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Iaven - Magic of Colors [6000 x 6000 map] | Theme - Autumn [1.8]

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Darastlix's Avatar Darastlix
Level 73 : Legendary Terraformer
Iaven - Magic of Colors [6000 x 6000 map] | Theme - Autumn [1.8] Minecraft Map

Welcome to Iaven!

From perfect world of balance of Meiva, to the lands of magic colors. Lone wanderer travels to Iaven to search there for the way to his lost home Theia.

Iaven is a magic island where each season, be it winter, spring, summer or autumn, lasts no longer than week. Iaven can be divided into four main regions - Lena Delta, White Winter, Nedgeradak and Tonash.

Lena Delta
Iaven is constantly torn apart by unbelievably strong river called Lena. Lena river changes its shape almost every day, forming ridiculously complicated maze of small streams. This place is called Lena Delta or as some might call it The Water Maze. Western part of Lena Delta is more dry, Lena rarely reaches this part. Here for thousands of years stand Vimcia Rocks. These massive rocks were carried to Iaven by giants or dragons. Nobody knows the truth. Southwestern part of Lena Delta contains huge crater. Theories suggest, that one of the giants dropped his rock here, then he picked it up and carried it to the north.

White winter
White winter in autumn, sunny spring in winter, hot summer in spring, golden autumn in summer. This place haves many names and all of them perfectly describe it. In the heart of this place, on an island, there is a tree called Ethuil or The Tree of Next Season. In the autumn, this tree is covered by the snow. Four spirits live in the tree. One of them is called Grikad - spirit of Autumn, others are called Rhiv, Celu and Laer (winter, spring and summer respectively). They are the masters of all four seasons.

Maze of stones and bushes. Located in the south from Lena Delta, this place is extremely easy to get lost in. Eastern part of Nedgeradak is overgrown with giant bushes, forming a wild labyrinth, it's called Miruvoris . Western part is similar to giant stone maze, people that went there and returned called it Ondren. Miruvoris and Onren are separated by strange rock formation simply called Snowy Terraces, because snow always lies there even in the summer.

Tonash is located in the eastern part of Iaven. This place is overgrown with forests, it also contains huge rocks that formed here naturally. Giants called these rocks Gondra. In the southern part of Tonash, you can discover hills very similar to hills in Meiva. That is why people called this place Winimus, to honor Meiva God Winimo.

Iaven - Magic of Colors [6000 x 6000 map] | Theme - Autumn [1.8] Minecraft Map


Survival ready map, with many layers of caves full of resources.
Very complicated environment, influenced by the real place on earth. (Lena Delta)
Landscape created fully in World Machine & Vue.

-What software were used to make this map?
Vue, World Machine, World painter, World edit, McEdit, Voxel Sniper, Build Commands & more
-What software do you use to render images?
All images were rendered in chunky.
-Can I play survival on this map?
Yes you can.
-Are there any villages, mines, strongholds etc. on the map?
No. This map contains only pure nature.

Developers Diary- click to reveal
Idea for Iaven sparkled right after releasing Meiva. Creating Iaven was the biggest challenge that I ever had... Mainly because of three things:
1. Lena delta - after imbilio showed me this image, I decided, that I have to use it on my next map no matter what. Adding these rivers into the landscape was extremely difficult and time consuming.
2. Colors of Autumn - there is now way to easily change color of leaves in minecraft. I had to figure out how to modify texture packs to add colors that I need and where I need them. Sadly, no matter what, colors won't look as on the renders (hard to explain why in few words).
3. The Tree of Next Season - building the giant tree is... Well, it is hard as hell. Huge thanks to Plutouthere for tips that he gave me.

