am not even sure what they are good for? haha.
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