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Japanese Ship Iki: Imperial Japanese Navy (November 1908)

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Crimist avatar Crimist
Level 19 : Journeyman Architect
Built using Minecraft Java Edition 1.18.1 and 1.18.2

(May 5, 2022): Final version of the build.

General Characteristics
Normal Displacement (Real World):9,594 Long tons (9,748 t)
Hull Length:106 Blocks Long (excluding extensions)
Hull Beam:19 Blocks Wide (excluding extensions)
Draft:7 Blocks High
Speed (Real World):14 Knots Maximum
Crew Complement (Real World):Around 600 Officers and Crewmen (maybe less)
Armaments:2x 12-inch guns in a forward twin turret.
5x 6-inch guns with four guns in casemates and one in single aft mount.
6x 4.7-inch guns in casemates.
6x 3-inch guns in single mounts, all placed in the aft of the ship.
6x 18-inch torpedo tubes (submerged)

History up to November 1908:

Originally the battleship Imperator Nikolai I of the Imperial Russian Navy's Baltic Fleet. She was the second ship of the Imperator Aleksandr II class of small cheap battleships built to counter Swedish, Danish, and German coastal defense ships in the Baltic Sea region. Unlike her sistership Imperator Aleksandr II, she carried her main armament on a turret instead of barbette mounts. She was built by Franco-Russian Works at Saint Petersburg, laid down on 4th August 1886, launched on 1st June 1889, and completed by July 1891.

Between 1892 and 1893, she visited New York in the United States and Toulon in France. In 1894, she was sent to the Far East during the First Sino-Japanese War and remained there until late 1896. In 1897 she was part of the multinational naval force that intervened in the Greek Christian Uprising in Crete. In 1898 she returned to the Baltic for a long refit that lasted until 1900 and returned to the Mediterranean in 1901.

She returned to the Baltic in 1904 to be refitted and was assigned as the flagship of the Third Pacific Squadron under Rear Admiral Nikolai Nebogatov tasked with reinforcing the Russian Far East along with the Second Pacific Squadron under Vice Admiral Zinovy Rozhestvensky during the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). At the Battle of Tsushima (27th to 28th May 1905), she was briefly engaged and was slightly damaged before Rear Admiral Nebogatov surrendered to the Japanese.

Imperator Nikolai I was taken to Japan along with the surviving ships of the Russian fleet. On 6th June 1905, the ship was commissioned into the Imperial Japanese Navy as Iki and was used as a Gunnery Training Ship. In 1908, she participated in the Fleet Maneuvers and the Imperial Naval Review as the flagship of the temporary 3rd Fleet under Vice Admiral Baron Sadayasu Tomioka who is also the commander of the Ryojun Naval District. The commanding officer of the ship is Captain Kiyotomo Tsukiyama from the 11th class of the Imperial Naval Academy who commanded the ship since 1st April 1908.


Hi there, my name is Crimist!

This is part of my project called “Imperial Japanese Navy (November 1908)”. In this project, I build warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy present in the Imperial Naval Review held at Kobe, Japan from November 17 to 18, 1908. The first part of this project will consist of Capital Grade Warships. I hope you will like this build.

You can add me on Discord: “Crimist#7427” for more details about this project.

I hope you support this project as well as my other concurrent project called “Project Starfleet 2263” by simply giving Diamonds or Hearts. Anyways, thanks again for the support and see you on my next build!

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