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Indiana Jones Minecraft Adventures!

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Isaac_John's Avatar Isaac_John
Level 41 : Master Architect
-This is an Indiana Jones adventure map, based on the Indiana Jones movies.

-You start off in Barnett College (The Hub) where you can play through the levels (8 in all, two for each movie), jump through fun mini-games (4 in all), visit the Shop, discover Side-Quest's (friends of Indiana ask you to help them find what they're missing, in the levels), search for Magic Eyes (You'll need them to beat the Bonus Level), and more!

-Diamonds are used as money to buy perks in the Shop.  You can find them throughout the levels and Hub.

-The levels are all based off the movies, like the first level is called Temple Escape when (in the first movie) Indiana is searching for the idol and narrowly escapes the temple alive.

-We try to get the story line as close to the movies as possible, but if there is anything different that is because it is pretty much impossible to do.  I'd recommend watching the Indiana Jones movies before playing this, because to beat the levels you must know things from the movies.

-This map is made for one player, you can play with more than one, but it will be more difficult.

-This map comes with a custom resource pack that I made, please enjoy.  Here is the download just to the resource pack, if you already downloaded the map: Download.

-Download the .rar file here.

Here are some simple rules for playing this:

-Do not play on creative, play on adventure mode.

-No breaking blocks.

-Make sure to play on Minecraft 1.7!

-Make sure the difficulty is set on Easy.

-Have fun!!!

Check out our Youtube Channel

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Check this out on: Minecraft Forums.

-If you want to use this map other than for private purposes YOU MUST credit us (and the creators below) in the description!  Or if you want it on a server YOU STILL MUST credit us (and the creators below)!

-Don't forget,  feel free to make lets-play videos of this.  I would love to watch them and I will most likely  Like
(the video) and Subscribe to you! 

-Thanks to:

axianerve (for The College except the interior classrooms, etc.) Check it out HERE

mattuFIN (for the buildings in Shangai, except for The Theater) Check it out HERE

Zyph (for Pankok Palace) Check it out HERE

tas129 (for the Warehouse) Check it out HERE

kacper15 (for Nuketown) Check it out HERE

-Please enjoy, and support us by giving a Diamond, Favorite it, Share it, or Subscribe!  Or if you have any questions or comments please reply in the comments section below.  This is our first map, so friendly criticism is appreciated, but please don't swear or be rude in the comments.

This map took a lot of time, and you're probably wondering why we don't use ad.fly or other ad sites.  Well, we don't like the way these sites work.  They are confusing to the downloader on what to download and sometimes the ads can give your computer viruses.  So, for now please Share, Comment, and Promote it if you really like it.
                  Indiana Jones Minecraft Adventures! Minecraft Map  
CreditIsaac_John and Sir_Richard99
Progress100% complete

31 Update Logs

Update #31 : by Isaac_John 08/14/2014 9:48:37 pmAug 14th, 2014

New Update:

Fixed hopper clocks in (Level 8: The Crystal Skull).

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06/25/2021 7:54 pm
Level 4 : Apprentice Miner
keeper1098's Avatar
For those of you who get "Permission Denied" from MediaFire, just keep trying it and it will eventually work. Also, make sure render distance is less than or equal to 12 when using Minecraft 1.7 or you will get an IndexOutOfBoundsException.
03/14/2020 5:24 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
rowbro's Avatar
Mediafire says permission denied
12/11/2018 11:39 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Zeniex's Avatar
cant download anymore :((
01/12/2016 4:52 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Pokemon
Thisnameisdumb's Avatar
Hey, my Minecraft launcher cant connetc to minecraft.net plus its very outdated and wont update (1.3.2), so I use the Technic launcher for Mincraft. How do I download it for the Technic launcher? If you know :P
01/15/2016 11:29 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
Isaac_John's Avatar
Sorry I don't how to download it for that launcher. :P But I'm sure there are forums on how to do it.
01/16/2016 2:40 pm
Level 18 : Journeyman Pokemon
Thisnameisdumb's Avatar
Oh ok den :P
01/16/2016 6:10 pm
Level 41 : Master Architect
Isaac_John's Avatar
Sorry. :P
08/17/2015 3:40 am
Level 49 : Master Engineer
DragonMania17's Avatar
This is one of the best i have ever played ! You should make more levels like: Cairo (Raiders of the Lost Ark), an episode for the Temple of Doom, Zeppelin or Castle (The Last Crusade) and a jungle level (The Crystal Skull).
08/19/2015 11:55 am
Level 41 : Master Architect
Isaac_John's Avatar
Glad you liked it!  I'm not thinking of adding anything else on right now, but thanks for the good ideas.
08/20/2015 9:15 am
Level 49 : Master Engineer
DragonMania17's Avatar
Ok and I'm very impatient of downloading your future Assasin's Creed map!
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