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Heraion of Samos - Greek temple complex

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I made my best effort to make a realistic and accurate reconstruction of the Heraion of Samos in Greece. Some of you may recognise it from AC: Odyssey, but this version is based on the actual site and archaeological find and not Ubisoft's workers' imagination. :)

The Heraion of Samos was a large sanctuary to the goddess Hera, on the island of Samos, Greece.
The core myth at the heart of the cult of Hera at Samos is that of her birth.
According to the local tradition, the goddess was born under a lygos tree (chaste-tree). At the annual Samian festival called the Toneia, the "binding", the cult image of Hera was ceremonially bound with lygos branches, before being carried down to the sea to be washed. The tree still featured on the coinage of Samos in Roman times and Pausanias mentions that the tree still stood in the sanctuary.

The first temple of Hera was constructed in the eighth century BCE.
In the second quarter of the sixth century BCE, there was a second even greater phase of monumentalisation,
with construction of the monumental altar, the North and South Buildings, and the Rhoikos Temple.
This was quickly followed by a third phase of monumentalisation which saw the North Building expanded and the beginning of work on a third, even larger temple to replace the Rhoikos Temple.
This peak period coincides with the period when Samos was a major power in the Aegean, culminating in the reign of the tyrant Polycrates.

This temple was 55.2 metres (181 ft) wide and 108.6 metres (356 ft), one of the largest floor plan of any Greek temple.

The first foundations of the cella were laid in the second half of the sixth century and are usually associated with the reign of Polycrates. The foundations of the peripteral colonnade and the pronaos were not laid until around 500 BCE. Construction continued into the Roman period, but this temple was never wholly finished. The cult statue was eventually transferred to the Roman temple, though other statues and votives continued to be stored in it.
More info about Samos

This is the time and phase rebuilt in this map, circa 5th century BCE.

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Built using worldedit, armor stands using haselkern.
I would like to credit Dineth, from whose amazing temple build I used the relief and Gryphon statue, and also theannihilator2 whose amazing Athenian Trireme I edited into a Bireme.
Progress100% complete

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