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Ilvermorny Castle

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Ilvermorny Castle
(working title was Stream)

Ilvermorny is a main location from the discontinued Fantastic Beasts Minecraft server, Ilvermore. Unfortunately, Ilvermore closed after a lack of hosting/funding and not enough developers to supply the project.

Ilvermorny was our pride and joy; and still is! This is like the Hogwarts of American magic! Enjoy :)

This map works best with the John Smith Legacy resource pack. We may eventually release our server resource pack which is basically John Smith Legacy with a few additions.

This is posted with permission. As one of the previous main owners of Ilvermore, we've decided to release this (and other maps) to the public for everyone to enjoy. The original owner, Pennox, has also agreed to this.

Credits go to all of our original builders and build contributors (who have likely changed their name since 2017):

barteldvn, PriestAntaeus, NathannB, Emerald_Turtle, SlothZilla, RyanThePheonix, im2gr84u, Silvr, slayerbest1, chatterboo, hockeymonstertx, Lxmony, JSOCraft135, Avadakedavrax, Maisie, librickysimon, Reyna, NickSkys, WinniTheBear, RobotWizz, Zedgex, Taylor72, GriffyTM, Ariacero, RawrishWizard, Jedi_27, Land1401, Frazzles

This likely does not cover everyone, but we thank everyone for the time they put into this project and hope the legacy can live on and future players can enjoy these maps and the magic of Fantastic Beasts.

By downloading this map, you agree to the following terms:

You may not redistribute this map or claim it as your own.
You may modify, explore, build, etc on this map.
You may use it on a server, but you must give credit to IlvermoreMC & the original team.

How to install

Download the zip/folder from Dropbox. It's on Dropbox because it's too big for PlanetMC.
If you download the actual zip, extract/unzip it and there's your folder.
If you download the folder, woohoo! Nice job! Put it in your minecraft 'saves' folder.
Within the world folder, there's a warps folder with files you can open with Notepad or TextEdit.
If you have trouble using commands, press ESC then 'Open to LAN' and allow cheats.

CreditIlvermore Build Team, John Smith Legacy
Progress100% complete
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