Installation - click to reveal
Download map by clicking the yellow button at the top right of the description.
On Windows, use keys Windows+R and then typing “%appdata%/.minecraft/saves/” into the command line. (On a Mac, your save files are in: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/saves/). This will open the saves folder
Drag your downloaded map (after unzip or unrar) into saves folder.
Close windows and reopen Minecraft.
Select your map and play.
Coordinates for 'special' locations - click to reveal
1808 1656 - Vimcia rocks
2044 2622 - Vimcia crater
1402 3712 - Miruvoris
2672 4516 - Onren
1676 5296 - White winter
3762 5096 - Ethuil
5148 4658 - Gondra rocks
5148 4658 - Winimus
4678 3182 - Tonash hills
Adding magic to colors
Don't expect to see autumn without any texture pack. Download THESE files.
Follow steps below to enable custom colors of leaves in your texture pack:
1. Go to “%appdata%/.minecraft/resourcepacks/”
2. Go into your resource pack archive.
3. Locate folder colormap, it is usually located in folder assets/minecraft/textures
4. Copy foliage.png & grass.png images into this folder in your texture pack

In case of any problems, feel free to ask me :)

Feel free to
Use this map on your own server (public or private) without asking me for permission.
Post your builds, adventures on this map on PMC
Make videos on this map and upload it publicly
Everything else that isn't included below

Don't feel free to
Claim this map or parts of this map as yours (a.k.a. stealing)
Reupload this map to other websites without giving me a credit
Reupload this map to other websites with adfly links! Do you hear that 8minecraft!?

Special Credits (in no particular order)
Plutouthere - help with making The Tree of Next Season
Ibuildpixels - amazing custom fir trees
Rastammole - beautiful leafless custom trees

monsterfish_ - custom trees
lentebriesje - custom trees
Lemonfox - custom trees

If I forgot someone, please let me know.
Iaven - Magic of Colors [6000 x 6000 map] | Theme - Autumn [1.8] Minecraft Map

Things above are appreciated! :)

Have any questions or ideas for the next map? Post them in the comments.

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
-Albert Camus

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CreditPlutouthere, Ibuildpixels, Rastammole, monsterfish_, lentebriesje, Lemonfox
Progress100% complete

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05/20/2019 5:33 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Botanist
likalaruku's Avatar
It looks really beautiful up close & personal. Even the water looks gorgeous at night with the ice pattern.
04/29/2017 4:14 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Archer
Zephi's Avatar
I'd really like to use this map for my server, but for some reason I can't seem to get the map to pop up. i've extracted the file and dragged it all into my server's world, but the island won't pop up and only the world does.

Do you know how to make it so that the island pops up? Any help is appreciated.
04/29/2017 4:56 pm
Level 73 : Legendary Terraformer
Darastlix's Avatar
Make sure you copied the files correctly. Content from the main Iaven folder must be copied to "world" folder.
04/29/2017 5:09 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Archer
Zephi's Avatar
Alright, I copied the files exactly, but Its still not working. All I get is an endless ocean with a few scarce islands every now and then.
04/29/2017 7:17 pm
Level 73 : Legendary Terraformer
Darastlix's Avatar
Teleport to (1808, 255, 1656). If it still won't work then most likely you haven't installed it correctly.

Update: You haven't installed it correctly. Just checked it on spigot-1.11.2 and everything works.
04/29/2017 7:29 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Archer
Zephi's Avatar
It worked, thank you very much :)

I was also downloading it for 1.8- apparently I only needed the coordinates lol
07/29/2016 7:17 pm
Level 14 : Journeyman Architect
Gum1a's Avatar
Can I use 1 block of grass and copy it to my build?
rly need it
07/13/2016 6:25 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
brice51220's Avatar
Hi I Build my server PvP/Fac and i would like use your map like PvP Warzone. Can I ?
07/14/2016 8:54 am
Level 73 : Legendary Terraformer
Darastlix's Avatar
read the project description
05/15/2016 5:41 am
Level 44 : Master uwu
Razordawn's Avatar
This is epic. Incredibly epic. How does one even make things so beautiful? I hope you don't mind me stealing the idea for the giant rocks. Because I'm so doing that in my next whatever.
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